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Le Ballon connecté vu par Adidas, le miCoach Dévoilé l’année dernière, Adidas propose depuis peu son ballon connecté à la vente. Sans doute un effet coupe du monde des objets connectés. Un ballon connecté pour le mondial 2014 Chose promise, chose due. Adidas avait promis la sortie officielle de son ballon connecté pour la coupe du monde de football, c’est le cas. L’équipementier sportif Adidas, après de nombreux tests, a enfin conçu le ballon adapté à tout le monde et pas seulement aux sportifs de haut niveau. Le ballon aux multiples capteurs Son fonctionnement est très simple.

Picture This: Your Digital Photos Deserve Frames Too Yet another option for displaying family photos is easy to overlook: your TV. There are many ways to display slide shows on a TV set. Game consoles like the Xbox let you do that easily; you simply follow the onscreen instructions. And all smart-TV solutions enable you to display photographs, either streaming from a nearby PC over Wi-Fi or via some other method. For more social sharing and control, however, there's an appealing new option for Google TV. Out My Window is a social photo sharing service that enables photo sharing on Apple-based mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad and now Google TV. By using the Google TV app, you'll instantly see the new pictures uploaded by family and friends in the slide show on your TV. Digital pictures look better and last longer than printed photographs. And it doesn't have to be expensive.

Le Polo Tech, T-shirt connecté by Ralph Lauren A l’occasion de l’US Open, Ralph Lauren a sorti un nouveau polo. Celui-ci baptisé Polo Tech, ce polo est connecté à son porteur afin de recueillir des informations sur sa santé via des capteurs. Le Polo Tech En partenariat avec la société canadienne OMSignal, Ralph Lauren a décidé de sortir son tout nouveau bébé : Polo Tech, le T-shirt connecté. La sortie de ce polo n’a pas été choisie au hasard car c’est pour inaugurer l’US Open 2014. Pas encore commercialisé mais à l’US Open Le Polo Tech sera commercialisé très prochainement mais avant ça, il y aura quand même des chanceux qui vont le porter.

Robocoin - Bitcoin's Global Cash ATM Network Lecteur MP3 Nabaiji OhMiBod’s New Remote App Will Let You Pleasure Your Partner No Matter The Distance Long-distance is where it’s at for sex toy makers, and though OhMiBod was one of the first in the industry to deliver app-compatible vibrators, the implementation didn’t allow truly long-distance or remote partner pleasuring. Until now. The company, which is best known for their digitally connected vibrators, is crowdfunding a brand new app called OhMiBod Remote, which not only allows for a number of different interactions but is also powered by Bluetooth, giving partners a bit more wiggle room about being in a different room, etc. For now, the app only has a standard Bluetooth range of about 50 feet, but the campaign will also fund an update that allows the app to work no matter the distance between the vibrator and the smartphone through Wifi integration. Originally, OhMiBod’s app only let you turn the vibrators on or off, and the phone had to be within visual range of the vibrator because they were connected via RF.

Cityzen Sciences : Le spécialiste des Textiles connectés Jaybird Reign | The Industry’s Best Activity Tracker For Athletes Jaybird leaps past step & movement counting and solves real active life needs that matter to you by using the best activity tracker in the industry. Reign shapes to your wrist using soft, seamless premium materials, and offers eight interchangeable size options. You'll love how it feels. iPhone, Android and web Wireless & waterproof More great features yet to be announced Patents pending

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