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25 books every twentysomething should read BEING IN YOUR twenties is brilliant, terrible, exhausting and exhilarating, all at the same time. Here are 25 books that will offer guidance, knowledge, and sometimes most importantly, humour. The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway Source: Amazon Considered Hemingway’s greatest novel, The Sun Also Rises was inspired by his visit to the running of the bulls at Pamplona. Like much of his work, it focuses on themes of masculinity and nature. Just Kids by Patti Smith Warning: This book will make you a) wish you lived through the 60s and 70s and b) want to move to New York. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche Source: DopeReads Adiche’s novel about a young Nigerian woman’s move to the US will challenge you to think about the implications of race and racism. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood Source: Set in a dystopian future, The Handmaid’s Tale explores a world where women are stripped of all their rights and live as ‘handmaids’ for reproductive purposes. Source: Penguin

Association for the Advancement of International Education: InterED Submissions Standards for Submissions of Articles to InterEd Submissions InterEd solicits original articles up to 2000 (normally between 500 to 1000) words. Articles should be submitted electronically as Microsoft Word files. The Editors may decline to consider a manuscript for several reasons, including poor preparation, an insufficiently clear and detailed presentation, or a lack of adherence to the journal's guidelines for manuscript preparation. Articles should be submitted to InterEd electronically at the following address: It is the standard policy to include the email address of all contributors so they can be directly contacted by interested readers. Copyright Authors retain the copyright for material published in InterEd, including but not limited to all rights to authorize subsequent publication and/or translation. Editor: Dr. Editor, Emeritus: Dr. Asst.Editor,for Technology: Dr.

Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia Fear of a smell can be passed down several generations - life - 01 December 2013 Editorial: "Mouse memory inheritance may revitalise Lamarckism" If a particular smell makes you uneasy but you don't know why, perhaps you should ask your grandparents. Mice whose father or grandfather learned to associate the smell of cherry blossom with an electric shock became more jumpy in the presence of the same odour, and responded to lower concentrations of it than normal mice. This work, led by Brian Dias at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, provides some of the best evidence yet for the inheritance of memories or traits across generations. Previous studies have hinted that stressful events can affect the emotional behaviour or metabolism of future generations, possibly through chemical changes to the DNA that can turn genes off and on – a mechanism known as epigenetic inheritance. Needle in a haystack However, although epigenetic changes have been observed, identifying which ones are relevant is a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. Brain change

7 Books That'll Retrain Your Brain and Push You Toward Success The human brain is the most powerful tool you can possibly possess. Are you training and using your brain to its full potential? These seven books will help you achieve the peak performance you’ll need to compete, today and in the future. 1. 5-Second Summary: Harness your natural curiosity to develop the ability to think more broadly and deeply. Best Quote: “Curious learners go deep, and they go wide. Fun Factoid: Your brain stopped growing when you were 18 but continues to make new neurons throughout your life in response to mental activity. 2. 5-Second Summary: Your success in life depends upon mastering your brain’s two systems, one of which is fast, intuitive and emotional, and the other of which is slow, deliberate, and logical. Best Quote: “When confronted with a problem—choosing a chess move or deciding whether to invest in stock–the machinery of intuitive thought does the best it can. 3. Best Quote: “It’s tempting to run with a herd. 4. 5. 6. 7. More From Inc.

Welcome to Search Associates Serendipity is Sweet: Educational Freebies Clip art from Discovery Education's Clip Art Gallery created by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator. Times are tight and free is fabulous right? Visit and find free printables and software demos by subject and grade/ability. Visit to order a Free K-5 Lesson Plan on the humane treatment of animals. Order a Free copy of The Constitution from The Heritage Foundation. Order Free Diplomatic History Videos and Curriculum from the U.S. Find Free Nutritional Information pdf's from the USDA here. Order a Free Teacher's Kit for K-5 from the Georgia Peanut Commission:Teacher's kits for grades K-2 and 3-5 are available from the Georgia Peanut Commission's Education Services Department at 110 E. 4th Street, P.O. Order a Free Planet Protectors Kids Activity Kit from the EPA. Order a Free Freedom’s Song: 100 years of African-American struggle and triumph DVD and Lesson Plan from The Association for the Study of African American Life and History & Farmer's Insurance.

