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50 Blogs Educatius que hauries de conèixer

50 Blogs Educatius que hauries de conèixer
Bon dia! Després d'un dia de descans, avui us presento una publicació ben especial que estic segur que us serà ben útil. Es tracta d'un petit Recull de 50 Blogs Educatius que tothom hauria de conèixer i visitar. Aprofito aquesta entrada per felicitar la gran tasca educativa que ens comparteixen dia rere dia els seus creadors/es. Sense cap mena de dubte, un blog no és tan sols un lloc on escriure i compartir els nostres coneixements, sinó també un espai de reunió per conèixer i aprendre dels altres. Espero que us hagin agradat i que en pogueu gaudir dels continguts que ens ofereixen. Related:  KREATIVNI KUTAK

Paper Plate Crafts If you are a regular reader of Red Ted Art, you will have spotted some Paper Plate crafty explosion recently.. we have been making Paper Plate Spring Nests and have been doing some Paper Plate weaving, as well as making little Easter Baskets/ “handbags” (though these are ostentatiously for Easter, they actually work really well as a handbag party activity or as a favours basket at any other time of year). I think it is because we inherited a stash of paper plates and thought it was about time to create some paper plate crafts! As per usual, I got together with some other crafty people and we created another Paper Plate video for you, discussing our favourite paper plate crafts and showing them all to you…. and then add links to full projects and other ideas too! Click here to subscribe Or join us on Facebook ! So. Our Paper Plate Crafts Video Paper Plate Crafts (links): Red Ted Art 1. 2. 3. Here Come the Girls 4. 5. My Little 3 and Me 6. 7. 8. 9. Rainy Day Mum 10. 11. 12. Zing Zing Tree 13. 14.

Blogs Educació Diccionari d'educació Categories lèxiquesn nomn pl nom pluraln m nom masculín m pl nom masculí pluraln f nom femenín f pl nom femení pluraln m, f nom masculí i femenín m/f nom masculí o femenín m pl/f pl nom masculí plural o femení pluraln n nom neutren n pl nom neutre pluraladj adjectiuv tr verb transitiuv tr pron verb transitiu pronominalv prep verb preposicionalv prep pron verb preposicional pronominalv intr verb intransitiuv intr pron verb intransitiu pronominalv tr/prep verb transitiu o preposicionaladv adverbiinterj interjeccióprep preposiciópfx prefix o forma prefixadasfx sufix o forma sufixadaloc llat locució llatina Remissionssin. sinònim absolutsin. compl. sinònim complementarialt. sin. altres sinònimsvar. ling. variant lingüísticasigla siglaabrev. abreviaturaden. com. denominació comercialden. desest. denominació desestimadaveg. vegeu

Grow your own Frozen themed Snowflakes This is a seriously fun and exciting activity to do with the kids! It doubles as a Science Experiment too which is always great! Science and fun all rolled into one! To grow your own ‘Frozen’ themed snowflakes, you will need: Pipe cleanersString or woolWide-mouthed jarBorax (you can buy this from your local hardware store)A pencilBoiling waterBlue food colouringScissors *please note – this activity requires strict adult supervision Step 1 Using a pair of scissors, cut a pipe cleaner into three equal sections. Step 2 Twist the three pipe cleaner sections together at their centers to form a six-sided snowflake. Step 3 Place your pipe cleaner snowflake into your jar to make sure it will fit. Step 4 Cut a piece of string (about 10cms long) and tie one end to the snowflake and the other end to the pencil. Step 5 Boil some water and pour (carefully) into the jar – fill it to the neck. Step 6 Add in a few drops of blue food colouring and stir Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Frozen Silly Putty Frozen Snow Paint

150 Phrasal Verbs con traducción y ejemplos - El Blog de Idiomas Ay ay ay… Los dichosos Phrasal Verbs, ¡a mas de uno lo vuelven loco! Y no es para menos, con tan sólo añadir un adverbio o una preposición cambia radicalmente el significado de un verbo. La mejor manera de aprenderlos es práctica práctica y más práctica, espera, ¿qué no sabes aun qué son los Phrasal Verbs? Un verbo preposicional (llamando también phrasal verb o multi-word verb, o MWV1 ) es, en inglés, un verbo compuesto formado por la combinación de un verbo y una partícula gramatical, es decir, un adverbio o una preposición, o incluso por un verbo seguido por un adverbio y una preposición. Una vez que ya sabemos de qué se trata, aquí tienes una lista de los 150 Phrasal Verbs más comunes y esenciales junto con su traducción y un ejemplo para que lo veas más claro. 1. Subir/montarse The bus was full.We couldn’t get on. 2. Marcharse (en un vehículo) de algún lugar A woman got into the car and drove off. 3. Volver a algún lugar. Sally is leaving tomorrow and coming back on Saturday. 3. 4. 5.

