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Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity

Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity
When was the last time you noticed the air you are breathing ? Do you know how it affects you and your health? Egypt leads the list of the most polluted cities in the world, in terms of particulate matter. Moreover, according to the latest report by the WHO, every Cairo resident’s daily share of air pollution is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. This motivated the makers from icealex hub in Alexandria Egypt to work on solving this global problem. Their solution: Build an air quality monitoring kit

Related:  fab Complex architectural designs frequently suffer from cost escalation, delays or quality problems. GT design optimization services offer owners, architects and fabricators with solutions for the improved management of complex geometric and material challenges. Featuring the integration of advanced 3D BIM software with mathematical techniques for optimization and computer automation, GT solutions allow design teams to evaluate hundreds of millions of alternatives for complex systems, ensuring designs are comprehensively understood, analyzed and documented prior to fabrication. GT works with designers and fabricators to integrate design intent and fabrication constraints into large-scale parametric 3D computer models.

Anniversary 1 In February 2009 we pushed the big green GO button and publicly launched Astor Bell. During the first year we released 12 titles, all very near and dear to our hearts. We wanted to mark our first anniversary with something really special and memorable. After kicking around a pile of ideas on what that might be we decided on loosening our grip and opening the gates into the Astor Bell brain. A Kenyan Teen's Discovery: Let There Be Lights To Save Lions : All Tech Considered YouTube Richard Turere's story is told in a TED Talent Search video from 2012. hide captionRichard Turere speaks at the TED2013 conference in Long Beach, Calif. With a simple invention, the Kenyan teen figured out a way to keep cows and their predators safe.

A Beautiful Mess: HOME TOUR Hi friends! I'm so happy to invite you in for a little tour of my laundry room! I've spent the last few months obsessing over this teeny tiny space. Weird, I know. Foot-powered washing machine made from recycled materials costs just $4 Living in the developing world has its own perks that includes access to clean water, electricity and appliances that make our lives a lot easier. However, the conditions are just the opposite in many parts of the developing world where people have to work hard for even the most basic of facilities. According to research people living in the rural parts of Africa have to walk for many hours just to get clean water. Moreover, many such villages aren’t even connected to the electric grid, which means basic home appliances are still a futuristic dream for the natives.

ABOUT AARON BERMAN - Aaron Berman Architecture Aaron Berman is an architectural designer based in New York City. Born in Colorado, he graduated with honors from the University of Colorado’s School of Environmental Design. From there he went on to receive a Masters degree in Architecture from Columbia University, where he has held six graduate teaching assistantships in digital fabrication and digital design courses. Compose by Ouyang Xi, He Binbin, Zeng Li & Li Bo Compose Music All High Tech Like Have you ever caught yourself whistling a made up tune and thought to yourself, “hey this could be a hit song!” Those moments of inspiration are fleeting but with the Compose concept, you can compose anywhere. The pen acts as a mic you sing into.

Anshu Gupta brings 'clothing for dignity' to India Anshu Gupta's journey began in 1992 after a 6-year-old girl in New Delhi told him that she hugged dead bodies through the night to keep her warm. Skip to next paragraph Subscribe Today to the Monitor Top 25 Interior Design & Furniture Blogs We scoured the web looking for the best interior design and furniture blogs, and below is what we found. From large multi-writer blogs like Moco Loco to more personal fare like Gaile Guevara, the below 25 blogs (plus 5 honorable mentions) are the cream of the design crop. 1. Design Sponge This style website is the cream of the crop – using a gentle and creative presentation, Design Sponge serves up multiple posts every day about home design, new and innovative products and tips on home living in a modern world. You will discover gems within every post, whether they discuss mini trends like ombre and glass lamps or give a detailed “before and after” description (complete with beautiful photos) of room and furniture redecoration.

FarmHack: Collaboratively Retooling Agriculture FarmHack is a network for sharing open source know-how amongst the distributed fringe of DIY agricultural tech aficionados and innovators. In the same vein as Appropedia or Open Source Ecology, a collaborative digital knowledge-base facilitates the harvest of crowd wisdom to address challenges and inefficiencies in modern ecological (and economical) farm operation. It is a project of Young Farmers Coalition and somewhat angled to the exuberant and tech-savvy eco-preneurial demographic, but inclusive and supportive of all open earthy inhabitants.

Water Scraper Structure Climate change has causes the sea level to rise that encourage architects and designers to create various floating residences. Today, another designer has created a wonderful architecture design that will help us sustain a living in this constantly changing world. Malaysian design Adre Bin Sarkum has designed the Water-scraper, an underwater architecture that has the ability to grow its own food. The structure collects wave, wind, and solar power to sustain its modern way of farming like aquaculture and hydroponic methods and grow its own food. The water scraper has the ballast system supported by numerous squid-like tentacles generates kinetic energy to keep the structure in place and maintain its upright position. Continue reading »

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