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11 Travel Startups You Need to Know

11 Travel Startups You Need to Know
We all know about the awesomeness of TripIt, Airbnb and Hipmunk and how they've revolutionized travel. But there's a new crew of travel startups taking flight and shaking up the industry even more. These 12 startups help you book flights, find the right hotel room, assemble an itinerary and save money — they'll help you land amazing vacations at better prices than ever. What products do you use to book your trips? Tell us about your experiences in the comments. 1. Once you've booked a flight and scored hotel deals, how do you figure out what to do when you get to your destination? 2. I'd like to take a romantic trip to Europe in August for a week. Zaptravel is your digital travel agent, and it uses a semantic search engine to scull through its database (10 million flight routes, 2,000 destinations, 10,000 trip inspirations, 15,000 events, 400,000 hotels and 10 million hotel reviews), then sources the best price from several providers. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Love Uber? 9. 10. 11. Related:  Startup interessantes

The most mouth-watering toastie recipes EVER All this time you regarded the humble toastie as something that was just...nice. Think Niall Horan from One Direction: plain, inoffensive and more popular in America. But you were wrong. So wrong. So start getting your toastie kicks with our nine amazing recipes which will leave you giddy, breathless and positively weak at the knees. We're giving away first class InterRail tickets, lunch at PizzaExpress, tickets to Bestival, and loads more... For a chance to win go to Refreshers Wall now 1. Source: closetcooking For 1 sandwich, you will need: 2 slices bacon2 slices sour dough bread1 tablespoon butter, room temperature64g cup mexican and cheddar cheese, shredded2 tablespoons guacamole, room temperature1 tablespoon tortilla chips, crumbled (optional) Cook the bacon until crispy and set aside on paper towels to drain. Grill over medium heat until golden brown and the cheese has melted, about 2-3 minutes per side. 2. 1 tablespoon butter2 slices bread64g cup gruyere, grated1-3 tablespoons pesto 3.

[Bon App'] A Food Tale, le guide des restaurants autour de soi Chaque jour à 13h, Frenchweb, en partenariat avec Stardust, spécialiste du test d’applications mobiles, vous présente une application mobile. Soumettez-nous aussi la vôtre ! A Food Tale A Food Tale est une application qui permet de dénicher les bons restaurants aux alentours. Co-Fondateurs : Paul Polyakov et Antoine Houdré URL : Gratuite sur l’Appstore – Version Android disponible début 2014 Nombre d’employés à plein temps : 2 salariés + 1 stagiaire Date de création : Avril 2013 FrenchWeb : A quel besoin répond votre application? Paul Polyakov : Paris compte des milliers de restaurants et il est très difficile de trouver ceux qui sont vraiment BONS. FW : Quelles sont les fonctionnalités dont vous êtes le plus fier? PP : L’appli permet aux utilisateurs de s’exprimer en publiant leurs trouvailles sur un mur (Le Wall Des Dénicheurs). FW : D’où vient l’idée de la création de « A Food Tale »? PP : Après avoir regardé le film Le Grand Restaurant, avec Louis de Funès. PP : Notre équipe : Vous recrutez?

The 10 smartest Ricky Gervais tweets about religion Travel secrets: Tip from a Vietnam local Last updated 12:00 02/07/2013 About two years ago, I went to Vietnam with my friend, Liv, and had an amazing time. Fortunately, Liv had a family friend in Cambodia who knew of a local tourist operator, The Sinh Tourist, that is popular in Vietnam. We checked out the website and decided to go with this tourist operator. And let's face it - we were impressed. For the price: $57pp for a three-day, two-night tour, covering about half the meals, activities and two nights accommodation, it was a very good deal. This tour was from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Phnom Penh Cambodia. We also used this tour operator to go on a day tour to see the Cu-Chi tunnels. Now compared to booking a tourist through a New Zealand travel agency, there are definitely some pros and cons. Pros: We saved some money. We got to meet more Vietnamese people. We got a direct recommendation. Cons: Peace of mind. View all contributions Comments

[Living] A list of useful mobile apps for living in Korea 1. Visit Korea 2.0 - English Visit Korea 2.0 provides users with expanded travel content and information on Korea's tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodations, shops, and more. 2. The Smart Tour Guide contains audio guides for major historical sited and national museums across Korea. 3. Your best mobile solution when planning for a trip to Korea. 4. Actually Korean Menu Guide is made for Korean people who have foreign friends. 5. Korean language app for building sentences based on library of over 1100 of the most common words and phrases in Korea. 6. This application contains information of tourist attractions, hands-on experience, themed tour packages, shopping places, festival, events, food and accommodations with detailed description of each attraction. 7. MediApp Korea is your guide to medical travel in Korea, where cutting-edge healthcare is available at reasonable rates. 8. BENIKEA, operated by the Korea Tourism Organization, is Korea's first-ever-mid-priced hotel chain.

wikiHow, DIY Mickey Mouse Ears! ... Pressgram 31 Quotes That Will Give You Chills - Ars Spiritus I think quotes have a powerful way of conveying an attitude to you which sometimes resonates so much that you feel ‘chills’ inside. Here’s a list of the quotes which have given me the most of these “chills”. Enjoy! Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75. —Benjamin FranklinMost people are other people. Top 10 Costa Rica stops for first-timers by Lonely Planet · Dreaming of a trip to Costa Rica, but not sure where to start? With volcanoes to hike, legendary surf, miles of beaches, and endless wildlife spotting, Costa Rica rewards repeat visits. But if you're just starting your explorations of one of Central America's most beautiful countries, these 10 stops will steer you in the right direction: Pin this image Classic Costa Rica: the near-perfect cone of Arenal volcano is a sight to behold. 1. The neighboring towns of Monteverde and Santa Elena, which edge iconic cloud forests, are the birthplace of the country’s ecotourism movement. 2. Though regular eruptions ceased in 2010, Arenal remains an impressive landmark: its perfect conical shape sharply rises above the surrounding forests and serves as the majestic backdrop for nearby towns like La Fortuna and El Castillo. 3. One of the country’s most famous national parks, Manuel Antonio, is the Costa Rica you imagined in your dreams. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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