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Freckle Time Tracking: Save Time... Earn More

Freckle Time Tracking: Save Time... Earn More
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TLists - Search Twitter Lists プロジェクトごとにTODOを管理しタグ付けもできるサイト「Flow」 まず、Flowにアクセスし、無料登録しましょう。登録後、すぐに利用できます。 全体の画面はこのようになっています。左側にメニュー、右側にTODO一覧が表示されます。 TODOを登録するとこのようになります。 詳細設定でコメントを付加することも可能。 プロジェクトという項目があるので、大きな目標を設定しておき、その中に細かいTODOを入れて管理できます。 Flow (カメきち) Chris Anderson: What I Read | The Atlantic Wire How do people deal with the torrent of information that rains down on us all? What's the secret to staying on top of the news without surrendering to the chaos of it? In this series, we ask people who seem well-informed to describe their media diets. Basically, I have a feed-centric media diet. In the morning, I open Google reader. There are three categories: media stuff, business stuff and robotics. Then, I'm not proud of this, but I do check Gawker every morning. And then in the robotics world, to see if there's anything my DIY Drones community needs to know, I read Makezine, Boing Boing, BotJunkie, and O'Reilly Radar. That's all between the baby waking us up at 6:30 and my shower. I don't really have much time to read during the day. Most of my essential commentators are on Twitter. We get a delivery of the New York Times, because my wife likes to read it. As a monthly magazine editor, I'm professionally almost obligated not to be distracted by the daily news.

Use cases vs User stories in Agile/Scrum development TL;DR – User stories aren’t use cases. By themselves, user stories don’t provide the details the team needs to do their work. The Scrum process enables this detail to emerge organically, (largely) removing the need to write use cases. Are user stories the same as use cases? When running our Writing Great Agile User Stories workshop, I’m frequently asked “So – are user stories the same as use cases?”. Looking around the web, there’s consensus that use cases and user stories are not interchangeable: My standard answer is that user stories are centred on the result and the benefit of the thing you’re describing, whereas use cases are more granular, and describe how your system will act. Use cases and user stories Let’s start with some definitions. A user story is a short description of something that your customer will do when they come to your website or use your application/software, focused on the value or result they get from doing this thing. Acceptance criteria Sprint planning meetings

Project management, collaboration, and task software: Basecamp Gnip is the Social Media API 42tasks: Task Management and Collaboration om Below is our collection of Virtual Seminars, now available for free viewing. Digital Video: Publishing to the Web KENJI KATO, Stanford Publishing Courses New Media Group Wednesday, April 02, 11am Pacific Time How do you get the maximum exposure for your video? How do you promote your programs? How to deliver your video (streaming or progressive download) Where to host your video Delivery platforms: YouTube, iTunes, your website, etc. SEMINAR LEADER: Kenji Kato of Stanford Publishing Courses New Media Group is also host of the popular audio podcast This Week in Media and a featured contributor to the video podcasts MacBreak and MacBreak Tech. Digital Video: After the Shoot CRAIG SYVERSON, Stanford Publishing Courses New Media Group Wednesday, March 12, 11am Pacific Time Now that you've captured your footage, it's time to focus on how to get that raw material into a finished package. Editing and tightening the videoSweetening the soundAdding graphic overlaysThe dark art of compressing

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