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Standing Double Crochet - Joining Without the Slip Stitch and Chain!

Standing Double Crochet - Joining Without the Slip Stitch and Chain!
The Standing Double Crochet stitch is one I came to late – and I wish I’d known about it years earlier! It’s not a stitch that you’ll usually find specified in a pattern, and as such it has no standard abbreviation. What it is, is a technique – one that will allow you to start a new row on a crochet project without having to use the telltale “join with a slip stitch and chain 3” – and I can’t wait to share it with you! Video Tutorial: Standing Double Crochet – Right Handed Left Handed Photo Tutorial for the Standing Double Crochet Step 1: Hold the yarn end with the last two fingers of your hook-holding hand. So what do you think? NOTE: Several different people have now written to me, claiming that they invented this technique.

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Chainless Starting Double Crochet: Video and Photo Tutorial This little crochet trick has been invented and reinvented repeatedly over the years! And the Chainless Starting Double Crochet stitch IS tricky – it definitely takes some practice. But it’s worth it, because it tricks the eye – and makes the telltale starting chain obsolete! Learn how to make it in this tutorial! Crochet Spot » Blog Archive » How To Crochet: Broomstick Lace You can use a very large knitting needle for bigger loops and you can create different rows with different size stitches. The only stitch that you need to know is single crochet, can you believe it? For this tutorial, I used my favorite crochet thread in size 3 with a size C crochet hook and a size 17 knitting needle. The usual grouping of stitches is 4 to 6. Your initial chain will vary in length depending on how many groups of stitches you want to make. In this example, I am going to make 4 groups of 5 stitches so I will chain 20.

Katiedid Crafts: Knit Flower Headband I was looking for a fun option of headgear for the winter months. After seeing a few cute things at different stores I decided upon a knit headband with a crochet or knit flower attachment. I found a few patterns online but after making them I decided it might just be best to write my own pattern to tailor my exact wants and needs. I saw this in a store and decided I wanted to make something that looked similar to this. Crochet - Crystals & CrochetCrystals & Crochet Crochet is my passion, my meditation and my happy place. Cable Stitch Cable stitch is an interlocking stitch. It is worked over a multiple of 4…Read more Spare time! I can not start to tell you how excited I am. With only 3…Read more Star of Wonder One of the things I like most about designing with crochet, is that I…Read more Moody Blue Moody Blue is my first published Afghan square for 2017.

Interweave Cable Stitch - Free Crochet Pattern This Free Crochet pattern teaches you how to do the Interweave Cable Stitch for crochet. Find more crochet stitches here on the category Crochet Stitches. You can learn how to make a Slouch Hat using this stitch Other patterns that use this stitch are: Yarn Conversion Chart – Crochet Hooks You Use this yarn conversion chart only as a guide and I suggest you test with a gauge swatch/tension square for more accurate results. This yarn conversion chart is also useful if you have a pattern that lists a yarn that has a different country measurement scale and you need to convert yarn from one country to another. This chart will also help you become familiar with the different names used between countries for the same types of yarn. Yarn Conversion Chart I hope this is helpful to you.

How to Knit The Horizontal Herringbone Stitch NewStitchaDay This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit the horizontal herringbone stitch. This is a complicated, but beautiful stitch that creates a woven looking fabric similar to the herringbone material used to make men’s suits. It’s gorgeous lines add class and sophistication to patterns like scarfs, cowls, and bags. Skill: AdvancedCast On: Multiples of 2 For this pattern you will need to know the following techniques:Slip Slip Knit – sskPurl Two Together – p2tog Louie's Loops: Fun With Stitches: Shell Stitch I'll be honest, I'm guilty of over-using the single crochet. So when my Aunt requested a new blanket for her cat, I decided that now's the time to stretch my wings and try something new. This is the first of hopefully many "Fun with stitches" blog posts where I try out a new stitch and try and teach how it's done. This is the Shell pattern and it's really simple actually. All you really need to know is the Treble and Double Crochet stitches.

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Short Rows: Shadow Wraps Over the last couple weeks I’ve reviewed the plain wrap, the yarn over wrap, the Japanese wrap, and the double stitch wrap. Finally we come to my little unvention, the shadow wrap. Thank you to Penny, Aurelia & Alice for their eagle sharp eyes! The instructions have been updated. Method #5: Shadow Wraps With the shadow wrap all the work is done when creating the wrap – once you’re done, the shadow wrap dissolves into the shadows, and yay!