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25 Things To Do With Empty Plastic Bottles

25 Things To Do With Empty Plastic Bottles
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Recycle A Plastic Bottle Into A Vase Home » $1 and Free, cheap crafts, Decor, Gifts to Make, Headline, Kids, Weddings 19 March 2009 73,627 views 18 Comments by heather With some clever cutting and folding, a clear plastic soda bottle headed for the recycling bin can be given new life as a pretty vase. Of course, you CAN buy a soda at the dollar store if you don't have one of these bottles on hand! Project Estimate: Clear plastic soda bottle (20 oz), on hand or $1Scissors Total cost: FREE Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links or other forms of sponsored content.

25 Awesome Ways To Re-Use Plastic Bottles Don’t miss out! Follow on Facebook and bring more love and life into your home. ---------- Sponsored Links ---------- There are so many awesome ways to re-use plastic bottles. I just found a great resource of 25 different plastic bottle DIY projects. Here’s the link to all 25 ideas… ByStephanieLynn – 25 Things To Do With Plastic Bottles 20 Fun and Creative Crafts with Plastic Soda Bottles Minion Bowling Game Kids love the movie “Despicable Me” and these bowling pins are sure to give them a thrill. You just paint the bottles in the appropriate colors, add the goggles and then have a small plastic ball on hand to bowl your Minions over. This is a great bowling game for kids that will use many of those plastic bottles and give them a fun time creating the game as well as playing it. Tutorial Link – Pluckymomo Bird Feeders If you love birds and you want to rid your home of some of those 2 liter bottles, use them to create beautiful bird feeders. Tropical Fish This is a great project for kids, even younger ones. Snowflakes Ok, so Christmas is over but this is a great project to keep in mind for next year or you could go ahead and make these cute little snowflake ornaments now so they’re ready when you start decorating in December. Chia Pets Instead of buying Chia pets, why not recycle those plastic bottles and make your own? Make a Broom? Piggy Banks Drain Declogger Lawn Sprinkler

Make A Rose From Plastic Spoons & A Candle Here's a new one! When is a rose not a rose? When it is picnic spoons. Materials: heavy duty plastic spoons pin back (optional) Goop glue (optional) Tools: candle ceramic tile (optional) garden clippers pliers Hold a plastic spoon about an inch above a lighted candle; bowl facing down. Place them together and melt the handles just under the buds. When the handles melt, pull them off of the rose bud and push the bud onto a ceramic tile to flatten the melted area. Melt the rest of the spoons but this time heat the underside of the bowls. Snip off the handles with garden clippers. Hold the tip of the petal with the pliers and heat the place on the spoon where the handle was until it begins to melt. Here you have a glossy, porcelain-looking rose. These spoons came from Wal-Mart (next to the paper towels). Hot glue silk rose petals to the base of the rose if you wish. There is a slight stinky melted plastic smell so you may want to open a window.

Recycling Ideas DIY Entry Bench Are you eager to improve the décor in your home? We have just the thing for you. This tutorial will show you how to make an entry bench or a `hall tree` out of a couple of old doors and an unused drawer. With less than 55 $, you can also hand-make this gorgeous piece of furniture. ... How To Turn A Wine Barrel Into An Outdoor Sink Decorating a beautiful yard is a rather difficult job when you want to be both creative and stylish at the same time. DIY Made of Old Tires Do you happen to have a bunch of tires lying around? How to Make a Flower Pot Using A Rim Who would have thought that this lovely and colorful flower pot is actually an old rim? How to Build a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse The internet is filled with DIY projects that involve the use of cheap materials, like plastic bottles. DIY Recycled Barrel Planter Gardening shouldn’t be about spending a lot to get a nice looking result. Repurposing Old Furniture Ideas How To Make A Corner Bench Using 4 Old Chairs

20 Plastic Bag DIY Projects To Recycle And Reuse Them APRIL 21, 2015 — By Emily Geraghty Emily Geraghty Emily Geraghty is a DIY writer and video specialist for ViralNova. Previous to ViralNova, she worked in digital content and video production for MTV, Allure, Glamour and LogoTV, as well as reality television development. In her free time she runs the fashion blog That Cheap, a blog about thrift store shopping and inexpensive beauty trends. Do you have an overload of plastic bags at home? 1. 2. Most recycling centers have plastic bag receptacles, but if yours doesn't, you can find a drop-off location here. 3. 4. Read the tutorial here. 5. Learn how to do this here. 6. If they get wet or moldy, you can wash the cover and put new plastic bags inside! 7. 8. 9. Learn how here. 10. 11. Get the step-by-step here. 12. Get more detailed instructions here. 13. Read how it's done here. 14. You'll also need a few dome lids and some glue. 15. Read a full step-by-step here. 16. You can add ribbon for more color. 17. 18. 19. 20. (via Distractify)

Swiss Candy Jewelry I call it Swiss Candy Jewelry because it loosely resembles Swiss cheese and the Haribo Gummi candies they sell all over central Europe. Similar to the process used in the Sparkling and Melting Flowers, this tutorial uses the magical properties of #6 recyclable plastic. Materials: * Five #6 recyclable plastic cups * Heat source (like a well ventilated oven) * Chain or wire to use as necklace base and links * Pliers Cost: Free for me (I already had cups leftover from a party and an old junk necklace, but I imagine this could be assembled for less than $10) Time: 60 minutes for the blue statement necklace, 20 minutes for the pink pendant 1. 4. Variation in pink.

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