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Awesome Things You Can Do With Wolfram Alpha

Awesome Things You Can Do With Wolfram Alpha
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5 Writing Exercises That Will Make You More Creative An Example: ... will mean nothing to you here, because it would be a tangential spin-off of a supporting character from a project that you don't know even know that I'm working on. That's like four different ways for you to not give a shit, so let's just fill this space with a man trying to kill the ground with an explosive sledgehammer. Do try to not look disappointed. Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Are you sick of dealing with your project? Don't worry, there's an easy fix: Just steal somebody else's work! Remember: They can only prosecute if you try to use it. "Whatever," RoboCop said, "I didn't want to come here anyway." "That's a great attitude," Officer Lewis snapped. "I wanted to stay home and watch TV!" "Well, you can't, OK? "What?!" "I guess you won't," Officer Lewis answered coolly. RoboCop heaved a defeated sigh and, rolling his eyes, put fifty 9mm rounds into Boddicker's gut. "There," RoboCop said. "I am," Officer Lewis laughed. "Whatever," RoboCop answered.

About - Project Euler Power Searching with Google Thanks for visiting! For a short time, the course materials for Power Searching with Google will remain accessible below. Then they will be made permanently available at the Google Search Education site. For a handy reference of all search tips from the course, check out our printable Power Searching Quick Guide. Note that only Google can post to these groups, and you will not receive messages from other users. Hope to see you in one of the upcoming classes!

Google Apps little-known features How to Fly a Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery: Kevin Ashton: 9780385538596: Books How to Fix 11 of the Most Common Household Appliance Problems 6 Ways to Reduce Size of Excel Files Steps Method 1 of 6: Try Some Easy Fixes Size of Excel Files Step 1 Version 3.360p.mp4- Watch a 10 second video1Check for formatting on unused cells. By deleting all unused rows to the bottom of the document on each worksheet, you can greatly reduce the file size. Method 2 of 6: For Workbooks Containing Both Charts and Formatting Method 3 of 6: For Workbooks Containing Only Text Method 4 of 6: Use WinZip Method 5 of 6: Getting to the Bottom of the Error Source Method 6 of 6: Save As This method works for spreadsheets with images. 1Click file, then save as.2Next to save button you'll find the tools dropdown menu. Tips Ad Warnings

15 Ways to Make Yourself a Better Computer User There’s nothing more soul-sucking than sitting there picking your earwax while you watch Windows 7’s blue ring of fire. Yet, to be fair, your poor laptop spends a lot more time waiting for you to act than you waste watching it load applications, boot up or finish processing. If your computer takes .8 seconds to load your browser, but you take 5 unnecessary seconds to type in a username and password, who’s the slow poke? Fortunately, you can reduce the human bottleneck if you take just a few simple steps that will double your personal processing power. Follow these time-saving tricks to keep your computer from sitting around and twiddling its fans when it should be turbo boosting to keep up with you: 1. Any time you have to roll your mouse pointer across the screen, you’re wasting precious milliseconds of your life that you’ll never have again. Time saved: 5 seconds per app open [5 Things to Look for in Your Next Notebook Keyboard] 2. Time Saved: 17 seconds more or less. 3. 4. [Facebook vs.

11 trucos que quizá no conoces de Gmail - BBC Mundo The Best Free Portable Apps for Your Flash Drive Toolkit Large capacity, small-sized, affordable USB flash drives provide us with the ability to easily carry around gigs of data in our pockets. Why not take our favorite programs with us as well so we can work on any computer? We have collected links to many useful portable programs you can easily install on a USB flash drive and create a portable version of your desktop PC. Portable Applications Suites and Collections There are several portable application suites that provide an way to collect a lot of portable programs and easily access them using a menu system. is an enhanced menu based on the menu. Productivity If you need to view and edit Microsoft Office documents on the go, LibreOffice Portable is the way to go. There are several options for portable Notepad replacements. If you need a minimalist, distraction-free word processor that allows you to just crank out text without all the extra bloated features you don’t need, FocusWriter is a good option. Web and FTP

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