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DIY Hardware Store Bracelets

DIY Hardware Store Bracelets
If you follow me on Instagram, you already caught a little preview of these DIY bracelets. I love them so much, I couldn't help but sharing! I stopped by my neighborhood hardware store the other day looking for some spray paint and inspiration. I didn't find the spray paint--nothing quite matched the shade I was looking for--but inspiration abounded. After clearing out the stock of 1/4 inch compression sleeves at both hardware stores in my area, I hopped the metro to the suburbs to hit up Home Depot with a friend and this rainbow of DIY hardware store bracelets was born. Tools and materials: Embroidery thread Jewelry pliers Super glue 1) Tape the end of the embroidery thread to the end of the piece of rope. 2) Begin wrapping the thread around the rope. 3) Continue all the way down the rope, then tape down and trim the thread once you reach the rope end. 4) Slide on the compression sleeves. 5) Put a drop of glue in the end caps and secure on each end of the rope, covering the tape. Related:  bricolage créatif

Tissus - vente de tissu au mètre - Acheter tissus en ligne - Cousette DIY Handmade Leather Notebook I'm not big on giving or receiving special or lavish gifts for Valentine's Day. Why can't all the other days of the year be just as meaningful and loving? However, it can be nice to have an occasion to set aside time to be with your special someone and exchange simple tokens. When my boyfriend asked for me to craft him a notebook small enough to fit in a pocket, I jumped at the opportunity to create something simple but made with love and not covered in hearts and glitter. It's easy enough to put together yourself this weekend, should you need a small gift idea! Tools and materials: Leather Scissors String and large needle (not pictured) Glue Craft knife and cutting surface Sturdy paper, cut into 5x8 inch sheets (or your choice) and folded in half Ruler Cut a piece of leather the size of your paper (unfolded) plus a 1/2 centimeter (or more-- you can always trim later) allowance on each side. Glue the top sheet of paper to the wrong side of the leather. Simple, no?

vente de tissus au mètre en ligne en votre boutique en ligne pour tissus au mètre DIY: Friendship en or! - Le Blog ! Vous aviez le choix du billet d'aujourd'hui. C'était la question du week-end sur Facebook et vous avez choisi un bijou! (Comment ça? tu n'es pas abonnée à la page Facebook de Miss Bricole chère bricoleuse? Répare vite cet impair en likant la page ici...). Je vous présente donc un tuto pour réaliser un friendship, vous savez ces bracelets tissés en fils que l'on voit sur tous les poignets. Ce qu'il vous faut: Perforatrice grand cercle, outil pour oeillets, crayon, ciseaux, règle, baker's twine "or", fermoir à chaînette "or", breloque "Hand made" or, colle multi usage, feuille épaisse Le pas à pas en images: Le tissage: Votre bracelet est terminé... Vous préférez la couleur argent? Vous préférez plusieurs couleurs? A très bientôt pour une nouvelle idée créative!

Tissu et coupon : accessoire de mercerie, bouton à coudre, tissus coton, jean, fourrure pour la couture Le pompon ! » Si vous êtes passées à la boutique dernièrement, vous avez forcément craqué sur ces mini-pompons en tulle. Un petit tuto pour apprendre à les faire vous même, ça vous dit ? C’est le même principe que les pompons en laine que l’on faisait quand on était petite, mais ça ne fait pas de mal de se rafraîchir un peu la mémoire ! Alors pour un mini-pompon il vous faut: - 50 cm de tulle jaune fluo (en 280 cm de large) - 60 cm du ruban pour accrocher et maintenir le pompon (ici nous avons utilisé du biais noir métallisé) - deux disques en carton d’un diamètre de 12 cm avec un cercle évidé de 3,5 cm au centre - dans le tulle, coupez 10 bandes de 5 cm de large (et de 280 cm de long). - enroulez toutes les bandes de tulle sur elles-mêmes - superposez les deux disques en carton, commencez à enrouler une première bande et faites un nœud pour la maintenir. - glissez le ruban entre les deux disques de façon à ce que les extrémités dépassent de chaque côté. - et maintenant admirez le travail ! Bon à savoir:

Tissus Pom Pom Town Play Set - Mr Printables Blog Welcome to Pom Pom Town! It’s soft and cuddly here. ^ ^ Pompoms are soft and friendly, they are the perfect size and softness for little hands so it makes a lot of sense to make some pompom soft toy play sets. I now regularly get asked what kind of yarn I use. I’ll be introducing more pompom toys here you can make but little houses and vehicles are easy to start with. How to make Pompom Houses Firstly, here are some very serious technical diagrams for the pompom houses and cars. As you can see, you need to make round pompoms as usual (marked in blue dotted lines), then trim them to the final house or vehicle shapes (marked in pink dotted lines). 1. 2. 3. How to make Pom pom CARS & TRUCKS You can create many different car designs. 1. 2. 3. Now you’ll need to repeat exactly the same thing for the other half of the pompom maker to make a symmetrical car and then put the two halves together. 4. Are you still here? Hope you enjoy making them!

No-Sew Makeup Brush Roll from a Sushi Mat If you like to stay organized as much as I do, this DIY project is for you! I love how I now have a dedicated slot for each of my makeup brushes and I can't wait to take this on my next trip. Sure, you can buy one of these at most beauty stores, but why not make it for under $5?! You can also adapt this project for your crochet needles, colored pencils, paintbrushes or even picnic utensils. Follow the steps below to create your very own! Materials: • Sushi mat (I bought this from an Asian food market for $1.99) or bamboo placemat• Elastic fabric band (less than 1 yard) • Glue gun • Yarn (1 yard) • Button • Scissors Steps: • Place the sushi mat on a flat surface with the bamboo sticks pointing up. • Weave the elastic band through the second bamboo stick on the left.

Pocket Fold Book By Jaine Drake A reader of the website recently requested the directions for this pocket fold book. When Jaine came up with the directions she included a variation using a gift bag, which is absolutely charming. Materials Used: A gift bag, the sort you buy to put a gift or a bottle in with handles at the top. Directions:With the reverse side of the patterened paper facing you, fold it in half widthways. Fold diagonally in both directions making a cross. Fold both sides into the center mark and crease. You should now be able to fold as shown by pushing the mountain folds into the center. Open out again and fold the corners in as shown in the photographs. You should now be able to once again fold up the book as shown below. For the outside part, dissect the bag by cutting off the bottom and cutting down the sides to create a front and a back. Glue the inside to the front and back covers. Your gift bag is now ready to decorate. Pocket Fold Book Return from Gift Bag and Pocket Fold Book to Home

Giant Paper Rose Flower If you loved the beautiful DIY wedding this morning and Nata’s gorgeous paper flower bouquets, you are in luck as Nata is sharing how she crafted them with us! She was inspired by a template created by Morgan Levine on Martha Stewart (as was I in the flowers I created for this styled shoot). I just love that this basic idea has inspired different brides to create their own version of giant paper flowers – you might remember these equally awesome giant paper flowers from this wedding I shared last year. :) Thanks so much Nata for sharing how you created your giant pink paper rose + special thanks to Studio Castillero for the photos of the DIY + her wedding! Materials (to make one giant rose) Step 1: Cut the petals Cut 5-6 teardrop petals and 15-6 heart-shaped petals from the petal colored crepe paper. IMPORTANT: Crepe paper is directional so it matters which way you’re cutting the paper. Repeat until all of your petals are cut Step 2: Cut the leaves + calyx Step 3: Make the rose stem