Easy Crafts for Kids - Keep the Boredom Away in 10 Steps or Less!! Memory o Parejas - activiTEA Súper memory recopilatorio con 17 páginas de diferentes temáticas Memory grande y puzles de dos piezas para empezar a trabajar con los más peques Memory huevos Fichas memory de Miffy Memory de Goodnight Moon Memory de Memo Cada fruta con su mitad correspondiente Memory colorido Memory guantes Memory de la naturaleza Pipecleaner Craft Ideas If you're new here, you may want to join us on Facebook or Google +. Thanks for visiting! Well.. this is EXCITING! Not only is this a post about Pipecleaner Craft Ideas… this is a post about Google+! Google set out to provide the best social media platform EVER – taking the best elements from other areas and adding some fantastic new bits and pieces. Hangouts are a bit like skype – but that you can “hang out” with up to 10 people. So. The first one is all about Pipecleaners – cute and fun Pipecleaner craft ideas for all age groups! So we have the video – and below, there are links to the differnent bloggers websites, so you can get some more information! In order of appearance: Hosting: Me (!) If you want any more ideas.. 8. we made some adorable Octopus Pencil Toppers, as well as some 9. little Bead Christmas Wreaths. 10. arms for some TP Roll Monsters! 11. Did you like this?

Child’s Boot Pencil Holder Papier-Mâché We are already on the school wave. This year we have made a pencil holder, out of a small child’s rubber boot, and a textbook box, using the papier-mache technique. We used the pages of an old and not so valuable book to cover our objects. An old rubber boot (No. 24) served as a basis. We tore the pages to small pieces, dipped them in the diluted glue and then covered the boot with the mixture. When it is well dried up, the boot comes out very easily. We cut a cardboard sole for the open part of the boot and covered it with torn pieces of paper, too. We draw different pictures with watercolours on the pages, and when they dried up we glued then onto the boot. We made the textbook box in the same way, using an empty box of wine. papier mâché ideas: back to school with KROKOTAK

Play Fruit Templates Tutti Frutti! Play fruit is a must for your play kitchen or grocery stand! Although there are many lovely wooden or soft ones available out there, if you love paper craft and making something yourself, try these printable templates to make some juicy fruit! There are templates for an apple, pear, banana, pineapple, kiwi, lemon, watermelon, strawberry, raspberry and blue berry. Print and cut the templates, score the dotted lines with an empty ball point pen, then glue all the tabs. Download! Yum! Or take a look at our growing series of paper toys here!

A selection of Cardboard Tube Crafts If you're new here, you may want to join us on Facebook or Google +. Thanks for visiting! Well… it was only a matter of time, before I got together with other crafty bloggers to share our favourite Cardboard Tube crafts (aka Loo Rolls) in another Craft Video. In order of appearance: 1) Long ago we started our Loo Roll Craft journey with Loo Roll People! 2) Me and My Shadow shares her adorable Owl TP Roll Craft and super cute Peacock. 3) Here Comes The Girls demonstrates how their favourite books influence their crafty creation with The Gruffalo and Mouse cardboard tube craft (check out the video – blog link to follow soon) AND a Cat in A Hat Craft and Thing 1 And Thing 2 TP roll craft. 4) Thinly Spread made some adorable Caterpillars (on the video around the 5min 30sec mark) – lots of colour and fun. 6) Kids Chaos and her boys got crafty and made bird feeder TP Rolls – simple to make and look so good you would almost want to eat them yourself! Want more? Did you like this?

Paper Dahlia Wreath Tutorial for Spring (Under $10 to Make)! The weather is soaring into the 60’s this week and it is giving me the itch to get our house ready for Spring. The first change in our house is with the mantel, it was decorated top to bottom for Valentine’s Day and screamed winter. Some of the changes that I will be making are; adding a new wreath, making a sign and decorating a few fun vases to fill with beautiful spring flowers. My theme this year is yellow, grey and white. We are on a budget for this project and I am planning to do this entire mantel makeover for under $50. What you need: Yellow, white and grey construction paper. We had pizza for dinner so I became resourceful and cut off the of the box to use for my wreath. Using a protractor, draw a 10 inch diameter circle and cut it out. Then take your yellow and white construction paper and cut them into 4 x 4 squares, on my wreath I used about 70 yellow, 30 white and about 11 grey. Cut the grey paper into 3 X 3 as this will be the center of your flower. Signing you up!

Caja para regalos colorida Cuando necesitamos obsequiar algo tanto la tarjeta como el envoltorio son importantes, además del regalo en si, queremos que tenga una presentación poco común y hermosa. Hoy te presentamos esta idea, que bien puedes utilizarla para regalos o como parte de decoración de la mesa de cualquiera celebración, puedes elaborarla en los colores que quieras con cartulinas. Solo imprime el patrón que aparece acá y anímate a hacerlo. La idea es entrelazar los extremos uno a uno. homemade watercolour paints - easy recipe, great homemade kid's paints Kids can make their own homemade watercolour paints with 5 common, kitchen ingredients! If your kids love simple science activities and art, then they’ll love making these homemade watercolour paints. The hooligans love to paint so we do a lot of painting here in my daycare. Actually, I’ve never met a toddler or preschooler who doesn’t love to paint. There’s something just so lovely about dipping your brush into a fresh pallet of colour, and making big, bold, colourful strokes on a piece of paper. We use all kinds of paint here in my daycare – acrylics, finger paint, chalk paint, tempra paint, liquid watercolours, and solid watercolours. Now, I don’t know about your kids, but the hooligans can blow through a tray of those store-bought watercolours in a matter of minutes. Well, I’ve found an awesome, inexpensive solution to that problem. I make trays of homemade watercolour paints for my daycare hooligans. So! It’s easy! The photos that you see in this post are of a double batch. Ingredients