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Waterspout_mole_640.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 853 pixels) - Scaled (77

Waterspout_mole_640.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 853 pixels) - Scaled (77

Less Popular Google Search Tips There’s not a day that passes by without searching for information on Google. We’re pretty sure that you’re aware of some advanced Google search operators like AND, NOT, etc. but here are some lesser known tricks that you can implement when you’re searching on Google. We bet you wouldn’t know at least one of these! 1. Some of you would have known the site: search operator. Forget the site operator and use the at keyword instead. 2. The nerds among us would frequently use the define: keyword to look up for definitions. You needn’t necessarily use the define keyword anymore to get definitions in search results. 3. AROUND(n) is an undocumented search operator and it will be of immense use when you’re looking for pages with two terms separated by n number of words. 4. You can use the tilde (~) operator to search for pages that not only contain the word that follows it, but also its synonyms. The next time you’re looking for cheap mp3 players, try searching for [~cheap mp3 players].

60 insane cloud formations from around the world [PICs] Cloud varieties go way beyond the cumulus, stratus, and cirrus we learn about in elementary school. Check out these wild natural phenomena. STANDING IN A CORNFIELD IN INDIANA, I once saw a fat roll cloud (like #4 below) float directly over my head. It’s a 12-year-old memory that remains fresh. There was a moment of mild panic just as the cloud reached me — Is this what a tornado looks like right before it hits? I imagine a lot of these photographers having similar hesitations as they set up for the shots below.

Technology - News 2050: ‘Hypersonic take-off’ As part of the BBC's What If? season of programmes, we commissioned a week of news reports that take a light-hearted look at the future. In the fifth instalment, The first flights at six times the speed of sound mean London and Sydney are just a few hours apart, while light pollution forces astronomers to close the last telescope on Earth. Have we got it right? Could these stories feature in the headlines in 2050? Healthy Woman Dreams of Becoming Paralyzed from the Waist Down Being stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives is most people’s idea of hell, but not for Chloe Jennings-White. A 57-year-old chemist from Salt Lake City, Utah, has an unnatural desire to become a paraplegic (paralyzed from the waist down). Chloe lives the life of a disabled person. She moves around in a wheelchair and wears long leg braces that lock at the knee to enable her to ambulate with crutches. But when she needs to go up or down a flight of stairs, she simply stands up, removes her braces and walks like a normal person. Like most paralyzed people, she loves outdoor activities, only instead of using specialized equipment to enable such activities, she simply goes on 12-hour hikes in the woods, skies down dangerous slopes, climbs mountain peaks, like a normal person. Photo: Jen Longhurst / Beyond Productions - National Geographic Taboo Ever since she was a little girl, Chloe dreamed about becoming paralyzed below the waist. Reddit Stumble

Facebook Photo Sharing Tricks Sharing photos is probably the most popular activity on Facebook. Yet with new features being added all the time, you may not know all the ways you can access and share your own pics – and those of others. Trick #1 – Download a photo from someone else’s page This one’s easy, and you probably know it already: Facebook has enabled the ability to download high-resolution images from other people's pages - not just the low-res versions you get by right clicking. Click on a picture to make it full screen, then hit options,choose download and you should get the highest resolution of the photo that Facebook has stored. Trick #2 – Download a photo from someone else’s page via your smartphone · On iPhones (and other iOS devices) tap the photo in your news feed so it goes full screen, then hold your finger on the picture for a few seconds. · On Android phones, it’s a little more complicated. Trick #3 – Download an entire album on your computer

10 New Apps You Should Know Since new apps get released at an incredible rate, we figured it only fair to keep you abreast of the best. Stop sifting through all the terrible games and little life helpers to find some gems and break out your iPhone or Android device and get to downloading some of these guys. 1. Food Tripping Finding fast food joints and spots that serve grease bombs while you’re road tripping is fairly easy. 2. Thread takes your caller ID to another level. 3. For the craft beer lover, Untappd has been the gold standard of social brew apps. 4. You might not think “exciting” whenever Yahoo! 5. Rando is part social experiment, part addictive time waster. 6. Simply let Field Trip run in the background of your phone and go about your day. 7. Simple and perfect. 8. There are thousands of apps that will help organize, prioritize, and generally improve your life. 9. For the world traveler, few apps could come in as handy as Currency. 10.

What the World Would Look Like If You Could Actually See Wi-Fi Signals Brisbane Comedian Tries Out The 100 Worst Pickup Lines Of All Time In a crushingly futile eight and a half minute cringe-fest which could have easily been renamed 100 surefire ways to get maced in the face by strangers you'll definitely never have sex with, 18 year old Brisbane comedian, schadenfreude factory and guy with a Youtube account, Adrian Van Oyen, a man completely incapable of feeling shame, tries his hand at some of the most ineffective pickup lines of all time to show predatory douche bags everywhere how not to approach random women minding their own business on their lunch breaks (hint: don't talk about your penis!). Our favourites include "If you were a Transformer, you would be a Hotterbot and your name would be Optimus Fine" and "With great penis comes great responsibility". Watch the other 98 stinkers below... Previously in when Adrian Van Oyen publicly embarrasses himself... Via Gawker

Spotted At The Apple Store * Plus ICANN fee of C$0.20/yr. *** Domains with bulk pricing do not qualify for additional promotional discounts. † Free InstantPage®/Hosting with Website Builder are not included with .XXX domain registrations. All comparison prices are accurate as of 8/21/2013 and are subject to change without notice. †† .CA domain names will be registered through GoDaddy Domains Canada, Inc., a CIRA certified registrar. + Special savings apply only to first year of registration. ++ .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .ME.UK, .EU, .ES, .SE, .COM.AU, .NET.AU and .ORG.AU domains not included. ^^ Discount based on current retail value. ^^^ Buy a new .COM, get one new .INFO for FREE for 1st year only. ±,, and domain names can only be registered for 2 years.

Modo – Modular Desktop Organizer by B&A Studio De-clutter Desk With Modular Modo If you feel a twinge of embarrassment when you look at the clutter on your desk, then you are in serious need of help. Pens, wires, gadgets, basically the contents of a junk drawer strewn across is what best describes most office desks around the world. Modo or Modular Desktop Organizer is the answer we all have been waiting for. This functional Chinese-checkered kind of board adapts to the needs of your desk and makes it look worthy of the shining success that you are. Zen and balance in life is achieved if all the elements are in sync with each other. Details about Modo and B&A Studio can be found here. Key Features: Designer: B&A Studio [ Buy it Here ]