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Meditation for the 7 Chakras

Meditation for the 7 Chakras
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Tibetan chakra meditation - Brow chakra Intermittent Fasting: More a Lifestyle Than a Diet By Dr. Mercola Is it a good idea to "starve" yourself just a little bit each day, or a couple of days a week? I believe it's one of the most powerful interventions out there if you're struggling with your weight and related health issues. As discussed in the featured article,1 intermittent fasting is not about binge eating followed by starvation, or any other extreme form of dieting. I prefer daily intermittent fasting, but you could also fast a couple of days a week if you prefer, or every other day. To be effective, in the case of daily intermittent fasting, the length of your fast must be at least 16 hours. You can restrict it even further — down to six, four, or even two hours if you want, but you can still reap many of these rewards by limiting your eating to an eight-hour window each day. This is because it takes about six to eight hours for your body to metabolize your glycogen stores; after that you start to shift to burning fat. The Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Tibetan chakra meditation - Heart chakra Tibetan chakra mediation - Root chakra The Kalish Method: An Effective Way to Heal Adrenal Fatigue By Dr. Mercola Your adrenal glands are each no bigger than a walnut and weigh less than a grape, yet are responsible for one of the most important functions in your body: managing your stress.When your adrenal glands are overtaxed, a condition known as adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion sets in, which in turn can set a cascade of disease processes into motion. One tell-tale sign of adrenal burnout is feeling chronically fatigued.It's estimated that up to 80 percent of adults experience adrenal fatigue during their lifetimes, yet it remains one of the most under-diagnosed illnesses in the United States.The Kalish Method1, designed and taught by Dr. Daniel Kalish, integrates scientific testing with natural health solutions to heal your adrenals and restore their normal function.I first met Dr. Kalish about 17 years ago when he first started using and perfecting this process, which originated with Dr. How to Test Your Adrenal Function The Three Stages of Adrenal Fatigue ...

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