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Sep 29 2010 Today we have an exciting and enticing post which covers handy and innovative infographics. Infographics is basically derived from two words: ‘information’ and ‘graphics’, and it stands for the graphical representation of data and information. Data visualization techniques have been often used in modern maps to incorporate variety of information, for instance for network designs, destination points, and local landmarks. Let’s take a look at some creative examples of beautiful infographics. Stunningly Creative Infographics The Most Dangerous Cities for Walking What People are Doing Online Glass Half Empty: The Coming Water Wars Which Countries Have the Most Vacation? Bank Infographic Where Will the Next Volcano Erupt? On Driving: Automobile History The Current State of Twitter Software Wars Who Has Given the Most to Haiti The Social Media Effect An Infographic Guide to Buying Your Own Island SSSMOKIN! The Most Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs The Rise of Walking and Biking Resume Infographic

public data Indicateurs de développement humain Rapport sur le développement humain 2013, Programme des Nations Unies pour le développement Les données utilisées pour calculer l'Indice de développement humain (IDH) et autres indices composites présentés dans le Rapport sur le développement humain ... Eurostat, Indicateurs démographiques Eurostat Indicateurs démographiques annuels. Chômage en Europe (données mensuelles) données sur le chômage harmonisé pour les pays européens. Salaire minimum en Europe Salaire mensuel brut minimum en euros ou parités de pouvoir d'achat, données semi-annuelles. Dette publique en Europe Statistiques sur les finances publiques des pays européens.

The Infographics Showcase 40 Super-Cool Infographics You Absolutely Have To See Infographics can be a great source for learning new facts and getting design inspiration. I even know several web designers who frequently make infographics to practice some skills. In this article we’ll be having a look at a great collection of these that you definitely should see! Here’s something for everyone. Design can be complicated and design can be simple. By making infographics you can practice using your skills, setting up information in a new and creative way along with educating others in a fun way. Have a look at how the information has been set up. We hope these can inspire and teach you a new thing or two. Make sure to click the images to go see the full-sized ones. Enjoy! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. Those were our picks of 40 really cool infograhics. Which one did you like the best? If you enjoyed this article, get email updates (it's free).

10 Infographic Geared Toward Designers News designers and web developers know that a good informational graphic is more than just flashy images or statistics slapped on a three dimensional bar graph. The best infographics should attract an audience’s attention with simple, relevant images, and hold their attention with a compelling story told in visual shorthand. Strong infographics have concise, accurate headlines that let readers know the significance of the story at a glance. At the core of a truly captivating infographic is the grain of truth it conveys. For this reason, designers in particular should enjoy and learn something about their craft from these 10 clever design-focused infographics. "How would you like your graphic design?" Designers already know they spend a lot of time dealing with media, but this retro-looking infographic by breaks it down by the numbers.

Web Design Inspiration: 44 Eye-Catching Slideshows Blog or website presentation is a crucial factor that needs to be considered to attract attention for viewers and surfers alike… Many website owners today find ways and means to come up with cool accessories and styles for their websites… One option is applying slideshow… Not only does it add color and life, it also gives the owner a chance to features the best content they have… This next post on 44 Eye-Catching Slideshows has been compiled to inspire you with the effectiveness and benefits that you can achieve when applied in web design. Based on this list of websites, slideshows are mostly effective on homepage… Feel free to view the sources from which the images came from… Who knows, it may give you ideas to add one for yourself… You may want to take a look at the following related articles: • 45+ Inspiring Examples of Vintage in Web Design • 30 Beautiful and Illustrative Website Footers • 40+ Examples of Horizontal Scrolling Websites • Web Design Inspiration: 40 Green Themed Websites Ads

My job was to game Digg using infographics "I don't see how this is spam, and I am surprised that people are offended that the authors of these info graphics are trying to make money." They're doing so dishonestly. Dishonesty on the tubes is why so many of us are jaded and believe nothing. Few of the examples said "Here's a professional infographic pandering to the current pop meme, surrounded by some monetizing ads", but instead it was "HERE IS MY FIRST INFOGRAPHIC!" Meme herding itself is really the root cause, though: Once Digg showed a propensity for top N lists, the web became awash with vapid top N lists for everything, humorlessly produced by SEO drones. Not all content follows this shallow, deceptive practice. There is a dating site -- I honestly can't remember which one right now, and am not suppressing their name on purpose -- that keeps releasing compelling analysis data, predictably boosting them to the tops of all of the social news sites. Sidenote: 99% of infographics are terrible.

