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Diary of a Crafty Chica: Mi Vida Loca: How To Glitter A Concrete Floor

Diary of a Crafty Chica: Mi Vida Loca: How To Glitter A Concrete Floor

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TheKraftFarm: Crochet it up! Hair Ties and Headbands Scrunchies are back!!! Ok maybe they're not making a comeback yet but it was still fun to give my old hair ties and headbands a quick makeover. Here's the tutorial... Materials: hair tie (the thicker the easier), crochet hook (3.5-5mm), yarn and scissors. Oh and a big embroidery/crochet needle which I apparently forgot to put in the picture. Glowing Outdoor Orbs O.K. Get ready for it … this one’s a doozy. Doozie? Doosey. It’s a humdinger. It looks high end with a side of huge impact,

Pipecleaner Craft Ideas If you're new here, you may want to join us on Facebook or Google +. Thanks for visiting! Well.. this is EXCITING! Not only is this a post about Pipecleaner Craft Ideas… this is a post about Google+! Some of you may know, that I do love social media.. and that I spend a good amount of time crafting and writing about crafts, but also a similar amount of time on social media – i.e. places like facebook, twitter, pinterest and now GOOGLE+!! Whoop whoop. Flight of the Pook: Sunny days & great big fat crochet We've had some really beautiful days here lately. Recently, I made a small kitchen rug for Jon's mom. I like crochet because it's very forgiving. And it's quick. Holder for Charging Cell Phone (made from lotion bottle) My husband and I both have cell phones. And both of us have phone chargers. And that means lots of obnoxious cords. You never know when one of us may be moving phone cords around, to give our phones an extra charge while we’re chatting away……… or trying to charge our phones up before running errands or something. Needless to say, those phone cords seem to be everywhere…..and are generally in the way and hanging all over the floor. (Okay, and how about when you’re in a hotel or visiting family/friends.

Flowers in hanging glass bottles in Crafts for decorating and home decor Imagine an ethereal and colorful atmosphere over your head ... this is the idea to make your wedding, party or celebration different. Roses, tulips, petunias, peonies, sunflowers ... everything fits into these suspended bottles. Wrapping the wire around the neck of the most beautiful bottles we have and fix them at some higher level support, we will make this magical effect becomes true. Images: Rock My Wedding, Ruffled Blog.

How to cut glass I posted a picture about 1 week ago on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of me cutting glass using just string. I got LOT’S of requests for a tutorial on how I DID THIS! So here it is. FINALLY! wednes-diy a few of you have asked about the amazing rope swirl tapestries in our new store displays and you’re in luck because one of our display artists put together a tutorial on how to make them! it looks like such a fun rainy day project. what you need: a large piece of cardboard, black marker, scissors, rope in various sizes and colors, neon twine, pompoms. use a variety of different colors and textures to create a fun swirl – these purple and orange tassels are just another piece of string woven in with the others! once you’ve got it down, you can make a whole bunch in different sizes and colors, to create a whole wall tapestry just like the ones in our stores :) i can’t wait to try this! Be sure to check out our new DIY Projects category for more DIY Inspiration!

Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (10) Posted by: Cathy on May 22, 2012 Tagged in: Untagged I just loved this Paint swatch chandelier! Confetti Invitations + Template Mar 14 I made this prototype for a couple who needed save-the-dates for a wedding. We ended up doing something else but these turned out so cute I thought I would do a tutorial on how to make them.