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Email Marketing Benchmarks

Email Marketing Benchmarks
Average Email Campaign Stats of MailChimp Customers by Industry There are a lot of numbers in MailChimp's free reports, but you might be wondering how your email-marketing stats compare to others in the same industry. What kind of open rates should companies like yours expect? How many bounces are too many? What’s an acceptable abuse complaint rate? The more context, the better. MailChimp sends billions of emails a month for more than 10 million users. We only tracked campaigns that went to at least 1000 subscribers, but these stats aren’t pulled from a survey of giant corporations with million-dollar marketing budgets and dedicated email-marketing teams. Updated: March 1, 2016 Average Email Campaign Stats of MailChimp Customers by Company Size What’s the average open rate for email-marketing campaigns? Tips for Improving Your Stats When it comes to subject lines, boring works best.

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How to Avoid Common Missteps in Workflows [HubSpot Support Series] In HubSpot, the heart of the marketing automation tools that power lead nurturing campaigns is our Workflows App. This powerful tool can help you nurture leads with automated emails, send internal notifications, assign Salesforce tasks and campaigns and more. However, with the great power provided by workflows comes a great chance to take a misstep. Designing and executing marketing automation may feel like a brave new world, but it isn’t too scary if you take the time to acquaint yourself with workflows and the many ways in which they work. Two Basic E-Mail Tactics Nearly all online marketers use e-mail. Studies conducted in January 2009 by two companies also confirm that most behave similarly when it comes to basic tactical decisions. Among marketers surveyed by Smith-Harmon, the greatest percentages said Monday and Tuesday were the most popular days to send e-mail in 2008, presumably because they had the greatest chance of reaching their targets. Thursday and Friday were close behind, while less than one-half as many said Saturday was the most popular day of the week to send e-mail.

9 Ways to Dramatically Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates Email marketers have to accept a certain amount of expected email list depreciation every year, but when that list dwindles down more and more due to unsubscribes, it's time to press 'pause.' Unsubscribes are, in very technical terms, a huge bummer. Sure, a certain amount of self-scrubbing is good for every email list , but you can't help but wonder if there's something you could have done differently to save some of those subscribers. Well, it turns out there might be some things you can do to reduce the amount of email unsubscribes you experience. If your email marketing strategy doesn't include some of these measures, consider implementing them now and, tracking the effect they have on your unsubscribe rates. We bet including just a few (or even better, all) of these into your email marketing strategy will result in a significantly diminished unsubscribe rate.

Your Digital Strategy Shouldn’t Be About Attention Are they talking about your brand? Around the clock? From Facefriend to Tweeter to Instapal? Job Description: Media Planner/Buyer. Advertising media planners identify the best mix of media channels to deliver an advertising message to a clients' target audience. Using research data, they consider what is going to be most effective within the budget allocated and give the client's product or service maximum exposure. Media planners may specialise in a particular media vehicle. However, many provide insight across the entire media spectrum, including radio, cinema, press, television and increasingly digital, mobile communications and online media. Job Description, salaries and benefits Media planners identify the best mix of media channels to deliver an advertising message to a clients' target audience.

Why E-Mail Subscribers Unsubscribe E-mail marketing is one of the more effective and less expensive ways to retain and engage customers. In fact, early this year comScore found that e-mail had a 4.4% sales conversion rate in the US. In a survey by MarketingSherpa and ADTECH, 44% of marketers said that e-mails to house lists had “great ROI.” CMOs told Epsilon researchers that e-mail was the marketing tactic that they would cut last—but that doesn’t mean subscribers don’t cut e-mail newsletters. According to an Epsilon and ROI Research study, 55% of e-mail subscribers in the US and Canada unsubscribe from opt-in e-mails occasionally—and 14% do so frequently. Only 5% said they never unsubscribe.

Good Ideas Are a Dime a Dozen, But Implementation is Priceless Do you email a newsletter or other publication to subscribers? Do you subscribe to RSS feeds or email newsletters? I have two marketing tools I use that have subscribers; a monthly newsletter for my email stationery clients ( and this blog which has almost 300 subscribers. Thanks to all of you for giving me the incentive to keep posting) I attract subscribers to this blog by adding the following to the bottom of the email.

Report: Ukraine has become Europe’s #1 IT outsourcing and software development powerhouse Nearly 100,000 Ukrainian programmers serve thousands of companies as the demand for IT workforce is constantly growing on the global market In spite of the country’s recent political turbulence, Ukraine has seen its IT service and software R&D sector grow every year by double-digit figures. From Cisco, to Oracle, to Rakuten, to Samsung, more than a hundred global major tech firms conduct R&D activities in Ukraine, while an array of local IT outsourcing companies of all types and sizes serve clients worldwide.