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Fine Art Bodypainting, Nature-Art, Performance

Fine Art Bodypainting, Nature-Art, Performance
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Ai Weiwei et Banksy œuvrent pour les migrants Ils ont multiplié les gestes de solidarité, activistes et artistiques, pour secouer les consciences face au drame des réfugiés. LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Par Emmanuelle Jardonnet Il est étendu sur le ventre, comme endormi, au ras de l’eau, sur une plage déserte… Ai Weiwei a osé « rejouer » la mort du petit Aylan Kurdi. Cet enfant syrien de 3 ans avait été retrouvé noyé début septembre 2015 et sa photo avait réveillé les consciences sur l’inhumaine réalité des routes de migration. Lire l'analyse En prenant la pose du petit Aylan, Ai Weiwei prend position Tandis qu’Aylan avait échoué côté turc, la photo d’Ai Weiwei a été prise sur l’île grecque de Lesbos, devenue la première porte d’entrée migratoire en Europe pour sa proximité avec les côtes turques. Un mémorial dédié aux vies perdues Quelques semaines plus tard, fin décembre, le dissident chinois effectuait un premier séjour à Lesbos. Lire le compte-rendu Ai Weiwei veut ériger un mémorial aux migrants à Lesbos Steve Jobs et Cosette

If you love something, set it free! UE4 is now FREE GDC 2015 is here and Epic Games kickstarts with great news – Unreal Engine 4 is now available to everyone for free, and all future updates will be free. How cool is that! If you have paid for a subscription on or after January 30th like myself, you will receive a pro-rated refund for your latest month’s payment after March 12th. You’ll continue to receive all future updates for free. You only pay the The 5% royalty after the first $3,000 of revenue per product per quarter, but this does not apply to contracting and consulting projects such as architecture! That is a super cool thing considering you get all the bells and whistles of a next gen real-time engine in your creative hands – better get creative. Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney talks about why Unreal Engine 4 is now free.

Judy Watson Dans son thème Mina Mina, Judy Watson ne manque jamais de peindre le motif de deux lignes qui s'enroulent. Cette figure n'est pas sans rappeler les entrelacs celtiques ou la représentation, chez les indiens amazoniens du double serpent mythique. Les lacs, les lignes de danse, la liane serpent, les ceintures végétales vues par Judy Watson Titre Lac Mina Mina, acrylique sur lin,(visible à Paris) Pour certains anthropologues dont le principal est Jeremy Narby, l'image du double serpent (le serpent cosmique) serait une vision de l'Adn, et cette connaissance de l'intime du vivant serait innée, quasiment biologique, les peuples prmiers possédant encore ce savoir que les occidentaux redécouvrent par leurs instruments. Mina Mina, 120x120 Autant le dire tout de suite, cette hypothèse a beaucoup de détracteurs, des rationalistes pur jus qui ont des mots très durs envers ce qu'ils appellent une «imposture anthropologique ».

Brooding Cityscapes Painted with Oils by Jeremy Mann San Francisco-based artist Jeremy Mann executes these sublime, moody cityscapes using oil paints. To create each work he relies on a wide range of techniques including surface staining, the use of solvents to wipe away paint, and the application of broad, gritty marks with an ink brayer. The resulting paintings are dark and atmospheric, urban streets seemingly drenched in rain and mystery. Mann’s work is in no way limited to cityscapes, he also paints the human figure, still lifes, and landscapes. He currently has work at John Pence Gallery and you can see many more of his cityscapes here.

You're the illegals! Moment Native American confronts protesters fighting immigration in bizarre video By Simon Tomlinson Published: 16:27 GMT, 6 February 2013 | Updated: 17:25 GMT, 6 February 2013 Protesters demonstrating against immigration in Arizona had the tables turned on them when a furious Native American accused them of being the real 'illegals'. The man, who was pushing his baby in a stroller, was caught on camera launching an expletive-laden rant at the protesters for 'invading' his country. He interrupted a demonstration Tuesday in Tucson over the illegal immigration by Central and South Americans. Scroll down for video Furious: A Native American man, with young child in tow, launches an expletive-laden tirade at a group protesting against immigration whom he accuses of being the real 'illegals' 'We're the only legal ones here': The man, who has not been identified, interrupted a demonstration in Tucson, Arizona, over illegal immigration by Central and South Americans But he yelled back: 'You're all F****** illegal. 'Get on with your bogus arguments. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0%

Tabletop Whale Amanda Sage Samantha Keely Smith - New York, NY Artist About Samantha Keely Samantha Keely Smith is a painter working and living in New York. Her art represents a striving to reconcile the inner world of instinct and the tidal sweep of our emotional life, with an external world that is both beautiful and hostile in its natural grandeur. Smith’s artwork represents a striving to reconcile the inner world of instinct and the tidal sweep of our emotional life, with an external world that is both beautiful and hostile in its natural grandeur. The translucent layers of paint, contrasting soft ethereal brushwork and harder edged sweeping gestures, echo this divergence and depict a timeless place that hovers between dream and reality in a way that is simultaneously alluring and menacing.

Global Activism: Art and Conflict in the 21st Century – We Make Money Not Art Global Activism: Art and Conflict in the 21st Century, edited by Peter Weibel. It’s on amazon USA and UK. Publisher MIT Press writes: Today political protest often takes the form of spontaneous, noninstitutional, mass action. Mass protests during the Arab Spring showed that established systems of power—in that case, the reciprocal support among Arab dictators and Western democracies—can be interrupted, at least for a short moment in history. global aCtIVISm (the capitalized letters form the Latin word civis, emphasizing the power of citizens) describes and documents politically inspired art—global art practices that draw attention to grievances and demand the transformation of existing conditions through actions, demonstrations, and performances in public space. Arnold Fuad, Pro Mubarak Demonstration, Abdel Monem Ryad Street, Cairo, Egypt, January 01, 2011 Black Mask, Wall Street protest against capitalism, New York, 1967. Partizaning: a Partizaning activist paints a guerrilla crossing. !