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Econologie - encyclopédie de SAVOIRS (dont pratiques) !

Econologie - encyclopédie de SAVOIRS (dont pratiques) !

Revenu de Base + réseaux Transition citoyenne source : « Le revenu de base est un droit inaliénable, inconditionnel, cumulable avec d’autres revenus, alloué par une communauté politique à tous ses membres, de la naissance à la mort, individuellement, sans contrôle des ressources ni exigence de contrepartie, dont le montant et le financement sont ajustés démocratiquement. » Revenu de Base inconditionnel : initiative citoyenne européenne 1 million de signatures nécessaires pour valider l'Initiative Citoyenne pour un Revenu de Base au niveau Européen, dont au moins 55 500 signatures pour la France. Un objectif qui une fois atteint impliquera que les Etats membres de l'UE seront incités par les instances Européennes à étudier l'application de cette solution tant monétaire, que sociale et économique. Et si on se mobilisait TOUS pour atteindre notre quota d'ici la fin décembre ? Le lien direct vers la page officielle pour signer avant le 14 Janvier 2014. Alors, on s'y met ?

Utilizing Twitter for SEO - A Very Effective Link Building Tactic for Tough Industries - YouMoz We all know that Twitter links are NoFollow and that until recently most SEOs have agreed that Twitter activity wasn’t a ranking factor. Yet, it seems that Twitter data influences the SERPs and thus might have a direct impact on search engine visibility. Regardless of whether Twitter influences the SERPs directly I want to show you an effective way how Twitter in combination with content syndication can be utilized for link building. We all know how tough link building can be and that creativity is extremely important when it comes to generating high quality links, especially for commercial websites. During the process of finding link building opportunities you are facing two main questions: 1) Why would someone link to your website? 2) What do they get from you in return? There is a creative way how you can answer these questions by utilizing Twitter. The only thing you need is an official Twitter page, ideally with a lot of followers, e.g. The problem The solution Quickly summarized

3 Steps to Social SEO for Your Boring-Ass Clients Disclaimer: The following post is very long. If you do not like long blog posts then click here to read the one-line summary. A big complaint I hear in the SEOmoz Q&A forums, and in the industry in general, is from SEOs that have clients that sell boring things that they believe cannot be adapted for Social SEO Campaigns. Well Boo Hoo! As an agency-side SEO analyst, I have found that the more boring the industry the more interesting the social campaigns can be. If you are not familiar with the industry the following statements may shine some light on what I was dealing with. Hellishly Spammy: some of the links I seen would make a black hat pharma SEO wince. Terrible Reputation: due to some unscrupulous firms, the industry was branded as "ambulance chasers". Un-sharable Content: can you imagine sharing a link on Facebook for a Fatal Accident enquiry or Road Traffic Accident, then reading below Joe Bloggs "Likes" this. So, how did I combat these issues? Step 1: Produce Great Content Stage 1 1.

7 Key Ways to Optimize Facebook Fan Page SEO (along with Mozinar Q&A) There are a lot of rumors going around about the proper ways to optimize your Facebook fan page SEO. Some people suggest using keywords in the filenames of your uploads, and others say you need to have every URL you own linked to your fan page. If you're anything like me, you don't particularly have time to sit around and search for a tip here and a tip there, only to find out weeks later that it did you no good. This post provides a few more tips on optimizing your Facebook page for SEO right now, and answers your Q&A questions from my Mozinar with Rand. Enjoy! 7 Ways to optimize your Facebook fan page SEO right now 1. This may sound like a no-brainer. There is always the temptation to stuff your fan page name with tons of keywords, like "Bob's Bakery - Muffins, Bagels, Cookies, Breads - Catering & Events." Don't be too generic either, though. Quick Tip: The first word in your fan page title is given the most weight (importance) by Google. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Your Mozinar questions answered

Consejos SEO para optimizar su Facebook La presencia empresarial natural en Facebook, es una buena opción en términos de apoyo y la participación de los clientes, pero la posibilidad de promocionar las páginas de Facebook en los motores de búsqueda no se ha comprobado. A continuación se presentan algunos consejos sobre cómo tener éxito en la promoción de las páginas de Facebook: 1.- Ingresar el nombre de la marca en la página El nombre de la página es el factor más importante en la optimización de su página en Facebook, los motores de búsqueda lo consideran como una partida de primer nivel, lo que significa que las peticiones asociadas con el nombre de su empresa, se ubicará también en el SERP. Usted debe utilizar el nombre de su marca, para la creación del nombre de su página en Facebook, la gente debe estar relacionada con él, recuerde que sus clientes fieles los buscaran en los motores de búsqueda, y podrían encontrarse también con su página en Facebook y aumentar la iteración. 2.- Utilice una URL corta con palabras claves

