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Teaching Geological Time Eras To Students With Help From This Video

Teaching Geological Time Eras To Students With Help From This Video

Wegener's Puzzling Evidence Exercise (6th Grade) Although Alfred Wegener was not the first to suggest that continents have moved about the Earth, his presentation of carefully compiled evidence for continental drift inspired decades of scientific debate. Wegener's evidence, in concert with compelling evidence provided by post World War II technology, eventually led to universal acceptance of the theory of Plate Tectonics in the scientific community. The following files are needed for this exercise and can be downloaded in pdf format (Teacher Overview, (For Teachers) Wegener's Key to Continental Positions for grade 6, Student Puzzle Pieces, Key to Wegener's Evidence sheet, and Student Map of the World Today). If students need additional hints beyond those provided below, there is a Puzzle Outline Hint to be used as a base for the puzzle. Objectives Students will observe and analyze scientific evidence used by Wegener. The Student Puzzle Pieces and Legend To start this activity the teacher will present background information on Wegener.

Videos for Kids -- National Geographic Kids Videos Russia: Father Frost - Ep. 65 Get a sneak peak of Are We There Yet? Savanna Kwanzaa Get a sneak peak of Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies! Happy Holidays from NG Kids! Celebrate with chipmunk cheer. Ice Sculptures - Season 2 - Ep. 43 Get a sneak peak of Making Stuff! Toot and Puddle: I'll Be Home for Christmas Christmas is for sharing! Mission Animal Rescue: Polar Bears Learn all about polar bears and how you can help them! prev next Chris P. More Farley the Red Panda - Ep. 94 Polar Bear - Ep. 8 More Blue Whale - Ep. 1 November 2014 Editor's Picks More Amazing Animals Red-Bellied Piranha - Ep. 12 Frogfish - Ep. 3 Bottlenose Dolphin - Ep. 4 African Elephant - Ep. 18 Harpy Eagle - Ep. 11 Tiger - Ep. 20 Shrimp - Ep. 19 Animals & Pets Emperor Penguin Families - Ep. 30 Raccoons - Ep. 28 Searching for the Spirit Bear - Ep. 17 Mountain Lion - Ep. 2 Backyard Raccoon - Ep. 27 Adelie Penguin Camera - Ep. 31 Elephants Play Soccer - Ep. 6 Awesome Places Brazil - Ep. 3 Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean - Ep. 6 Laos, Luang Prabang - Ep. 7 x

Mineral Properties, Uses and Descriptions Diamond Diopside Dolomite Enstatite Epidote Fluorite Fuchsite Galena Garnet Glauconite Gold Graphite Gypsum World History | Documentaries, Videos, Programs| PBS Great Railways of Europe PBS Specials PBS Travel across Europe for a delightful sampling of some of the most dramatic and fascinating railway journeys in the world. From the frozen wastes of Norway to the sunny shores of the Italian Adriatic coast, host Julian Davison guides viewers through breathtaking scenery, providing cultural and historical insights along the way. The British Invasion Finding Your Roots PBS Sally Field learns that she descends from William Bradford, who helped the Puritans establish their new lives in colonial America. The Act of Killing: The History The text in this clip provides the historical background for the film, recounting the 1965 military coup in Indonesia and how the military used local “gangsters” to kill Communists and other opponents. Richard’s Body Double Secrets of the Dead PBS 26-year-old Dominic Smee has the exact kind of scoliosis to the same degree as Richard III. Full Episode Secrets of Her Majesty's Secret Service PBS Full Episode Preview Full Episode

Videos - Geology Geology may be a science that moves very slowly, but a number of videos bring the subject to life for students. Education World compiled some great videos that will get kids excited about the topic. For each one, we include a description and grade level. We also note the video’s capacity for engagement (“cool factor”). The Geology and Formation of the Western Land of U.S. Source: Grade level: Sixth grade or higher Run time: 44:59 Description: This rather dramatic video shows geology in action—specifically, how the western part of the United States came to look the way it does. Cool factor: Not as cool as some, but dramatizations of geologic activities add interest. National Geographic Colliding Continents Source: National Geographic Grade level: All ages Run time: 50:05 Description: This video is a documentary of the Earth’s violent past and the movement of the tectonic plates. Geology Kitchen: What is a Mineral? Source: Explorer Multimedia Run time: 5:44 Source: IGP

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