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DIY Painted Feathers

DIY Painted Feathers
I’ve always loved the idea of painting fake feathers, and with festival season underway it seemed like the perfect time to do it. I originally thought of these purely as decorations but then it occurred to me that they’d be a great finishing touch for a festival outfit. This is a great activity to do outside on a warm sunny day, and once you start it’s slightly addicting! What you need: fake feathers, paint (I used acrylic paint), and a paint brush. I got this paint from Utrecht and I love it. I added a little bit of water to the paint before applying to the feathers, and they absorbed the paint almost like watercolor. After the entire feather was covered I added some dots and lines with white paint. Get as creative and colorful as you want with the feathers! I wanted to add in some of the smaller brown feathers to my arrangement, so for those I kept it simple and painted them in colorful ombre shades. Arrange your feathers on a wall as beautiful spring artwork! Photos by Julia & Brigette. Related:  ✂️ ASSTD

Simple Ear Cuff Tutorial What you've all be waiting for... an ear cuff tutorial! I've been making ear cuffs for over a year, but unfortunately haven't had the time to make some of the insanely complicated designs I've dreamed up. This, however, is a very simple ear cuff that takes only a few minutes to master! Ear cuffs (also known as ear clips, cartiliage cuffs, ear vines, and more) are fabulous for people who don't have pierced ears-- or pair them with other earrings for a "double piercing" look. All you need is pliers and some wire (the pictured wires are 20ga blue silver plated copper and 20ga enameled copper in various colors). Begin with 3 inches of wire. Fold at one inch. Fold again, creating a little zigzag. Twist the ends into swirls and pinch the swirls until they touch the center wire. You will need a mandel to form the ear cuff correctly. Push the ends down... The tips of the ends will still be straight. Tada! This brown ear cuff fits both ears. This ear cuff is for the left ear.

52 Things I Love About You - project I made this for my boyfriend. It’s the most perfect gift for Valentine’s, Birthday, Anniversary, or just because… I created a template using Adobe Illustrator, measured the size of the card and filled in the type within. Once printed on card stock, I cut out each square by hand. A few people have been asking if I hand wrote the sayings. I recently was made aware of an original source to this project, I in no way ever took full credit for coming up with the idea myself, I just wanted to share what I made for my boyfriend. Like this: Like Loading...

Feather Extensions So the long awaited post is here! Time to “Do it Yourself!” No need to pay the steep prices for getting feather extensions in. Feather extensions can be washed curled and flat ironed. Just do whatever you already do with your hair they are very easy and fun. Materials Needed: 1. 2. 3. 4. Moonlight Feathers - This shop has lots of the bulk feathers that are shorter and come in packs of a few hundred. Lamplight Feathers – Great prices, you have to buy a few more but it is worth it if you have friends who also want feather extensions. You can find lots of other buying options on Etsy or you can find feathers at your local fishing shop. First hold the feathers up to the hair to see where you want them to be. Pull back the top layer of hair depending on the thickness of the hair you will have to pull back more or less. With your fishing line create a loop around the hair and then thread the two ends through the crimp bead. Put the rest of the hair back over the clip and see how it looks!

Transfer Design Onto Wood In the middle of a new project that I was working on, I realized that I had a problem. I needed to transfer a very large design (think 4 feet by 4 feet!) than I want to paint onto a primed piece of wood, and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I laid the printed design out on the wood and thought I could just trace the design on the paper with firm pressure and a little impression line would be left on the wood that I could just go back and trace. Then, I tried a ballpoint pin. I was getting pretty desperate at this point. Then a light bulb went off in my head: Newsprint! This technique will be especially helpful if you have a very intricate design, a very large design, or you just don’t want to take the time to cut out your design and trace like a stencil. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Try this technique the next time you want to transfer a pattern or stencil a word onto a piece of wood.

DIY Glow Sticks Popsicle Stick Bracelets So I was looking through my vintage craft book collection and ran across a 1970 Pack O’ Fun magazine. They had instructions on how to take a simple popsicle stick and turn it into a bracelet. I’m always happy to try and take a good idea and run with it. Well, I’m certainly on board for that. The thought of being able to make wood pliable put all kinds of ideas in my head. Are you new to the Sitcom? For this project I used: Popsicle sticks (bought the industrial strength size bag from Walmart because this project might go in future directions)Drinking glass (for forming- use a glass with a top opening that is slightly smaller than you want your bracelet to end up)Emory board or sand paperAcrylic paintStick on jewels (for bling)Mod Podge The instructions in the magazine called for allowing the popsicle sticks to sit in water overnight. I found that I still had to work the wood, warming it with my fingers, to make it pliable enough to fit into the top of the glass without splitting.

Creative and business resources for photographers (couple's poses) 1. Johanna Ormsby and Chris Gregory were our couple for the day. We had lots of fun moments together. I usually post just a selection of 20 to 40 pictures from my workshops to whet the appetite of future delegates but this time I thought I’d blog the lot. On my Photographing Couples workshop I teach how to pose and create moments of fun. The 80 shots here represent the set that I’d show a client in a private projected viewing at my studio. This is the half way point. As you see, I try to achieve consistency rather than creating a few knockout images. These pictures were all taken within a 400m radius of our starting point. I limit my shooting couples workshops to just 5 delegates to ensure everyone has a fabulous learning opportunity. Please feel free to comment on the day, the pictures or the process of shooting couples. Damien Lovegrove. Looking for more inspiration?

fashion loves people » Blog Archive » DIY: Hippie Headbands Sunday, July 27th, 2008...1:47 pm Jump to Comments You’ve felt it coming on for a while now — it’s a DIY day! A trip to your local craft store, and voila, you’re so in. + Leather cord + Suede strips + Feathers (for the wing clusters, this may take a trip to an antique mall) + Seed beads / Metal beads / Wood beads + Chinese coins (also in the bead section) + Stretch lace Happy headbanding! Top three handmade feathered headbands, Windy Freda, $85-$150. Yours, about $15 and two hours.