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6 Insect Repellent Plants To Grow – repel: mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas & more…

6 Insect Repellent Plants To Grow – repel: mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas & more…
Six insect repellent plants to grow – includes plants that repel biting insects such as: mosquitoes, gnats, ticks & fleas; and plants that protect other plants from aphids & mites etc. Planting and growing insect repellent plants provide a great opportunity to get out in the garden and plant some plants which are a perfect mix of beauty and functionality. Some people are sceptical about using plants to repel insects, whilst others are 100% convinced of the insect repelling properties of many garden plants. The thing is – if you take natural plant based insect repellents out of the equation; the only really option is DEET based products. There are serious health concerns about the toxic effects of DEET as it is absorbed into the body through your skin. Children are thought to be most at risk from side effects, as children’s skin absorbs more DEET than an adult’s. Feverfew is great for repelling mosquitoes and other flying biting insects. (Photo from: Wikimedia Commons)

Making Life Easier One Tip at a Time Here is another post full of amazing tips to help you make life a little easier. Use flower pots to keep bugs and dirt off of your food during an outdoor BBQ. Tie a loop in a length of rope and slip it through the hole in the bottom for a simple handle. Source Waste less water. The water you use to boil vegetables, eggs, and pasta is full of nutrients that your plants will love. A simple way to hang a heavy item on the wall. If you accidentally burn your gravy just transfer it to another pan and continue cooking it. To soften butter quickly, place it between two sheets of wax paper. Recycle a soda box to organize cans in your pantry! Add grommets around the edge of a vinyl tablecloth. A simple way to squeeze lemons is by placing them between a pair of tongs. Glue a magnet to the side of a paintbrush. Use a light bulb carton to protect photos when sending them through the mail. For perfect French tips, wrap a rubber band around your nail and stretch it tight. Thaw out meat quickly.

26 Tips and Tricks To Simplify Life I have been collecting all kinds of clever tips to make life just a little bit more simple. Here are some of my favs! 1. Cord organization tips. 10. 19. Simple Lemon water. Want to be eco-friendly but not have to mess with cloth diapers? More From New Nostalgia: How To Make A Beautiful Rain Chain - Rain chains are not only beautiful, but can help in managing water runoff, reduce soil erosion and water pollution, by channeling water running off the roof into a rain barrel. How much rainfall is needed to fill a typical 55-gallon rain barrel? The typical home with a roof square footage area of 1,200 feet, equipped with four downspouts, each collecting from an area of 300 sq. ft. Only 0.3 of an inch of rainfall would need to fall to fill the rain barrel. Rain chains are simple to make (or buy at Amazon) from a variety of materials, require few tools, can turn gutter system downspouts into beautiful, environmentally friendly features and can be customized. Rain Chain – Tutorial Watch Rains Chains in Action! Begin with this life changing eBook where you will find: Natural Home Remedies - Discover how to live a healthier life with more natural remedies to treat illness you can make at home using natural ingredients like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and honey.

DIY Natural Room Scents Don't miss my follow-up post to this one withNATURAL ROOM SCENTS FOR DIY GIFTS & CENTERPIECESCLICK HERE This post was featured in the April 2013 issue of Woman's Day magazine. Here's the thing. I'm married to a man who hates artificial scents of any kind. Turns out that King-Man may just be ahead of his time. But, the air in my house gets stale sometimes. There is a simple, all natural, truly lovely solution. Keeping the supply list simple. How to Make Natural Room Scents Fragrant items for naturally scenting your home: citrus -- I've tried other fruits. view whole spices on Amazon: cinnamon sticks, anise stars, allspice, cloves, vanilla beans Five Natural Room Scent RecipesThese are all scents that my nose likes. General procedure: Combine the ingredients in a 2 cup (pint) jar or container, or in a pan on the stove top. view on Amazon: ♦pint jars ♦plastic lids for jars Scent #1: Oranges, cinnamon & cloves (allspice and anise are optional). Scent #2: Lemon, rosemary, & vanilla. Gift them!

Weekend Art -- Suminagashi for Kids It is very rare that we feature a project here on Inner Child Fun that requires a trip to the art store, however this is the MOST requested project Emily has asked to do during Clara’s nap time. Suminagashi has kept Emily happily creating beautiful prints for hours!! Here are some tips for trying Suminagashi for kids. Suminagashi is an ancient Japanese technique for decorating paper with inks. You can learn more about this technique here. I used a 40% off coupon and found it at Blick Art. (around $15). Next, you will need a dishpan filled with plain ol’ water about 2 inches deep, a few paint brushes and either a plastic or styrofoam egg carton to hold a few drops of the ink used to load up the brushes. Emily used two brushes for each print. She can be completely mesmerized by this!! Lift it up to reveal your beautiful (and very unique) design! Experiment further by blowing gently on the surface of the water either directly, or with a straw. And this was the scene in our kitchen today….

Homemade Vanilla Extract I love the scent of vanilla in anything from candles to soap and the flavor of vanilla in baked goods and desserts is second to none. If a recipe calls for one teaspoon vanilla extract, I use at least two; but likely more and use a slow, heavy hand when pouring. All that pouring makes my food taste amazing but my wallet doesn’t like it. Storebought real vanilla extract is pricey and I can make extremely fast work of a two- or four-ounce bottle that sells for $8.99 to $10.99, and up. Two ounces, that’s for one batch of cookies, right? Homemade vanilla extract saves money and even if it didn’t, when it comes to taste and flavor, there is just no comparison. The only thing special that’s required when making vanilla extract is patience. To make vanilla extract you need vanilla beans. When selecting beans, they should be soft, pliable, tender, and flexible. Next, you need alcohol (at least 35% by volume) in order to extract the vanilla from the vanilla beans, thus the name, vanilla extract.

Five Fun Things To Do With Buttons. Good start, but I need another 500 ideas. Five Fun Things To Do With Buttons. Good start, but I need another 500 ideas. Nichole Heady #PTI "Love you" card. 20 Lovely DIY Fashion Ideas - Cut Out Bandaeu Aw. 13 Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away Want to be notified each time we publish a new blog post? Then make sure you like Natural Living Ideas on Facebook here where we share not only our blog posts, but the best natural living ideas from around the web. I’m sure everyone reading this right now has experienced the redness, the swelling and the uncontrollable itching that comes with a mosquito bite. It’s enough to ruin any barbecue or picnic! Many people turn to store bought insect repellents to keep mosquitoes away, but these insect repellents often contain a toxic pesticide that is dangerous to human health. Heavy exposure to DEET has been linked to memory loss, headache, weakness, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, tremors and shortness of breath in humans and is particularly toxic to children. Needless to say, this is a pesticide we do NOT want to be using – especially when there are so many more effective ways to keep mosquitoes away using natural remedies and ingredients. Homemade Citronella Candles A Few Drops Of Lavender

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