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Ordo Templi Orientis Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) ('Order of the Temple of the East' or 'Order of Oriental Templars') is an international fraternal and religious organization founded at the beginning of the 20th century. English author and occultist Aleister Crowley has become the best-known member of the order. Originally it was intended to be modelled after and associated with European Freemasonry,[1] such as Masonic Templar organizations, but under the leadership of Aleister Crowley, O.T.O. was reorganized around the Law of Thelema as its central religious principle. This Law—expressed as "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"[2] and "Love is the law, love under will"[3]—was promulgated in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law. Similar to many secret societies, O.T.O. membership is based on an initiatory system with a series of degree ceremonies that use ritual drama to establish fraternal bonds and impart spiritual and philosophical teachings. History[edit] Origins[edit] Structure[edit]

Ostende Bienvenue sur le site de Ostend-Bruges International Airport Bâtiment passagers Jetairfly à Ostend-Bruges International Airport Thomas Cook sur Ostend-Bruges International Airport Customs Customs and Excise oversee the import and export of certain goods entering and leaving our country. They guard the country against practices that might be harmful for honest trade and the environment and/or might be of a criminal nature. For travellers this implies principally that the permitted amount of certain imported goods from abroad must not be exceeded, for instance spirits, tobacco, perfume... Exemption from VAT and excise duty Since 1 December 2008 a new directive on the exemption from VAT and excise duty applies in the EU. If you bring in no more than the allowances, you may use the green channel at the customs exit. You bring in goods coming from outside the European Union(1) or from Territories with a Special Tax Status (2) : Tobacco Products(3)200 cigarettes or100 cigarillos or50 cigars or250 grams smokingtobacco Other goods than those mentioned before(4) Presents, ... worth 430 euro for air or sea travellers or 300 euro in total for the other travellers. Specific information

Montego Bay Jamaica - Sangster International Airport (MBJ) Brussels attacks: subsequent illumination of Masonic monuments Some of Europe's most famous monuments have been illuminated with the colours of the Belgian flag as a show of solidarity in the wake of a series of terror attacks in Brussels. As night fell, the Eiffel Tower in Paris was lit up in the black, yellow and red of the Belgian flag. Berlin's Brandenburg Gate and the Trevi Fountain in Rome were also illuminated out of respect for the victims of the attack. The Belgian flag was also raised to half mast over Downing Street. The Eiffel Tower is illuminated with the Belgium national colours The Brandenburg Gate is illuminated with the Belgium national flag The Belgian flag is projected on Rome's historical Trevi Fountain The Belgian flag flies at half mast above 10 Downing Street in London At least 31 people were killed and nearly 200 injured in three terror attacks on Brussels Airport and the Maalbeek Metro station. Isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks. In pictures: Terror attacks at Brussels metro station

Charleroi Train The airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level-1). Up to 4 trains an hour connect the airport to Brussels North, Brussels Central and Brussels Midi stations. Moreover there are direct train services to the East, South, West and North of Belgium. Gent - Wetteren - Aalst - Denderleeuw - Brussels - Brussels Airport De Panne - Diksmuide - Lichtervelde - Deinze - Gent - Brussels - Brussels Airport Quévy/Quiévrain - Mons - Braine-le-Comte - Halle - Brussels - Schaarbeek - Brussels Airport Antwerp -Mechelen - Brussels Airport Landen - Leuven - Brussels Airport The train to Leuven and Landen runs twice an hour. If you change trains at Leuven you can easily get to the provinces of Limburg (via Hasselt) and Liège (via Luik-Guillemins). Approximate travel times to: Antwerp: 37 minutes Brussels Central (city centre): 17 minutes Ghent: 54 minutes Leuven: 15 minutes Mechelen: 11 minutes Mons: 75 minutes Brussels Airport train station: Opening hours and contact data train station

