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- Top 50 Math Sites and Apps

- Top 50 Math Sites and Apps
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Questimate! - the estimation game where *you* make the questions | Motion Math - Play with numbers! How many giraffes would be as tall as Mt. Everest? How fast is the world’s fastest train? How many jelly beans would fill up a soccer ball? In what year was the cell phone invented? Questimate! Try it for free! Questimate! Key Product Features • Choose what you want to explore – you make your own questions. • Explore a variety of estimation quests – Amazing Animals, Need for Speed, Intro, and the History of Awesome, with more coming soon! Learning Goals • Questimate! Love95/100 — AppoLearning5/5. How to Play: 1. 2. 3. 4. Different kinds of estimation including visual pincher Play diverse quests and vote on what we should add next GET QUESTIMATE NOW! Questions?

Math Play - Free Online Math Games Resources: Instruction: Math Project: Discourse Discourse in mathematics instruction refers to the verbal interchange of ideas – both written and oral ways of representing, thinking, and communicating – that teachers and students use as they perform mathematical tasks. By orchestrating and promoting discourse, teachers can actively engage students in mathematical thinking. In discourse-rich mathematics classes, students explain and discuss the strategies and processes they use in solving mathematical problems, thereby connecting their own everyday language with the specialized vocabulary of mathematics. Through discourse, teachers can better understand the mathematical needs of the class—what the students know, misconceptions they may have, and how these might have developed. Building Options for Discourse From 2008 to 2011, SCOE and the California Math Project: North Coast (CMP:NC) worked with local teachers to develop effective classroom strategies to increase the academic engagement of all learners. Videos of Student Interviews

MathRecap | Edited by Dan Meyer 7th Grade Math Games Are you looking for free 7th grade math games? The activities provided on this website are designed to reinforce math concepts in a fun and interactive way. Show off your math skills by playing these cool games! Adding Integers Game This is a fun math racing game about adding integers. Integers Math Game (New) Destroy lots of virtual monsters when playing this fun and interactive game about integers. 7th Grade Halloween Math Game (New) In this exciting 7th Grade Halloween Math Game, students calculate percents, the whole, and the part as they develop percent proportions. Subtracting Integers Game Another exciting math racing game about subtracting integers. Unit Rate Halloween Math Game (New) Play this exciting Halloween Math Game to determine unit rates. Concentration Integers (iPad compatible) Match addition and subtraction problems with the correct integers in as few attempts as possible. Multiplying and Dividing Integers What grade can you get? Operations with Integers Solving One-Step Equations

Math Teaching Videos Math Teaching VideosEach math problem comes with a step by step video solution, follow up problems, an online calculator and sketch pad. advertisement Jenn's Fish Tank Weighing Oranges The Boston Marathon Percent, Ratio and Probability Word Problems Field Trip Sports Depot Shopping Spree Computer Virus Web Design Santa's Elves Phone Numbers Marbles Geometry and Averages Word Problems Square Lawn Dave's New Puppy Test Scores Two Numbers Bicycle Race Swimming Pool The Bakery Movie Theatre Supporting Games and Activities Geoboard Model Algebra Fraction Scale Fraction Bars Spinners and Probability Candy Challenge Pro Weigh the Wangdoodles Fractions, Decimals, % Dirt Bike Proportions Ratio Blaster Percent Shopping Copyright © 2017 Math Playground LLC • All Rights Reserved

dy/dan Middle School Math: All About Math and Mathematics Algebra Geometry Tessellations General Topics General Topics A+ Math Games, Flash cards and a homework helper are to be found here. Academy Curricular Exchange: Mathematics Intermediate (6-8) The OFCN's resource of math lesson plans. Aims Puzzles Site is updated often. American Mathematical Society's E-Math Site Bamdad's Math Comics BasketMath Site has a Basketball theme Binary Magic Game Game Biographies of Women Mathematicians Brain Binders Brain Teasers in Math The brain teasers are broken down by grade level and allow student to submit their answers. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse ?