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Android Example

Android Example
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How to Develop Android Apps Online Course Lesson 1: Create Project Sunshine with a Simple UI (5-8 hrs) Start by installing Android Studio, you’ll create your first project with a simple list-based user interface. You'll then build and deploy it to virtual and actual devices. Android Studio, Gradle, and debugging toolsUser Interface and Layout managersListViews and Adapters Lesson 2: Connect Sunshine to the Cloud (8-10 hrs) Replace the mock data with real weather data by connecting Sunshine up to an Internet back-end courtesy of the Open Weather Map API. Threading and ASyncTaskHTTP requests on web APIsAndroid Permission System Lesson 3: Create New Activities and Navigate Apps with Intents (8-10 hrs) Give your app structure and create more complex Activities. App navigation with Explicit IntentsImplicit Intents to incorporate 3rd-party apps Share Intent and the Android sharing frameworkBroadcast Intents and Broadcast Receivers Optional Project: Popular Movies, Stage 1 (5-10 hours) Optional Project: Popular Movies, Stage 2 (4-6 hours)

Adding Background Music to Android App Download source - 4.38 MB Introduction A large chunk of Android's application development consists of Game development. Background Music is an integral part of a Game app. This article explains how to add music to any Android App using Media Player provided by Android SDK Library. Background MediaPlayer class controls the playback of audio/video files and streams.Its Life Cycle is implemented in the form of State Machine Diagram.The official Android development page gives a nice explanation of its Life Cycle. Use a Service with MediaPlayer In order for media to be played in the background of your app location when the user is interacting with it— you must start a Service from your application's main activity and the service shall contain all the methods related to playback. Generally speaking, playback control operation may fail due to various reasons, such as unsupported audio/video format, poorly interleaved audio/video, resolution too high, streaming timeout, programming error, etc.

Blog If you’re like us, you probably have dozens of active chats on Telegram. But none of them matter when you miss a new message from your Mom. Or Spouse. Or Mad Boss. Today we’re launching Telegram 3.15, which allows you to pin important conversations to the top of your inbox. This feature is also valuable for teams that coordinate their work over Telegram. To pin a chat, long tap on it (swipe left on iOS) and select Pin. IFTTT (If This Then That) Starting today, you can link your Telegram account with more than 360 other services by setting up “If This Then That” integrations (or “Applets”). Telegram is the first messaging app to be fully integrated with IFTTT. You can also invite the @IFTTT bot to any of your groups so members can collaboratively interact with your services or devices. To get started, talk to the @IFTTT bot, then enable some Applets or create your own. Check out the IFTTT website for a full list of existing Telegram Applets and don’t hesitate to create your own. 1. 2. 3.

achartengine - Charting library for Android AChartEngine is a charting library for Android applications. It currently supports the following chart types: line chart area chart scatter chart time chart bar chart pie chart bubble chart doughnut chart range (high-low) bar chart dial chart / gauge combined (any combination of line, cubic line, scatter, bar, range bar, bubble) chart cubic line chart All the above supported chart types can contain multiple series, can be displayed with the X axis horizontally (default) or vertically and support many other custom features. The charts can be built as a view that can be added to a view group or as an intent, such as it can be used to start an activity. The model and the graphing code is well optimized such as it can handle and display huge number of values. AChartEngine is currently at the 1.0.0 release. Find us on Facebook, too: Read a short introduction to AChartEngine here:

Java.util package tutorial Java.util package contains the collections framework, legacy collection classes, event model, date and time facilities, internationalization, and miscellaneous utility classes. This reference will take you through simple and practical methods available in java.util package. This reference has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand the basic functionality related to all the methods available in Java.util package. Before you start doing practice with various types of examples given in this reference, I'm making an assumption that you are already aware of basic Java Programming. If you are willing to compile and execute Java programs on a Linux machine but you do not have a setup for the same, then do not worry. 1 - Java Quick Reference Guide A quick Java reference guide for Java Programmers. Java Quick Reference Guide 2 - Java Useful Resources A collection of Java Sites, Books and Articles is given at this page. Java Useful Resources 3 - JavaScript Tutorial JavaScript Tutorial

Best Android Apps Review AndroidViews - Custom Android UI Views How to Post on Social Media to Gain Popularity Social media is a mysterious and multifaceted beast. Much like the Internet, the social media landscape evolves at a dizzying pace, making it very difficult indeed to keep up with the numerous changes and new platforms that crop up left, right and center. Especially if you aren’t a social media strategist by trade, and you’re simply trying to navigate the murky waters of digital marketing to, say, promote your personal blog posts or make sure your Facebook status gets seen by as many eyeballs as possible. It isn’t easy, of course. Because of the human factor in the equation, getting your social media strategy right can seem like a hideously complex, Herculean task. Sifting through all this information can seem pretty daunting, but never fear, we’re here and we’ve done it all for you! Facebook – How to choose the best times for your updates Buddy Media – The best days to post on Facebook But what about the best times to post? Your safest bet? Did you know? Dan Zarrella – Best days to tweet