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Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

Forgot Mac Password? How to Reset Your Mac Password (with or without CD) So you forgot your Mac password… uh oh. Don’t worry, it happens and you aren’t out of luck. You’ll need to reset the forgotten password and there’s several ways to do this, we’ll focus on the three best methods; the first is dirt simple and will utilize the Apple ID (yes, the same on you use for iTunes and App Store purchases), the second method is a hack of sorts and does not require a Mac OS X recovery drive or CD and is guaranteed to be effective, and the third trick is fairly simple but it requires either a Mac OS X DVD, boot disk, or Recovery mode partition to use. Use whichever method works for your situation, but whichever method you choose you will have your password reset and gain access to your stuff again. Resetting Lost Mac Passwords with Apple ID This is the best approach for Mac users running new versions of OS X (Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion) because it’s extremely fast and simple. That was easy, right? Reset Mac Password – without a CD or Boot Drive

Rosetta Compatibility: PowerPC Applications on Intel Macs A Sharp >> Addressix: Yes ACD Systems International Canvas: Yes Adobe Systems Creative Suite: Yes (with performance losses) Photoshop Elements: Yes (Adobe has posted "FAQ: Adobe Support for Intel-based Mac Computers" [intelmacsupport.pdf], which discusses Intel support, development, Rosetta compatibility, rough schedules, and more for Mac applications from Adobe and Macromedia.) AfterTen Software WeatherManX: Yes WeatherMenu: Yes Allume Systems Spring Cleaning 8: Yes StuffIt Deluxe 10: Sort of (problems with Archive Via Rename and the StuffIt Contextual Menu) StuffIt Expander 10: Yes StuffIt Standard 10: Yes Alsoft, Inc. DiskWarrior: No Ambrosia Software Snapz Pro 2: Yes American Power Conversion (APC) PowerChute: No Antono Group >> C-Pen driver: No AIM: Yes AOL client: Mixed (broadband works, dialup doesn't) Apani Networks Apani VPN Client: No Apple Computer ArcSoft, Inc. PhotoStudio X: Yes Artwork Systems ArtPro: No (too slow) Nexus (too slow) Aspyr Media Space Colony: Yes Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2003: No Canto

mac apper Downloads - Dashboard Thunderbolt: Next-generation high-speed I/O technology. Unibody Late 2008 and Early 2009 Repair Manual Troubleshooting ¶ Track down a number of hardware problems using the MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Troubleshooting page. Upgrades ¶ There are a number of components in the MacBook Pro 15" Unibody that can be cost-effectively upgraded. Memory: MacBook Pro 15" Unibodys came with 2 or 4 GB standard. Identification and Background ¶ Released in October of 2008, the MacBook Pro 15" Unibody looks very distinct from other MacBook laptops, with the exception of the MacBook Unibody and MacBook Pro 17" Unibody. Use the laptop identification system to help you identify your machine. The MacBook Pro 15" Unibody's case is composed of aluminum, just like the MacBook Pros before it. Additional Information ¶

mac osX speed (faq) Mac OS X related sites | Mac OS X Speed FAQ Subscribe to DirecTV, get a discount, and help this webpage stay up Last Update Sep 5, 2013 Note, this is a work in progress, and I will accept commentary on this if you find something works better. Check out my Intel transition section of my Mac OS X migration FAQ to find out why Rosetta applications may be slower on Intel Macs than PowerPC Macs. If you are interested in just tips for upgrading your Mac, the Mac OS X Updating FAQ is now available. A serious bug (links to mirror of User Contributed FAQ on the bug) introduced by Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther's) more narrow definition of Firewire specs, requires specific firmware updates be given to Firewire drives before using with Panther or Apple's new Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) operating system. Caution Note If unsure as to which of these causes is slowing down your machine, ask a technician to help you isolate it before attempting to use any software to fix the issue. 1. 2. 3. Return to Top 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Best Mac Software Best Mac Software The article represents the most popular and useful Mac OS X programs, applications and utilities. All of them are free to download. Apple Boot Camp Boot Camp is a new technology that lets you install and run Windows on your Mac. AppleJack AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X. Burn Burn is an application to burn most common disks: - five kinds of data disks : Mac (HFS+), PC (Joliet), DVD (UDF), Mac + PC, DVD-Video. - two kinds of audio disks can be burned: audio CD, MP3 Disk. - four kinds of video disks VCD, SVCD, DVD, DivX. - three kinds of image disks can be burned. Butler Butler is compiled as a universal binary. Chicken of the VNC A fast, lightweight VNC client for Mac OS X. Carbon Copy Cloner In its simplest form, CCC will clone one hard drive to another, copying every single block or file to create an exact replica of your source hard drive. ClamXav ClamXav is a free virus checker for Mac OS X. Cyberduck FTP Desktop Manager Elmedia Player Folx

50 Mac Apps With Well Designed & Sexy Interfaces November 19th, 2009 50 Mac Apps With Well Designed & Sexy Interfaces Ever since the roundup of 21+ essential iPhone apps with sexy interfaces crashed my hosting server (!), I understand how much people love roundups of well designed apps. This post is a round up of 50 handpicked Mac apps that have either well designed or have really sexy interfaces or both! I know it’s a giant list to digest, so bookmark this for future reference! Pixelmator [$59 | Website] Pixelmator is a great alternative to Photoshop, low memory footprint and extremely beautiful. Tapedeck [$25 | Website] TapeDeck is a powerful and fun new audio recorder for Mac OS X Leopard. Snowtape [$29 | Website] Snowtape lets you listen to radio stations and record them live. Delibar [$18 | Website] I have a review for Delibar coming up next week, so stay tuned! CleanMyMac [$29.95 lifetime or $14.95 6 month license | Website] CleanMyMac represents sophisticated all-in-one-suite utility that helps keep your Mac clean and healthy. Swatch Snippet

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