Skull and Bones Membership List (1833-1985) Membership List (1833-1985) please be patient while page loads sources: and Money ATMs / Cash dispensers / Bancontact ATMs for EURO are available in the departures hall, the arrivals hall, the baggage reclaim area, Pier A and Pier B. These ATMs are operated by Belfius. ATMs for FOREIGN CURRENCIES (e.g. Exchange offices Travelex Travelex has all the usual currencies in stock. You can also buy your foreign currency online. > Click here for more information. Money transfer If you wish to send or receive money worldwide without using a bank account, Travelex can take care of international money transfers to virtually any country in the world (e.g. Travellers' cheques Travellers' cheques can be exchanged at the Travelex offices. Travelex Opening hours

3/22 Skull & Bones March 22 Satanic Ritual Sacrifice “Radical Muslims” (meaning fanatical wahhabis and other extreme-puritanical types) do not celebrate other people’s holidays…least of all the holidays of satanists. Yet we are told that ISIS, whose acronym invokes a pagan goddess, has just conducted a big human sacrifice in Brussels on a major satanic holiday. And it’s somehow all the fault of “radical Islam.” Yeah, right. The date 3/22 (322) is not only the emblem of America’s leading CIA-Freemasonic elite group, Skull and Bones. 3/22 is also the culmination of the three-day Satanic Feast of Pelusia, consisting of – get this – “the invocation of Isis.” When Jim Dean says “you can’t make this stuff up,” he is understating the case. Ole Dammegard discusses the “satanic blood heart” smeared on the floor of the Bataclan theater – which looks suspiciously like the Brussels Airport logo – in ANOTHER French False Flag If you aren’t rolling your eyes and screaming WTF?! Muslims are not big on pagan goddesses. ISIS is a US-Zionist group. Related Posts:

City Information and Travel Guide - Q.1) What is Brussels popularly known for? Ans: Brussels is the capital of Belgium and hosts the headquarters of the European Union (EU). It is famous for Mini Europe miniature model park and Beer Festivals. Q.2) Which countries border Belgium? Ans: France, Germany, Netherlands and Luxembourg are the neighboring countries of Belgium. Q.3) What is the official language of Brussels? Ans: Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French and German. Q.4) Which languages are spoken in Brussels? Ans: The two main languages spoken in and around Brussels are French and Dutch. Q.5) What are the important phrases in French while conversing with locals? Ans: Useful French phrases in towns where locals don't speak English Hello: Allo/SalutGood Day/Good Morning: Bon Jour! Here are some more phrases/terms useful for tourists: Where is '……'? Q.6) Which is the cheapest way to get around in Brussels? Q.7) What is Brussels' weather like? Q.8) Which are the best months to visit Brussels?

Eiffel Tower, Trevi Fountain And Brandenburg Gate Lit In Belgian National Colours Following Brussels Attacks Brussels, Belgium Vacations, Tourism, Guides, Hotels, Things to Do, Restaurants Wherever else you go in Belgium, allow at least a little time for BRUSSELS, which is by any standard one of Europe's premier cities. Certainly, don't let its unjustified reputation as a dull, faceless centre of EU bureaucracy deter you: in postwar years, the city has become a thriving, cosmopolitan metropolis, with top-flight architecture and museums, not to mention a well-preserved late seventeenth-century centre, a superb restaurant scene and an energetic nightlife. Moreover, most of the key attractions are crowded into a centre that is small enough to be absorbed over a few long days, its boundaries largely defined by a ring of boulevards – the "petit ring", or less colloquially, the "petite ceinture". First-time visitors to Brussels are often surprised by the raw vitality of the city centre. The city's specialist shops are another pleasure.

Bauval reveals Bernini planning Heliopolis inside the Vatican, Rome Keeper of Genesisby Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock | 1996 Guardian of the ancient mysteries, the keeper of secrets ... For thousands of years the Great Sphinx of Egypt has gazed towards the east, his eyes focussed on eternity, reading a message in the stars that mankind has long forgotten. All the clues are in place. So is somebody trying to tell us something? In Keeper of Genesis/Message of the Sphinx, Robert Bauval (author of the Orion Mystery) and Graham Hancock (author of Fingerprints of the Gods) present a tour de force of historical and scientific detective work, using sophisticated computer simulations of the ancient skies to crack the millennial code that the monuments transcribe, and set out a startling new theory concerning the enigmatic Pyramid Texts and other archaic Egyptian scriptures. What are they looking for? The secrets can be kept no longer ...