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Rapid evolutionary innovation during an Archean Genetic Expansion | Who Lies Sleeping? Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists have deciphered the evolution of 3 billion year old genomes. The natural history of Precambrian life has been murky because microbial fossils, like those of stromatolites, and biomarkers of that age are rare, but modern genomes record ancient biogeochemical events, and so the events can be worked out with suitable methods and patience. Computational biologists at MIT have developed a mathematical model that can use modern genomes to mimic the evolution of ancient microbes. It offers evidence for ancient environmental change and a massive expansion in genetic diversity. This genome analysis suggests today’s plants and animals owe 27% of their genes to a burst of evolution from 3.3 billion years ago. Genomic Analysis Genenome Analysis: Reconciliation Method What is really remarkable about these findings is that they prove that the histories of very ancient events are recorded in the shared DNA of living organisms. Incoming search terms:

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Unpacking the past: Identifying a key evolutionary step in E. coli metabolism ( —Evolution is a process that takes place over long periods of time over which genetics and ecology may interact, producing novel phenotypic traits. Researchers previously found that after roughly 31,500 generations had passed in a laboratory evolution experiment a rare metabolic innovation emerged in which Escherichia coli developed the ability to metabolize citrate (Cit+) in its growth medium. Through genetic analysis with a recursive genomewide recombination and sequencing method (REGRES), scientists at University of Texas, Austin have now identified a key mutation that they say demonstrates how improvement of an emergent trait can be as important to its eventual success as earlier mutations or environmental conditions that may have been necessary for it to initially evolve. Dr. "Our results imply that these earlier 'potentiating' mutations weren't absolutely necessary for expressing the beneficial Cit+ trait, as we first thought. Related:

Blogger Buster Unraveling the Tree of Life The Tree of Life: Tangled Roots and Sexy Shoots Tracing the genetic pathway from the Last Universal Common Ancestor to Homo sapiens Chris King - Genotype 1.2.8 - 4 Mar 2014 PDF Active site: Abstract: This article is a fully referenced research review to overview progress in unraveling the details of the evolutionary Tree of Life, from life's first occurrence in the hypothetical RNA-era, to humanity's own emergence and diversification, through migration and intermarriage, using research diagrams and brief discussion of the current state of the art, in response to summaries of some of these developments (Lawton 2009, Lane 2009). The Tree of Life, in biological terms, has come to be identified with the evolutionary tree of biological diversity. Contents Fig 1: The Tree of Life (King) Click on image to enlarge. LUCA: The Last Universal Common Ancestor Fig 1a: Proposed scheme for the universal common ancestor (Martin and Russel 2003) LUCA was a "progenote".

Inserire un video nella pagina web | Come fare un sito internet Esistono diversi metodi per incorporare video all’interno di qualsiasi sito web, qualunque sia il tuo livello di competenza tecnica. Uno dei più utilizzati è quello che ti illustriamo in questo articolo. Tutti i principali siti web dedicati alla visualizzazione e condivisione di video (es. Youtube, Dailymotion di Virgilio, ecc…) forniscono una stringa di codice html associata ad ogni video che puoi riprodurre. Ad esempio la stringa che troverai in YouTube è composta nel seguente modo: Questa stringa ti permette di integrare il video stesso all’interno della tua pagina web, facendo un semplice copia e incolla all’interno codice sorgente del sito. Il codice sopra indicato varia a seconda delle impostazioni scelte dal menu di YouTube, che ti consente di decidere il colore del player, la dimensione, ecc… Per apportare in seguito le modifiche al player devi direttamente editare il codice html. Per ulteriori informazioni visita la pagina Come inserire video

'Parallel universe' of life in oceanic crust could be Earth's largest ecosystem Deep beneath the ocean floor off the Pacific Northwest coast, scientists have described the existence of a potentially vast realm of life, one almost completely disconnected from the world above. Persisting in microscopic cracks in the basalt rocks of Earth's oceanic crust is a complex microbial ecosystem fuelled entirely by chemical reactions with rocks and seawater, rather than sunlight or the organic byproducts of light-harvesting terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Such modes of life, technically known as chemosynthetic, are not unprecedented, having also been found deep in mine shafts and around seafloor hydrothermal vents. Never before, though, have they been found on so vast a scale. In pure geographical area, these oceanic crust systems may contain the largest ecosystem on Earth. If what the researchers found resembles what's found elsewhere below Earth's oceans, continued Lever, "the largest ecosystem on Earth, by volume, is supported by chemosynthesis."

Le 10 migliori piattaforme gratuite online per creare blog Come saprete già per realizzare il blog Maestro Roberto utilizzo il CMS Joomla, un programma nato in realtà per costruire siti web e che sto adattando per le mie necessità. Ma se siete nella fase in cui dovete scegliere una piattaforma gratuita online per creare un blog, senza scaricare alcun programma, ecco un elenco di 10 tra le migliori soluzioni che potrete trovare in rete. Con uno stile simile a WordPress questo CMS offre un ottima soluzione ed è ottimizzato per i motori di ricerca, è veloce e stabile, con un design spettacolare, la gestione di widget. Blogetery Anche in questo caso ci si basa su WordPress ma la differenza nella versione online è la possibilità di utilizzare decine di plugin all'istante. Google Sites Weebly Simile a Google Sites, con molti strumenti per il page design commerciale, consente anche la possibilità di creare e gestire blog senza problemi. LiveJournal Posterous Spaces Tumblr Jux Blogger WordPress Articoli correlati

Huge hidden biomass lives deep beneath the oceans - environment - 22 May 2008 It's the basement apartment like no other. Life has been found 1.6 kilometres beneath the sea floor, at temperatures reaching 100 °C. The discovery marks the deepest living cells ever to be found beneath the sea floor. Bacteria have been found deeper underneath the continents, but there they are rare. In comparison, the rocks beneath the sea appear to be teeming with life. John Parkes, a geobiologist at the University of Cardiff, UK, hopes his team's discovery might one day help find life on other planets. Parkes has been hunting for deep life for over 20 years. They found simple organisms known as prokaryotes in every sample. Gradual descent About 60% of the cells Parkes and his team found were alive. Where cells living so far beneath the sea floor could have come from remains a mystery. Another possibility is that they were sucked deep into the mud from the sea water above. It is important to understand the way the cells got down there, because that has implications for their age.

Pubblicare contenuti in Internet | Se il Web dei primi anni era caratterizzato da una netta distinzione tra chi pubblicava (pochi) e chi fruiva (quasi tutti), l’avvento del Web 2.0 ha portato con sé un nuovo approccio alla rete, e nuove modalità d’uso che hanno reso possibile a tutti – scuole comprese – la pubblicazione in rete di varie tipologie di contenuti. Aprire un sito web, tenere un diario online tramite un blog, pubblicare e condividere foto, video o presentazioni: sono oramai attività largamente accessibili grazie a strumenti e servizi semplici ed efficaci. Pubblicare un Blog Blogger è il servizio di blogging di Google. Glogster è una piattaforma online di apprendimento collaborativo per docenti e studenti per esprimere la loro creatività. Pubblicare un Sito Web Google Sites è un sistema facile per allestire un sito che contenga elementi di condivisione in un layout e in una struttura logica. Weebly è un sito che attraverso widget permette agli utenti di creare gratuitamente il proprio sito personale.