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Black Hat: Top 20 hack-attack tools

Black Hat: Top 20 hack-attack tools
Network World - Turn someone else’s phone into an audio/video bug. Check. Use Dropbox as a backdoor into corporate networks. Check. Suck information out of pacemakers. The Black Hat conference convening in Las Vegas next week offers hacker tools for all of those plus more. [LOOKING BACK: 10 scariest hacks from Black Hat and Defcon QUIZ: Black Hat's most notorious incidents MUST SEE: 10 more of the world’s coolest data centers] Intended to provide good-guy researchers with tools to test the security of networks and devices, the free tools distributed at the conference can also be used by the bad guys to break into networks, steal data and thwart defenses designed to expose malware halt attacks. Over the course of two days white-hat hackers from consultancies, universities and vendors will present more than 100 briefings on vulnerabilities and exploits they have discovered, and in many cases releasing tools that would be useful to hackers. Related:  Tools: Security - Forensics - Pentesting - Ethical Hackingsecurity and hackingIT, PR, 2.0, 3.0, telecoms, ... une vision des choses ...

Best Free Antivirus Software Comodo Antivirus is my top pick for advanced users, or for Intermediate users who are okay with an antivirus software which will occasionally ask them for input. However, if you do not fall into those categories, or for any other reason find it to not be a good fit for you, then you will likely find my next pick suitable. Also, for those who prefer a complete solution, there is always Comodo Internet Security (CIS), which is also free and includes a firewall in addition to all other components which already come with Comodo Antivirus. Firstly, I will note that I am a volunteer moderator (not employee) on the Comodo forums. Comodo Antivirus also uses the cloud to facilitate the detection of the most recent malware, as do many other Free Antiviruses reviewed in this article. Panda Cloud Antivirus is an excellent choice for average users, who may find Comodo Antivirus too confusing. Avast! AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is also a good choice for average users. Comodo Antivirus Version 6.x

The Web's #1 Hacking Tools Directory - with tutorial videos! Hacking Tools Directory with Video Tutorials By Henry Dalziel | Information Security Blogger | Concise Courses We are big fans of blogging about Hacker Tools – for one major reason: if you are serious about working in cyber security you need to be able to use these tools like a boss. Hacking tools are what boxing gloves are to a boxer or what a spanner is to a plumber. A pentester (or ethical hacker) can be judged by their ability to use these tools, frameworks and programs, so get to know them! So! We have broken down our directory into the following hacking tools categories: (We feel that the below categories should encompass all the different fields within cyber security but as ever, if you feel that we have missed one out please let us know by dropping a comment below.) Let us know what you think about our Directory – we would love to hear your feedback. We’ve tried our best to suggest videos that don’t have background music and that are dictated by an ‘expert’ within that field.

Xavier Niel s’offre l’opaque Monaco Telecom La principauté l’a confirmé ce matin : Xavier Niel, via sa holding personnelle NJJ Capital, rachète 55% du capital de Monaco Telecom au britannique Cable & Wireless pour 321,7 millions d'euros. Le monde change vite et celui des télécoms encore plus. L’opérateur monégasque Monaco Telecom va changer de propriétaire pour la troisième fois en moins de 15 ans. Mais dorénavant, l’Histoire s’écrira autrement : Xavier Niel, PDG de Free et vice-président d’Iliad, est le nouvel acquéreur de Monaco Telecom et ce, à titre personnel. Un opérateur monégasque… international Jusque-là, c’était donc Cable & Wireless le principal actionnaire de Monaco Telecom. A l’instar de beaucoup d’autres « gros » opérateurs, Orange en tête de liste, Monaco Telecom est depuis longtemps un opérateur de transit. De plus, selon nos informations, l’activité datacenter s’est développée (malgré les prix de l’immobilier… rocambolesques !) Monaco Telecom en quelques chiffres

