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NODE10 - Forum for Digital Arts - Welcome

NODE10 - Forum for Digital Arts - Welcome
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**SOFTlab | LAB** We are working on an installation called CHROMAtex that is set to open at the Bridge Gallery on August 26th. The piece is comprised of over 4400 separate colorful panels. It is being made possible by all of our kind and generous friends who have donated to our Kickstarter page… Follow along, watch for updates and donate if you feel like it! There are still plenty of spaces for names and messages. So far the list of communal GH thanks extends to the following (the definition’s not quite done yet… there may be more people to thank in the end): Chris Chalmers of BIOS : Unrolling Surfaces in Grasshopper @ [ u t o ] : Mesh Analysis and Utility Component Giulio Piacentino : Grasshopper tools in C# : txtLines Damien Alomar : JPEG file output consultation UbuWeb .:: Le isole della spiritualità ::. “Le isole della spiritualità” San Francesco del Deserto - San Lazzaro degli Armeni - San Giorgio Maggiore Conventi, monasteri e chiostri fanno da protagonisti a questa particolare escursione. L’escursione parte nei pressi della conca di navigazione di Portegrandi, cerniera tra le acque dolci del fiume Sile e quelle salate della laguna di Venezia. Attraversate le isole di Torcello e Burano, ecco emergere dall’acqua come per magia, fra la massa cupa dei cipressi, una chiesetta col suo campanile acuminato e accanto il povero eremo, con due chiostri silenziosi, ove vivono, isolati dal mondo, pochi fraticelli Minori Conventuali. Oggi i fraticelli mostrano ancora questo pino venerando, che è una reliquia trasmessa di secolo in secolo dai primi confratelli che, dopo la morte del Santo fondatore, si stabilirono nell’isola, loro donata fin dal 1233 dal patrizio veneziano Jacopo Michiel.

uncontrol | A collection of experiments using fancy shmancy code i.materialise 3D printing service blog - Part 2 Elise Luttik is exhibiting at Salone del Mobile – Milano, 8th-13th April Two months ago we introduced Elise Luttik, an industrial designer living in Amsterdam. Elise’s design studio “eli5e” generates many high quality furnishing accessories set to ‘make people smile’, as she defines her projects. Her sketches made it all the way to our 3D printers, which resulted in fantastic projects. Read more… Designing Custom 3D Jewelry Made Easy with Jweel What’s more romantic than searching high and low for a nice gem for your partner? Read more… Introducing an Improved Shop Experience We’re proud to announce the launch of our new and improved shop platform. Read more… Great News for our SketchUp Users SketchUp, the favorite tool of many of our community members just received a major update. Read more… Join our Next 3D Printing Meetup! 3D printing thrives because of the inspiration provided by our community. Read more… Inside 3D Printing NYC Set to be Largest 3D Printing Event Yet – Get 10% OFF Read more…

Ernst Haeckel: Kunstformen der Natur Diese elektronische Ausgabe wurde erstellt mit Hilfe einer Original-Ausgabe des Haeckel'schen Werkes, das freundlicherweise von Prof. Dr. v. Sengbusch zur Verfügung gestellt wurde. Alle Tafeln wurden mit einer Auflösung von 300 dpi und 16 Millionen Farben eingescannt. Wer alle Tafeln (in mittlerer Aufloesung) auf einmal haben moechte, kann sich gerne die Datei haeckel.tar downloaden. Noch mehr Geduld braucht, wer dieses Buch im PDF-Format herunterladen möchte. Für diejenigen, die lieber eine gedruckte Version vorziehen (solche Menschen soll es noch geben :-) ) existiert eine Neuauflage der Kunstformen der Natur vom Prestel Verlag: Prestel Verlag, München, New York: Ernst Haeckel "Kunstformen der Natur" (1998) ISBN 3-7913-1978-7 Der Preis liegt bei 39,80 DM bei Zum Urheberrecht der HTML-Version: Copyright 1999 Kurt Stueber und Max-Planck-Institut für Züchtungsforschung.

Street artist Banksy « Quando si parla di street art non si può non citare Banksy, uno dei suoi maggiori esponenti. Di lui non si sa molto perchè ha sempre preferito l’anonimato. Si sa solo che è inglese, nato e cresciuto a Bristol. Le sue opere hanno sempre carattere satirico, denunciano ironizzando e sono molto apprezzate non solo dal pubblico ma anche dalla critica. Banksy non è soltanto uno street artist, memorabili sono infatti le sue incursioni nei musei più importanti del mondo. Moullinex - Catalina [Processing, Kinect] - Music video created using Kinect + Processing + Cinema 4D + After Effects Music video for Catalina, a track off the Chocolat EP by Moullinex, released in January on Gomma Records created using Kinect + Processing + Cinema 4D + After Effects. We started with the Kinect interface library developed for Processing and made available by Daniel Shiffman. Some modifications were introduced, to get our 3D data into Cinema 4D. Each file represents one frame with a coordinate map (point index, x, y, z lines) in plaintext. Detailed walkthrough is available here including Cinema 4D files download and Processing code. Concept: Luis Clara Gomes, Luis CalçadaVisuals: Luis CalçadaProgramming: Luis Clara GomesEditing: Francisco Costa also Joana Nobre and Paulo Raimundo Buy the EP here, or listen to the tracks on soundcloud. /via Zach

kube labs | Software//Hardware//Craftware U.S.O Project on Sound Exploration, Unseen Noises Library U.S.O (Unidentified Sound Object) Project is defined as a continuing evolving organism of sound. Created by Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi, two sound artists working on several fields and exploring sound in many inspiring ways. Perhaps you already know about their fantastic blog, where they share lots of great things, making the site a must for anyone interested on sound experimentation, film sound design, electronic music, sound synthesis, signal processing, etc. In the last year, Unidentified Sound Object started a new series of libraries aimed to sound designers and composers, starting with Hologram Room, a package of a wide variety of sources suitable for all kind of contexts and designed meticulously by the two sound sculptors. Electromagnetic informations are invisible and omnipresent. Available at U.S.O. $30, 40 files, 48kHz/24-Bit. Below is an interview I did with Matteo and Federico, talking a bit about this new library and the ideas behind their project.