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Ancient Egypt and The Alternative Story of Mankind's Origins (Full Documentary)

Ancient Egypt and The Alternative Story of Mankind's Origins (Full Documentary)

The Bible backs same-sex couples: Point by point, why conservatives are wrong If the essence of marriage involves a covenant-keeping relationship of mutual self-giving, then two men or two women can fulfill that purpose as well as a man and a woman can. But is lifelong commitment between two adults sufficient for realizing a Christian basis for marriage? Or is there something unique about heterosexual relationships that prevents same-sex couples from truly illustrating Christ’s love for the church? The first response one might make based on Ephesians 5 is that same-sex unions are necessarily excluded from a Christian basis for marriage because Scripture uses only heterosexual language when describing it. But given the widespread association of same-sex behavior with lustful excess in the ancient world, it isn’t surprising that the biblical writers didn’t contemplate the possibility of same-sex marriage. We know covenant keeping is essential to Christian marriage. From a strictly Old Testament perspective, that position has some merit.

ANCIENT ALIENS Season 1 Episode 2. my youth 13 Nephilim Skulls Found In Mexico? So much of what we have been taught about ancient history is simply not true. According to Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History, a team of archaeologists working close to the Mexican village of Onavas has made an amazing discovery. They reportedly found 13 ancient human specimens that had grossly elongated skulls. You can find original photographs of this discovery right here, but the descriptions of the photos are in Spanish. This group of elongated skulls in Mexico made headlines all over the globe when it was initially discovered. So what would cause a skull to become elongated like that? However, it does not explain all of them. In Paracas, on the coast of Peru, he and Richard Shaw, the director of the ‘Watcher’ series, visited a necropolis, a huge desert cemetery, and a museum that had some forty skulls originally from the graveyard. For much more on this, check out the video that I have posted below of Sid Roth interviewing L.A. Why? Be Sociable, Share!

L'histoire des sumériens film complet - extraterrestre - ovni - paranormal - Alien Theory Nibiru 2012 - Le Piramidi Cinesi La storia delle piramidi cinesi inizia nel 1947, quando il colonnello Maurice Sheehan fotografò da un aereo, un DC3 in volo sopra la Cina, ciò che sembrava essere una piramide. La sua descrizione fu pubblicata sul "New York Times" nel marzo dello stesso anno. Se ci atteniamo alla sua testimonianza, questa piramide aveva un'altezza di circa 300 metri mentre i suoi lati misuravano 450 metri. Tuttavia, malgrado la versione ufficiale, sembra che negli archivi storici cinesi esistessero certi documenti rivelatori, risalenti al III sec. a.c., l'epoca in cui il fondatore della dinastia Ts'in, She Huang Ti (l'Imperatore Giallo), realizzò dei grandi cambiamenti nella società cinese. Di assoluta importanza è anche la straordinaria piramide che ordinò di innalzare a Lin-t'ong, tra Hnan e Sin-gan. Ogni lato aveva una lunghezza di 350 metri, niente meno che 120 metri in più della Grande Piramide di Giza, in Egitto. Sul suo vertice vi era una pietra levigata, simile ad un grande gioiello.