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Great Books and Classics - Welcome

Great Books and Classics - Welcome
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PROJECT GUTENBERG OFFICIAL HOME SITE - INDEX -- Free Books On-Line - 2 -- Subject Browsing IPL -- Arts and Humanities -- Literature -- Online Texts26 resources KnowledgeRush Book Directory Large directory of popular literary works and historical documents available on the Web. Includes biographies of some authors and can be browsed by author, genre, or title. Subject: Literature--Online Texts; The Internet Archive: Text Archive Offers acess to digital-born and scanned print texts. Project Gutenberg The Internet's oldest -- and one of the largest -- provider of free electronic books," where you can download over 30,000 free ebooks to read on your PC, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone or other device." LibriVox LibriVox is site designed to facilitate the sharing of audio books. Just Free Books This is a custom search engine for finding ebooks and summaries of works in the public domain. Google Books Search Find full text and/or bibliographic information using the world's best known search engine to search through one of the largest collaborative digitization projects ever. Lit2Go HorrorMasters

Free eBooks, Books, Online Reading, Digital Library - Globusz Publishing Perseus Digital Library Ebooks libres et gratuits Wikisource Digital Library: Photos, Video, Audio, Printables Welcome to the Exploratorium’s Digital Library. The different collections in the library include images, educational activities in PDF and HTML formats, QuickTime movies, streaming media, and audio files related to interactive exhibits and scientific phenomena. You can search, select, and download digital files for individual, noncommercial educational use. Large-scale or commercial use is strictly prohibited without permission (please see our Use Policy). To request high-resolution versions for large-scale or commercial use please contact A treasure trove of science- and Exploratorium-related digital images, movies, audio, and more—all available for use by the public. Beginning in 2007, in celebration of the International Polar Year, the Exploratorium teamed up with scientists working in the Arctic and Antarctica to showcase current polar research, which we’ve presented in Webcasts as well as on our Ice Stories site.

Free Ebooks #1. 10 Lotto Playing Mistakes You Should Avoid At Any Cost Every day I see lottery players making these obvious mistakes, and wondering why they are not getting more wins. So here’s 10 playing errors you MUST avoid - it will make you a better player: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Google Book Downloader Wikisource Livres en ligne dans toutes les langues - Bibliothèque LEXILOGOS BibliothèqueLivres en ligne Recherche de livre Bibliothèque en ligne Bibliothèque audio Bibliothèque antique & médiévale de l'Antiquité à la Renaissance •Bibliotheca classica selecta traductions de textes latins et grecs en français et textes bilingues latin-français • Perseus : collection de livres en latin et en grec, dont certains traduits en anglais, avec la possibilité de retrouver un mot dans un texte (en anglais) • Bibliotheca Augustana : textes en version originale (non traduits) en grec, latin, français, allemand, italien, espagnol • Bibliothèque humaniste : livres du XVIe siècle • Bibliothèque humaniste : livres du XVIe : pages scannées • Textes rares du XVIe au XIXe avec illustrations : planches, cartes... • Fordham university : textes médiévaux depuis les carolingiens jusqu'à la Révolution : textes & liens Bibliothèque multilingue Écrivains • anthologie de la poésie française par auteur ou par époque • pièces de théâtre du XVIIe et XVIIIe : Corneille, Molière, Marivaux, Voltaire...


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