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Share your best aerial pictures viewed from a drone

Madeira Island 1.76K Views7 Likes Taken on a small place called Seixal in Madeira Island, Portugal. There was a stuning day so this photo speaks for itself. There is much more in Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Google suggest fails thanks to chris ( Search and scroll down. In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at Next step: complain - accept that there is law, which might be abusable to censor the interwebs. Build Your Own Quadcopter Beginner Guide - Part 1 ← Robot Kingdom This is a part of the Tutorials of showing you how to build your own quadcopter from scratch. This is especially useful to beginners. There will be 2 parts in this DIY drone series. Rewards Dear members of the Dronestagram community, Four years ago I created this site as a side project. As an amateur drone pilot since the beginning, I had the idea of building the first social network dedicated to drone photography. Everything was free and we have not earned a single penny from Dronestagram as of today. However, we quickly found that the tim it took to build and maintain Dronestagam turned our passion into a full time job. I don’t regret any of the time or effort that we have put into Dronestagram, and am very happy to have done what I could for the drone community.

7GIF : prenez le contrôle des vos GIFs Never heard of animated GIFs? These little videoclips are often found all over the web. On Windows XP, the system’s image viewer is able to play them, but in Windows 8, 7 and Vista this is no longer possible. 7GIF is born to fill this gap. National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2013 (Part 2) - In Focus The time to enter the 25th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is running short -- entries will be accepted for another few days, until June 30, 2013. The first prize winner will receive a 10-day Galapagos expedition for two. National Geographic was once more kind enough to allow me to share some of the later entries with you here, gathered from four categories: Travel Portraits, Outdoor Scenes, Sense of Place, and Spontaneous Moments.

Build Your Own Quadcopter Beginner Guide – Part 2 ← Robot Kingdom In the last post (part 1), I talked about the parts ordered and how to assemble them for the quadcopter. In this post I will cover the steps I followed to set up the quadcopter for its fist flight. These steps includes programming and calibrating the ESCs, binding the radio and setting up the KK2.0 flight controller board. I will also show you how to tune the quadcopter’s PI settings to optimize flying performance. The 30 amp Turnigy Plush ESCs are great but the bullet connectors must be soldered on. There are a lot of other ESCs around that are similar to the Plushes that can be programmed with the same programming card.

New Product Post-Quadcopter Kit and 6 Channel Radio Set We’ve been posting a lot of progress messages on ELF drone, and you can expect beta prototypes very soon. Be proactive to join us for the first testers on the arrival of the beta. We have truly limited seated~ Back to business to check what’s the awesome items this week. Mini quadcopter kit! Not the proper “mini”, the diameter being 330mm for all who ♥ color #aebaa0 #75545f #4a4340 #4f5878 #9ba3b5 Welcome to OpenStreetMap Unlike other maps, OpenStreetMap is completely created by people like you, and free for anyone to fix, update, download and use. Here's a quick guide to get you started! One Map: Many Websites

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