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Human landscapes in SW Florida

Human landscapes in SW Florida

Stieglitz Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keeffe, 1931 Georgia O'Keeffe, From the Faraway, Nearby, 1938 The Figure 5 in Gold is one of a series of eight abstract portraits of friends that Charles Demuth made between 1924 and 1929, which were exhibited at Alfred Stieglitz's gallery 291. This particular painting pays homage to a poem by William Carlos Williams: The Great Figure by William Carlos Williams Among the rain and lights I saw the figure 5 in gold on a red fire truck moving tense unheeded to gong clangs siren howls and wheels rumbling through the dark city Alfred Stieglitz, Looking Northwest from the Shelton, 1932 "Crammed on the narrow island the million-windowed buildings will jut glittering, pyramid on pyramid..." Alfred Stieglitz, Portrait of Marsden Hartley, 1913 In 1909, Marsden Hartley was introduced to Alfred Stieglitz, a meeting that would place him firmly within the progressive art circles of the time. Marsden Hartley, Portrait of a German Officer, 1914 Alfred Stieglitz, Equivalent, 1926

10 Unconventional Home Libraries | Visual Remodeling Blog | Fixr Ingenious book lovers are creating modern stylish home libraries that often surprise and intrigue. As book collections grow, the hunt is on to find places to house them. From book shelves that scale the heights of multi-story homes, to clever stairs with space for books under each step, every house or apartment offers unique opportunities to think outside of the box. It takes a little imagination and lots of measuring, but no matter how limited your space, it is possible to fit in a home library. Some questions to ask to help you plan a library for a new house or already built home: Do I want a library because I need a place to house my books or simply as a decorative element? If you need some inspiration to get you started, take a look at these unconventional home libraries: Modern Library Reaches for the Sky (Credit) This North London home by SHH International features a unique library that runs up the length of a spiral staircase. Modern Library Reaches for the Sky View #2 (Credit)

Jacob Holdt - Faith, Love and Hope Jacob Holdt, S ELL, Virginia, 1974. Jacob Holdt, Linda in her evening prayers outside her childhood home without electricity, La Crosse, FL. 1974. Jacob Holdt, Ida Ford in her new shack, Perote, AL. 1994. Jacob Holdt, Boy in a shack, Cedar Island, SC. 1989. Le teasing aura été plus long que prévu et je m'en excuse ! L'enchaînement de deux concours et un nouveau job ont eu raison de mon agenda et du temps que j'aurais souhaité consacrer à mon blog. Petit flashback : nous sommes le 17 janvier et à vue de nez (gelé), il fait aux environs de -5° dans la capitale danoise. Jacob Holdt, Mary all dressed up in her old shack, Perote, AL. 1975. Si j'ai décidé de revenir sur cette expo, c'est tout d'abord parce que le travail de Holdt m'a totalement acquise à sa cause et aussi parce que le photographe danois est en ce moment même exposé en France, au festival ImageSingulières de Sète jusqu'au 30 mai prochain. Jabob Holdt, Samantha looking at the swamp from the trailor, Mississippi, 1996.

15 Outdoor Kitchens | Visual Remodeling Blog | Fixr Outdoor kitchens and the relaxed dining atmosphere they provide are becoming more popular every year. Plan your own and have it custom-built or go for an all-in-one ready to go design. Pick a style to suit your home and landscape. Next, choose the basic equipment. Then it’s time for some fun. Built-in refrigerator and/or beverage chillerPizza oven and fireplaceUpgraded grill or smokerExtra cook top burners or griddleSpecial lightingOutdoor heaterCeiling fan if you have a covered area or pedestal fan if notOutdoor television and sound systemFire pitDining and lounge furniture Whether you decide to go all out or stick to a more moderate budget, be sure to do your research and hire a reliable contractor to help you with the design, construction or installation that may include gas and water hookups in addition to electrical outlets. Enjoy these photos of a few of the thousands of outdoor kitchen options you might choose: Sensational Outdoor Kitchen (Credit) Shady Outdoor Kitchen (Credit)

Q & A with Marissa Roth « kathleenclarkexposed Over the course of my editorial career, I had the pleasure to work with photo journalist Marissa Roth on several occasions, primarily in accessing photographs from her book “Real City: Downtown Los Angeles Inside/Out” on Angel City Press. Her documentary work has taken her far beyond her California roots, however, from Kosovo to Pakistan. Roth was part of The Los Angeles Times Pulitzer Prize winning photography staff covering the 1992 Los Angeles riots. While working for publications such as The New York Times, Newsweek, Time and Paris Match she has photographed earthquakes, an attempted coup in the Philippines, as well as the first post-communist elections in Hungary. This burned-out home still sits on a ridgeline in Srebrenica Municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on May 16, 2009; 15 years after the war ended there. What made you pick up a camera in the first place? As a child, I had always been creative – drawing and painting. Vietnamese refugees who came by boat to the Philippines.

peinture | The Swedish Parrot | Page 3 Lorsque j’étais à l’intérieur du baptistère San Giovanni de Florence avec ses mosaïques de style byzantin représentant le Christ du Jugement dernier entouré des neuf représentants de la hiérarchie céleste(1), je me suis posé une question. Mais d’abord, je me suis laissé envahir par la beauté du lieu. Je pense que ce baptistère est un des lieux les plus magiques de l’histoire de la chrétienté, et malgré ses dimensions beaucoup plus modestes que le Duomo(2) voisin, il n’en reste pas moins un lieu magnifique. Ses mosaïques dorées sont baignées d’une lumière irréelle et donnent au visiteur une sensation de majesté écrasante, ce qui est le lieu commun des œuvres sacrées. On doit s’y sentir petit, un tremendum(3) tout puissant vous étrillant les entrailles… Ensuite je me suis posé une question. Florence - Baptistery San Giovanni (interior) in Florence Donc, pour moi, le livre est un support qui vient aider la compréhension. Alors j’en prends mon parti à présent.

Claude Dityvon | les expositions de Claude Dityvon à la BUA : Moments de tournage Claude Dityvon Moments de tournage Exposition précédente Exposition suivante moments de tournage tournage cinéma Ruiz RENDEZ-VOUS Téchiné 1985 Université d'Angers