Reading a Novel Alters Your Brain Connectivity — So What? - Wired Science So, there’s a new study out (pdf) that’s used brain scanning to investigate how reading a book changes your brain. It tripped my skeptic’s radar right away because our brains are changing all the time, and pretty much anything we do influences those changes. And we already knew the power of reading novels, didn’t we? You follow a story, meet characters, learn things. They used a technique known as “resting state fMRI”, which involves scanning a person’s brain while they lie in the scanner doing nothing. To understand what the researchers say they found, we need to rewind a little to take a look at their technique of choice: resting-state fMRI. The important result, according to the study authors – Gregory Berns and his colleagues – is that the participants’ averaged brain connectivity patterns at rest were altered by the experience of reading Pompeii. Celebration over. Brain function ‘boosted for days after reading a novel’ (The Independent). You get the idea!

Neuroscientist Sam Harris Selects 12 Books Every Intelligent Person Should Read by Maria Popova From Bertrand Russell to the Buddha, or why you should spend a weekend reading the Qur’an. On an excellent recent episode of The Tim Ferriss Show — one of these nine podcasts for a fuller life — neuroscientist Sam Harris answered a listener’s question inquiring what books everyone should read. As a lover of notable reading lists and an ardent admirer of Harris’s mind and work, I was thrilled to hear his recommendations — but as each one rolled by, it brought with it an ebbing anticipatory anxiety that he too might fall prey to male intellectuals’ tendency to extoll almost exclusively the work of other male intellectuals. I was perplexed, both because references throughout his own excellent books indicate that Harris reads far more widely than this unfortunate lapse of packaging makes it seem, and because he is the loving father of two small female humans who will go through life absorbing our culture’s messages about the value of women’s minds and voices. Share on Tumblr

Council of International Schools (CIS): Application Process All new applicants who would like to work with CIS to find leadership positions are required to complete an application. Before approving the application, CIS will contact three of your referees for confidential references. After an application is approved, your Educator Leadership Portfolio will be available to CIS Member Schools. How frequently CIS refers an applicant portfolio to schools will vary according to your requirements and the requirements of the listed vacancies. On some occasions, CIS is appointed to act as a consultant for a school’s leadership search and will reach out to candidates who meet the requirements for the open position. The more criteria you meet for a position, the better your chances of being considered and offered an interview. We look forward assisting you in securing a new international position.

Heroic characters Disciplines > Storytelling > Characters > Heroic characters The generic hero | Hero sub-types | See also This is a collection of heroic types, by no means complete or definitive, but which illustrate the richness of heroes that may be found in various stories. Heroic subtypes discussed here are: The Generic Hero The generic Hero is the protagonist or main character of most stories, although stories may also have multiple heroes in them (for example Lord of the Rings). The Hero is important in that we identify with him or her more strongly than with other character. A common theme is that the hero demonstrates courage in overcoming external obstacles to their goal. Hero sub-types The Classic Hero The Classic Hero is the person who goes on a quest to achieve some good end that benefits other people in some way. We look up to the Classic Hero but may not fully believe their perfection. The Tragic Hero The Tragic Hero may also fail in their quest, perhaps having bitten off more than they can chew.

Ten+ sci-fi books that'll knock your socks off - Album on Imgur Europe Human Resources - Contacts Phone numbers below are listed in their DSN format. If calling from a civilian line please modify the number format as shown below replacing the "xxxx" with the last four digits from the DSN number provided. If calling from a civilian line INSIDE Germany: 0611-380-xxxx If calling from a civilian line OUTSIDE Germany: (49)611-380-xxxx To contact the DoDDS-Europe Human Resources Division: Office of the Director, DoDDS-Europe ATTN: Personnel Division Unit 29649, Box 7100 APO AE 09002