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Learning by Design: Sketchnoting in DS106 | G-log Jim Groom invited me to present to his DS106 class yesterday. Unfortunately this week has been a challenge to do things in the evenings synchronously so I pre-recorded this video [7min] For those of you who can’t sit through 7 minutes of video, here’s a quick outline of the talk: Introduction to me (In B&W, then in living colour!) Timothy Gower’s Blog- Elsevier Boycott Sources of Inspiration: Listening Sources of Inspiration: Your Beautiful Mind Doodling Essay Mechanics LayoutLetteringBasic ShapesMetaphors Oh. I have housed all my Visual Notes resources on a special page but this video was my first time talking through a few of my work. Reading from the twitter stream and looking at the Flickr ds106doodles after the fact, I think Jim had them listen to Ken Robinson’s Changing Education Paradigm. I read some of their comments and they had difficulty keeping up. Some presenters are easier to sketchnote than others because they state right up front what main ideas they will be discussing.

hamishmacdonald : @SketchnoteArmy Starting my... Sketchnoters - A Showcase of Sketchnotes An unordered list of Artists from all over the World whose works appear in Mike Rohde's book: "The Sketchnote Handbook" User Experience Designer Geek, Experimenter, Doodler User Experience Designer Experience Design [UX] Consultant, Founder of JobTosser, Advisor to Seed&Spark Designer, Illustrator, and Creative Director Interaction Designer and Information Architect User Experience Designer Content Strategist. Illustrator. Writer | Artist Freelance UX Designer Interdisciplinary Designer & Illustrator Designer/Doodler Musing on Illustration and UX Graphic Recording & Live Illustration Designer and Writer User Experience Specialist Illustrator (web) Designer Visual Notetaker and Sketchnoter Visual and UX Design Management Consultant A writer who draws 3D Illustrator Designer. Illustrator. Entrepreneur.

Conference | 2013 Visual Thinking & Literacy Conference The 2013 Visual Thinking Conference is for anyone focused on visual approaches to thinking and communication. So whether you are a business leader giving presentations, a marketing manager designing websites and materials, or a grade school teacher looking for new ways to reach students, no other event offers you more of today’s solutions… and tomorrow’s vision. During the event, we’ll cover lots of topics. Join us April 13, 2013 in Birmingham, Michigan and learn the tools and techniques you need to enhance your thinking and communications. Hands-On Breakout Session Facilitators The Visual Thinking Conference is like no other conference you’ve ever attended (it will even be different from last year!). Registration Many of the speakers run workshops and conferences all over the globe. Register Now! Sponsors Frankly, we couldn’t pull this event off at the low, low registration fees if it wasn’t for our sponsors.

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