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Movable Feast: Yves Camdeborde's Le Comptoir - Service Number 12 I unexpectedly had dinner at Yves Camdeborde's new gastronomic bistro Le Comptoir last night. With only about 20 covers each weeknight and a daily changing menu for only 40 euros, I'm guessing that a reservation here will soon be coveted as at El Bulli. Like a lot of cooks, Yves Camdeborde and I are distantly related. He was formerly sous-chef at the Crillon - under the infamously influential reign of Christian Constant - working in the same sprawling basement kitchen where I work now. And now, there's Le Comptoir. Above, you see a small basket of root vegetable chips - a housemade version of those addictive Terra chips - potato, beet, yam, etc. - and a whole mini loaf of excellent country bread - secretly and cleverly sliced. Jus leger de feves menthole. lentilles, hostie au cumin. Pot au feu en fine gelee de foie gras de canard des Landes, Jurancon et raisin. Selle d'agneau des Pyrenees roulee, raviole d'asperge verte du Bearn. Plateau de fromages affines par P. Call now.

[:en]Follow the Food Festival: A Voyage into Small Town Portugal[:] [:en] As the mayor of the tiny Portuguese village told me in broken Spanish, (our only common language)-“If it doesn’t melt in your mouth, it’s not ham…” Those of you guys who know me by now, know I’m an absolute sucker for food. And locals. And local food. So, where in the world is Barrancos? Barrancos is a teeeeeny tiny 2,000 person village in the South of Portugal, right next to the Spanish border. except everyone spoke Portuguese. Now, I’ve never been a big hamconnoisseur. And ham I ate. Now what exactly is this mysterious ham, you might ask? I introduce you to my dear friend, the ham. We got really personal… Like, really personal. Now, behind every leg of ham, there is a man cutting it. His name is Alberto. But his heart… His heart was with the cheese. And that’s not all. After 2 hours of ham lovin’, sausage stuffin’, cheese munchin’ fun, came the dessert. Dulce de yema (more like dulce de YUMa) A really huge chocolate truffle ball And the classic. And then came the wine.

Paris Up Close & Personal | A Savoir Faire Paris blog Porte médiévale, rue Durantin | Paris en photos J’ai vu cette très belle porte près du n°20 de la rue Durantin. Etonnant, non ? Sur la porte on voit clairement qu’il s’agit du n° 14 ! Si vous voulez loger dans le coin, choisissez une location d’appartement chez un particulier pour y découvrir ses secrets sur Wimdu. Situer sur la carte générale (nouvelle page) D'autres photos qui pourront vous plaire Ne ratez pas les prochaines photos ! Partagez Votez ! Loading ... Le Comptoir du Relais d'Yves Camdeborde : une larme de bonheur Nous y voilà enfin. Sept mois d'attente pour la table la plus courue de Paris. Aucune étoile Michelin et un niveau de cuisine digne d'un troizétoiles. Un menu du jour à 50 euros, des vins de qualité, un joli décor. Le sentiment d'être un privilégié. Le vin est vite choisi. C'est parti. Gougères, chips vitelotte, rondelles de saucisson frère Camdeborde. En entrée, on laisse parler le chef. Arrive le petit souci, un gramme de problème : le menu à 50 euros peut être vu comme un produit d'appel. Nos voies ont quelque peu différé. Et pour les garçons, "Saint-Jacques de la baie de Granville rôties en coquille, beurre demi sel persillé, agrume confit". Ebouriffant. Arrive donc la viande. Et pour les garçons, no limit. Avant... après. Rien que de revoir les photos... No limit, on a tout goûté. Le dessert est déjà là. Et puis le moment qui cloue le bec à un dîner comme ça, la cerise sur le gâteau. Yves Camdeborde est bien le pape du bistro gourmand à Paris, son inventeur officiel aussi.

Links We Love: 1/10/2015 What we're clicking on this week (when we're not packing on the layers.) One day, I'd love to check into Houshi Ryokan. The traditional Japanese hotel is supposedly the oldest continually operating, family-run business. Learn more in this beautifully shot mini documentary. – Becky, editorial assistant Meet Gluta, probably the world's happiest dog. Norges Bank, the central bank of Norway, held a competition to redesign kroner bank notes. From Jean-Michel Basquiat to Peggy Guggenheim, see where NYC's biggest players in the art world once lived. – Berit, editor One of my favorite reads this month: An exploration of life aboard the International Space Station. – Berit As part of Kate Spade New York's collection of space-themed accessories, we compiled a guide to far-out, super spacey, intergalatic phenomena as seen from Earth. – Jeralyn, editorial director The Charlie Hebdo tribute on the cover of next week's New Yorker magazine is incredibly moving. – Pavia THIS WEEK ON FATHOM: Mapping Out 2015

DINER'S JOURNAL - Hungry for Paris: The Ultimate Guide to the City's 102 Best Restaurants MILLE CHOSES A PARIS Yam’Tcha | Paris Insider’s Guide Mind blowing, Tongue numbing Cantonese French Fusion with a twist Address: 4, rue Sauval, ParisArrondissement: 01Phone Number: +33 1 40 26 08 07 Tucked away in a rather small street in the busy, crowded, godawful les Halles area awaits for you Yam’Tcha, one of the best Paris eateries opened this year. This French fusion restaurant, that sits only 20 when packed, combines French and Asian cooking with a lot of innovation and good taste. That has been done before, and quite a lot you might say. Yam’Tcha has recently been awarded the Fooding award for best restaurant in 2009 and so justfully so. Chef Adeline Grattard, previously in the fabulous L’Astrance, together with her Hong Kong born husband, Chiwah Chan, are in charge of the innovative menu and the entire concept – The menu changes frequently and there is little choice. On the negative side, and there is not a lot to say here, dinner in Yam’Tcha can take ages. literally. More Photos from Yam’Tcha