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The Royal British Legion - Follow the Poppy The history of aeronautics The first clearly recorded instance of a balloon carrying passengers used hot air to generate buoyancy and was built by the brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier in Annonay, France. After experimenting with unmanned balloons and flights with animals, the first tethered balloon flight with humans on board took place on October 15, 1783. André-Jacques Garnerin carried out the first jump with a silk parachute on October 22, 1797 at Parc Monceau, Paris. On January 7, 1785, Jean Pierre Blanchard and Dr. This is a jQuery parallax scrolling experiment by Jonathan Nicol.

Bagigia Parallax Scrolling and Its Usage in Web Design The parallax effect, also called parallax scrolling, is a special technique used in computer graphics at first, where background images move by the camera slower than foreground images. This is the actual concept where websites with parallax scrolling started. It was widely used in the gaming industry more than 10-15 years ago and it is still used today in different domains. In the past years the parallax effect started to be used widely in web design. The design concept started to be used because it is actually quite cool. Parallax Scrolling Examples Although this is usually the case, utilizing the parallax scrolling effect doesn’t have to limit you to a fake 3D effect. When they see it for the first time, people use to think that the effect is nice. Performance Issues Although the effect looks brilliant, there are some downsides to it, such as the performance issues. This JavaScript performs heavily because it has to manipulate the position of all the elements throughout the page.

Putzengel Claves para el mantenimiento de un sitio web - En el blog han publicado una interesante lista de tareas para el mantenimiento de un sitio web. Cada díaAñadir nuevo contenidoPromover el sitio a través de medios de comunicación socialBuscar y responder al correo y los nuevos comentariosSolucionar cualquier problema críticoOcuparse de cualquier error que puede ser resuelto en menos de una horaTener en cuenta las nuevas inscripcionesRevisar nivel de visitantes y actividad en el sitioCada semanaComprobar referrers, los niveles de actividad, dispositivos utilizados para acceder al sitioTomar nota de las tendenciasAsegurarse de que las últimas entradas están correctamente etiquetadas y aparecen en la navegación del sitio (barra lateral, barra de función)Promover un artículo a una fuente externa para atraer nuevos visitantes Cada trimestre Cada año Reevaluar el diseño y la funcionalidad del sitio; hacer una actualización del sitio o rediseñar según correspondaRenovar el dominio y pagar por servicios de hosting

Pracownia Olszańska FullScreen Share this Sound effects Proudly created by Click to start The works are created by means of hands and imagination. For painting, I use the paints of renowned companies: Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Astra. Batik is a manual technique of painting with warm wax on the canvas. The works of art. are created in the “lost wax” technology. The works are created in an individual technique. There is only one copy of each piece of jewellery, invented and designed by myself. Simultaneously to the altar, a new series of brass sculptures is being created. Whew! New website is ready! Barbara Olszańska-Żywalewska There is no better welcome than with a smile, that is why Basia Olszańska-Żywalewska smiles to you from this place. I was born in 1975 in Łapy – a beautiful little town in the picturesque heart of Podlasie on Narew river. I carve, paint and sketch. Inspiration I am surrounded by the frightening open spaces of the universe(…), I see infinity on all sides enclosing me like an atom. Blaise Pascal

All sizes | 1870s, Becske Antal Cultural Solutions UK 75+ Best Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes | Designrazzi WordPress long a staple of food and drinks, recipes restaurant, is also powerful enough for that elusive corporate necessity: the company website. While uniqueness is key in a world of constant change and innovation like the corporate one, nothing about using WordPress restaurant themes runs contrary to this uniqueness. In fact, the super-customizable nature of these popular layouts ensures a fast, easy and professional solution to the problem of creating and personalizing a website for a business of any size. These wp restaurant themes are creative, forward-thinking and will have great appeal to your customers. Nosh Restaurant Bar WordPress Theme Nosh is an exciting and sophisticated restaurant & bar theme for WordPress. Royalty Shop Restaurant WordPress Theme Royalty Shop is a full responsive WordPress theme for Restaurant, Food Business. Wine Responsive Restaurant Winery WordPress Shop Wine is a Premium, Responsive WooCommerce theme with a clean and modern design. “Foodtruck.”

Jess & Russ Digital Stamp Design These are amazing digital frame digital stamps I created from an antique illustration in a Victorian book. I've given you three versions of a printable frame, which are all beautiful and unique in their ways. Whether they are used to create invitations, gift tags, hang tags, greeting cards, or scrapbooking pages, they will add so much charm and beauty to any project.