How to Improve Your Facebook Page SEO Facebook’s new Graph Search is very different from Google search. With Graph Search, you can combine keyword searches with friends who’ve shared content on Facebook related to that search. For example, here’s a search of friends who like The Ellie Fund and live in Boston: Graph Search also allows people to discover your organization through various different keyword / network search combinations: Facebook Page SEO isn’t New Google has been indexing Facebook Pages for quite some time now, so Facebook Page SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t anything new. Both Google’s and Facebook’s search algorithms consider your Page name, category, vanity URL and keywords within your About tab. What is new is the combination of keyword, category and connection (as shown in the examples above) – and the way Graph Search suggestions influence how searches are conducted. Eight Steps to Optimizing Your Nonprofit Facebook Page for Graph Search 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Questions? (photo credit) Like this:

Optimizing For Facebook Graph Search: SEO Meets Social As Facebook Graph Search evolves and marketers begin to come to grips with the opportunities provided from the social graph, it becomes clear that a combination of both search and social media tactics are required if brands aim to improve visibility in the graph search engine results. Today, I would like to focus on how you can utilize SEO and social sharing best practices to both optimize your Facebook page and foster engagement. The Graph Search Differentiator Facebook Graph Search is based on a social graph, which means that a user’s search results are personalized based on his or her connections. Compared to searching on Google or Bing and being presented with results from all across the Web based on keyword matches, Facebook Graph Search presents you with results from content shared only on Facebook. The content is limited due to on privacy settings, and the output is based around pages, apps, groups, photos and places. Big Data & The Personal Social Graph Page, URL & Title Local Edgerank

Guías y Consejos de Seo, Marketing y Redes Sociales: Cómo hacer SEO en mi página de Facebook Seo para Facebook Actualmente es bien sabido por los webmasters que las redes sociales son un factor importante de seo, por eso me pertmiti crear este post de Cómo hacer seo en mi página de facebook Facebook el rey de las redes sociales no puede quedar fuera hoy en día en tu estrategia seo, ya que no solo generará muchas visitas significativas a tu sitio si no que te permitirá llegar a una gran audiencia de clientes potenciales. ¿Qué tan importante es hacer seo en mi página de facebook y cómo debo hacerlo? Bueno es de mucha relevancia ya que tendrás un enlace de mucha calidad hacia tu web y además de eso google verificará el contenido que se difunde en tu página ademas de la participación de la comunidad en la misma. ahora si vamos a aprender cómo hacer seo en mi página de facebook 5 Consejos Seo para facebook URL DE MI PÁGINA DE FACEBOOK. 3. 1.- El interés que despiertan tus publicaciones en la audiencia de facebook. 2.- Que tan ligado a tu nicho de mercado esta cada usuario que tienes como fan. 4. 5.

SEO Tips To Improve Your Facebook Presence You’re business is not leveraging Facebook yet?! Are you serious? Oh, I’m just kidding. Of course you’re using Facebook for business and social media. Choosing the Best Name for Your Facebook Page First things first. Also, I’m sure you have many other social media accounts too. Custom URL’s for Facebook Fan Pages Once your business has gathered a minimum of 25 likes, Facebook will allow you to create a unique URL for your fan page. Highlight Your Basic Information When it comes to building the content of your Facebook fan page, it’s important to remember to include all basic information for your business. Don’t forget to include a prominently placed link to your main website. A couple other things. Backlinks, Oh Yeah! Backlinks are a staple of all good SEO techniques, which is why bloggers work so hard to have their posts linked to from other websites and blogs. Update, Update, Update This is where many businesses using Facebook really fail to reach their maximum potential. Using Keywords

Six quick SEO tips for Facebook | Spectate You may have noticed that we’ve published a lot of posts on SEO this month. It’s an interesting topic, because SEO changes all the time, as search engines update their algorithms, which is why it’s so important to stay on top of it. Search Engine Optimization doesn’t just apply to your marketing website, but also to your social media channels, and Facebook in particular. There are quite a few things that you can do to optimize your company’s Facebook fan page. Let’s look at a few. Choose your username wisely The username is what appears in the URL after the /. Use pertinent keywords in your descriptions You may enter a short description (which is what people see immediately when they visit your page), a longer description and your mission. Keep it fresh You’ve guessed it – frequently posting share-worthy content is one of the best things you can do to drive traffic to your Facebook page. Use Video Link to it Engage on other relevant pages

How To Hack Google Plus For SEO Value People tend to think of Google Plus as just another social network, built as Google’s challenge to Facebook’s incredible growth over the past decade. What most people don’t realize, however, is the SEO value that makes Google+ so much more than just a social networking platform. How so? It's probably not a surprise that activity on Google's social network influences Google search results, but the degree of correlation is astonishingly high. So how do we leverage Google+ for SEO value? A Brief Overview of Google+ Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the others, Google+ is a social networking platform. In late 2010, Google’s Matt Cutts made it clear that “social signals” were factored into search ranking algorithms. The correlation between helpful content and a high volume of social signals seems natural and intuitive. The Power of User-Created Content Public posts on Google+ are indexed for search, unlike most tweets, Facebook posts, etc. How To Hack Google Plus For SEO Value 1. Sure. 2.