10 Outstanding Social Media Infographics Nobody has time to read anymore, right? Every day we are all inundated with more and more information overload coming from credible and yet to be verified sources. Where can Internet users find relief? Update: Check out our infographic design services 1 – World Map of Social Networks Let’s start at the 50,000 foot view, shall we? (Source) 2 – Age Distribution on Social Network Sites Is age distribution targeting more your thing? (Source) 3 – Social Media Periodic Table of Elements As we previously reported, our friend and fellow Advertising Age Power 150 member Eyecube created another great visualization called the social media periodic table of elements: (Source) 4 – The Conversation Prism No social media infographic collection would be complete without Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism: 5 – The Boom of Social Sites put together an outstanding visual showing both the size and timeline of social communities: (Source) 6 – Make Social Media Work For Your Company (Source) (Source) (Source) (Source)

CDC Blog » 浅啖图表参数化设计 信息图表设计(Infographic Design),是信息设计(Information Design)学科的一个分支,它兴起于20世纪末信息技术介入到多样化的平面设计的过程中,是一种新型的视觉设计。 Infographic是一个可读可视化的复合体系,由图像、文字和数字结合而成使信息更高效地得以交流。它帮助人们更好地通过特定文本内容的视觉元素系统,显著、鲜明、简单、直接、连贯和全面地转化字里行间的可视化元素,并建立关联,使信息得到再一次呈现。 首先,根据道格·纽瑟姆2004年定义,从表现形式的角度,“信息图表”作为视觉工具应包括:图表(charts),图解(diagrams),图形(graphs),表格(tables),地图(maps),名单(list)六类。 图(1) 列表式的图表说明马里奥遇到不同对象后发生的相应变化,实际上是简单的线性结构 其次,信息图表的分类方法有很多,从图形、文字、数据系统组织模式的角度,信息图表设计可以分为: 1 时序性图表 以时间信息为基础,描述空间或事件在空间中的先后流动变化,以时间轴图为代表。 图(2) 《汽车乐土》巧妙地利用大富翁棋盘解释了汽车的发展史.这个案例还说明时间轴并不一定是直线,有可能只是一条符合人们习惯或视线流的路径。 2 空间关系性图表 将空间位置的距离、高度、面积、区域按照一定比例高度抽象化的空间组织模式图。 图(3) 物化图,德国golden section邮轮结构。 3 推导性图表 描述整体事件的因果关系及逻辑变化情况图,常见流程图。 图(4) 用权威严谨的流程图表明饮水处理系统的安全可靠性 4 系统组织性图表 组织图是描述信息参数间整体与部分或上级与下级的从属关系图。 图(5) 图表广告设计,为对比出女性穿衣打扮搭配繁琐而设计的图表,简单而有效的表示类属关系的方法用在这却别具揶揄的意味。 5 关联性图表 描述在某一种特定关系下信息参数之间的联系图。 图(6) 《杀死比尔人物剧情介绍》叙事性图表。 通常的Infographic设计流程如下: 1 确立类型:空间类、时间类、定量类或三者综合。 一个表意清晰明确的图表往往离不开参数之间的比较,抛开花样繁多的表现形式和视觉效果,我们进入信息图表设计的基础——参数设计。 参数可以被理解为在一定范围内变化的数,任何现象中的某一种变量数,目前国内对于图表中的参数设计没有一个确定的解释。 1 差额关系图 (1)点状图

50 Great Examples of Data Visualization Wrapping your brain around data online can be challenging, especially when dealing with huge volumes of information. And trying to find related content can also be difficult, depending on what data you’re looking for. But data visualizations can make all of that much easier, allowing you to see the concepts that you’re learning about in a more interesting, and often more useful manner. Below are 50 of the best data visualizations and tools for creating your own visualizations out there, covering everything from Digg activity to network connectivity to what’s currently happening on Twitter. Music, Movies and Other Media Narratives 2.0 visualizes music. Liveplasma is a music and movie visualization app that aims to help you discover other musicians or movies you might enjoy. Tuneglue is another music visualization service. MusicMap is similar to TuneGlue in its interface, but seems slightly more intuitive. Digg, Twitter, Delicious, and Flickr Internet Visualizations

Color Inspiration: Awesome Red Websites Red is a very powerful and strong color. It's associated with a variety of things, from courage and bravery to warnings and danger. It's also, of course, strongly tied to love and passion. It's a popular color in website design, though, due to its boldness, is most commonly used as an accent color. Intensity in Ten Cities Big Spaceship Grafik jonwallacedesign Chrome Khai Liew Thierry Castel Hemlock Sonze Design Studio Host Riser Youth Against Sudoku Take the Walk Remood Waider Mediendesign Liga Retro Saforian Red Relevant Coalmarch Productions Avalon Business Advice Mirror Communications Blogsessive New to York Associate Truf Creative You Also Might Like