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Reimar Servas — Designer & Frontend Developer About the artist Reimar fell in love with an actress from New York. His nemesis is Ryan Reynolds Sean Penn maybe Justin Timberlake. He attracts vampires. If you would like Reimar to play in your bedroom or at your funeral, just drop him a line. Reimar is @reimund at twitter. His e-mail address is reimar (at) reimarseite (dot) de. Copyright and Stuff I am happy if you like my scary music. MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday – SI Special △MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday — An Exhibition of Curiosity Cabinets Presenting our Thoughts, Work and Craft at Woodbridge & Rees △ A 30 minute film showing 23 pieces of work for the exhibition ‘Ten Years Yesterday’ This is contemporary graphic design at its very finest. Period. All I’ll say before I leave with you with a link to much larger versions of the images above – is appreciate this while you can because it will probably be another 10 years before we see anything like this again… FYI: For SI’s international readers and those of you who won’t be able to make it, this is the exhibition photographed in its entirety with video footage to come shortly ;) Big thank you once again to Ben @ MadeThought for making this feature possible.

Cosas Mínimas by Blanca Gómez Design Swan tillmans uk PUBLIC-IMAGE.ORG imgfave | share your visual inspiration design Logo Inspiration With Clever Typography | My Ink Blog I love logos! They encompass so much branding identity into one tiny graphic. They are incredibly difficult to create, but when done correctly, they stand the test of time. Well-created logos often look seamless and effortless, but you can be sure that a ton of time went into the planning, research and development. I also rather enjoy beautiful typography. I find clever typography within a logo design to be awe inspiring. These logos were grabbed from these helpful logo gallery sites. About the Author

Manabe | Artist, Designer, Programmer, DJ, VJ, Composer Daito Manabe Key work&activity Left Apple – Macの30年 Jan, 2014 Timo Maas “Tantra” Video November, 2013 Sound of Honda – Ayrton Senna 1989 - Commission April, 2013 “Intel Technology Night in Akiba 2013″ 3D Projection Mapping June, 2014 traders Installation Oct 3, 2013 Right Latest Activity Recent blog posts Contact I am an artist/programmer based in Tokyo, Japan. © 2003–2014 Daito Mabane Return to top

Artists and their Apps by Doc Woohoo! | Design anywhere and digital culture magazine | Netdiver To celebrate 10 years publishing online we wanted a party. A BIG WEB party!!! Since we couldn't pack a worlwide audience in one place, we decided to do an online bash and invited designers, artists and illustrators to submit 1" button (badge) and 4x6 postcards to be part of an upcoming Netdiver vintage collection. 384 entries were received from all corners of the world and they make quite a statement on the diversity and the unique creativity of all who participated. After much deliberations, the 10year Design Bash selections are ready for viewing. Special contribution issues Part of our anniversary bash, we invited special content scouts to contribute 10 project reviews on the topic of their choice and do a 3 question based mini-interview. Artists and their Apps by Doc Woohoo! We are the mavericks. Top 10 Toy Designers You Should Know by Paola Mendez In the summer months toy designers are busy showcasing their designs for the upcoming season. Boldness by Pál Varsányi Girl Power by Liz Wolfe

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