Herramientas Seguridad Via @dragonjar Colombia #TICs Repositorio Exploit-DB En una auditoría de seguridad, uno de los objetivos puede ser vulnerar cuantas máquinas sean posibles. Para ello, nos valdremos de distintas herramientas escaneadores de red y puertos como nmap, visualizador y capturador de tráfico como Wireshark, alguna tool para hacer ataques MITM, como Cain y Abel y Evil FOCA etc.. Y para la parte de explotación, lo mas probable es que acabemos escogiendo Metasploit como Framework, pero no nos... Leer Más “Reflection Attacks” – DNS – SNMP y ahora NTP Los ataques de denegación de servicio se siguen usando tanto en ataques de protesta, como por parte de otras empresas para dejar sin servicio a empresas de la competencia. OASAM, Open Android Security Assessment Methodology Estas iniciativas me encantan, todos conocemos Owasp, un estándar que nos permite evaluar la seguridad web (entre otras cosas). Descarga la FocaPRO #gratis Monitorización para evitar el hijacking DNS

HackersOnlineClub Best Free Antivirus App for Android Of all the apps that exist to analyze our phones, many have a lot of extras. They do a good job most of the time, but the way they are implemented can make the protection of your device more puzzling. That aspect can be solved with CM Security, a relatively new malware detection app for Android that comes from the same creators of the famous CleanMaster App. The main user interface of CM Security is not exactly surprising, but still enjoyable in its own way and looks quite clean. Once the scan process is finished, (which takes less than a minute in most cases) the app will list what kind of threats and vulnerabilities require attention and will offer to solve them, either one at a time or all at once. If you want to add an extra layer of security to your device, there is an option to schedule scans (located within the settings menu) which can be set to daily, weekly or monthly scans. CM Security came as a surprise, and a very good one. Our former favorite security app, avast! Avast!

SecLists.Org Security Mailing List Archive Operators need to be technology neutral to make M2M a success | Press Wire Operators need to be technology agnostic in order to take advantage of the burgeoning M2M market by offering partners the right kinds of services. Delegates at M2M World Congress in London heard how the industry was changing from the legacy M2M market to something more driven by the Internet of Things. Jimmy Wind, CEO of KPN’s M2M wing, said: “M2M is maybe not a valid label for what is happening any more. M2M just suggested connected machines, rather than connecting everything.” Alessandro Adriani, CEO of Bridge Alliance, said M2M was more traditionally SIM driven while the Internet of Things was more driven by verticals. Wind said a “one size fits all model” no longer works for the market but despite its changes, it still sits within the operator space. When asked if he felt operators needed to be technology agnostic, Wind said he agreed with that adding they need to operate according to their customers’ needs.

Hardware-based security more effective against new threats With software security tools and network vulnerabilities constantly being targeted by hackers, securing hardware components will grow in importance given it is more secure and cybercriminals will find it difficult to alter the physical layer for their purposes. Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst of Moor Insight and Strategy, said hardware-based security is more secure than software tools such as antivirus since it cannot be altered. Hardware-based security refers to safeguarding the computer using components such as processors. An RSA spokesperson added the physical layer eliminates the possibility of malware, such as virtual rootkits, from infiltrating the operating system and penetrating the virtualization layer. In 2010, RSA, together with VMWare and Intel, introduced a proof-of-concept framework to integrate security into the entire hardware stack. One example is ARM's joint venture with Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient to set up Trustonic in December 2012.

Hacking Teacher | Leading IT Security and Ethical Hacking Training Company | India | Dubai | Nigeria Top Android Hacking Tools | Hacking with New Ideas Android, the best Operation System developed by Google. Now only 1 month to go the launching of Android 4.4 KitKat mobile operating system.It is It is expected that Google will now make the announcement in November, instead of October 28 as planned earlier, according to a report by Phones Review website.But never mind.. Its good to see that Google increasing the business by launching Google Nexes and Android. 1 : The Android Network Toolkit : Its new app in Blackhat / Defcon19, introducing a new concept where both home users and local IT can have the same tools to, at the push of a button, check for their security faults. In a few simple clicks ANTI covers the most advanced attack vectors in order to check for vulnerabilities, even those that up until now could only be performed by top-notch penetration testers. Download : Click Here 2 : Nmap for Android : Nmap for android is a Nmap apps for your phone! Since launch, Nmap for Android™ has supported API Level 3 and above. Windows users: