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This Is How Teens Are Using Social Media

This Is How Teens Are Using Social Media
All of us old-ish folks that didn’t grow up with hand held technology from the time we were just getting into big-kid beds sometimes ponder that children now enter the online world at a much younger age than we did. They’ll never have to deal with a corded telephone or wait for someone to send them snail-mail (or, as I so blandly knew it to be called, “mail). This handy infographic takes a look at the effects that the digital age is having on younger minds and offers insight into how teens are using social media. Keep reading to learn more.

infographic example, info Compicated, good details Connection: students sketch info to organize Sketchnote Army - A Showcase of Sketchnotes Beyond the Book: Infographics of Students' Reading History A high schooler's reading history infographic. Photo credit: Sarah Mulhern Gross I'm an evangelist. A book evangelist, that is. Recently, I've also been fascinated by the way the human mind interprets visual symbols. When I found this lesson about reading histories, I was inspired. Getting Started I began by having the students brainstorm a list of books they've read. The next day, we began to explore some online tools for creating infographics. In pairs, students experimented with the tools by creating sample infographics based on data pulled from an article in that day's newspaper. Reading History Infographic The next day, we started to work on our own infographics. But instead of holding their hands as they walked through the project, I encouraged them to explore some mentor texts. We worked on the infographics in class for a few days, the students troubleshooting with one another and sharing book recommendations. The Final Product

Inkscape. Draw Freely. Robin Richards - What Makes an Infographic Cool? Guest Post by Robin Richards Created a visual to show you instead of telling you. Some thoughts on what makes an infographic cool along with some examples. Robin Richards is a designer with a focus on visual storytelling and interaction design. - Top 20 Sites and Apps for Creating Timelines A while back I created a list of top 10 sites for creating timelines. Well, since that time mobile learning has really integrated into education and apps have been developed to accomplish this task. I've created a new list combined with apps and sites that are ideal for creating timelines. This list is in alphabetical order. American History Timeline - A excellent iPad for viewing America's history. cross-posted on