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Your Perfect Solution For Sharing Student iPad Projects | teachingwithipad There is an ever growing number of teachers and students using iPads for creation projects. Little by little, people are understanding that the iPad is not just a consumption device for reading emails, watching YouTube and checking FaceBook and Twitter. The iPad is a powerful creation device. But an issue arose during the year at my school: How does one share large student videos and other projects with parents? Read ahead to find out. Intro I have been using Copy quite heavily since I first reviewed about it six weeks ago. Download Copy here (free!) then refer your friends for an extra 5GB each (promotional period may end soon!) A colleague and I recently organized an iPad summer camp for students. Problem: Sharing the movies with parents at home As you may have experienced, sharing large files from iPads can be a daunting experience. We toyed with the possibility of sharing student work via YouTube, as its integration with iMovie makes it simple and pain-free to use. Dropbox? Conclusion

Educational Web Sites Twitter Cybrary Man is a Twitterbrarian! My Twitter Friends My RebelMouse Wording by @sjunkins Sign by Maureen Devlin @lookforsun Sign by @sjunkins Sign Up Twitter spam is a drag. What if you could know for sure that your followers are truly human, and not some bot? TrueTwit is designed to help you: Verify people from robots Avoid Twitter spam Save time managing your followers There are two versions: TrueTwit Premium TrueTwit Premium builds on the follower management in TrueTwit Basic by doing an in-depth, automated analysis of your followers and their tweets, and has the following features: No direct messaging of new followers. Access to our Follower Analysis page which summarizes the status of your followers. Sign Up Premium! TrueTwit Basic By signing up now for TrueTwit Basic, all of your new followers are sent a validation request via direct message. Sign Up Basic! Feel free to check out our release notes: TrueTwit Android Premium, another for TrueTwit Android Basic, and TrueTwit iOS.

17 ways iPads will be used in schools in 2013 Last year, iPads in education took the world by storm, finding their ways into initiatives at both the K-12 and university levels. Here at Education Dive, we talked to some of the people responsible for those rollouts and watched as schools decided how to use tablets, whether they were Apple's or not. In 2013, iPads are still going strong. New pilot programs are winning over former doubters—and in some cases existing programs are expanding. So how will iPads be used as their classroom roles evolve in 2013? Education Dive found these examples: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Would you like to see more education news like this in your inbox on a daily basis?

Twitter Chats - The ins, outs and my top 8 chats Every opportunity I can get I involve myself in the 1 hour twitter chats that surface themselves in my twitter feed. It gives me the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like minded educators, network with the best in the business and pick up new and interesting things to use to make me a better educator. PD in the palm of my hands (literally). For those that don't know what I am talking about - let me give you the low-down. Twitter chats take place on twitter at a certain time every week (click here for a complete list of education related twitter chats and their times). To get involved in a twitter chat - you need to follow the hashtag. Here is a list of my 8 favourite education related chats, the hashtags, a short description and when they are on: #whatisschool - an edchat space where people can express an unbiased response to questions about schooling, where educators have a voice in shaping the future through their experiences, recommendations and interests.

44 Twitter Chat Tools For The Modern Teacher Twitter is one of the most powerful teacher professional development tools of the 21st century. The fact that that sentence is–as far as we can tell anyway–entirely true shows how much technology has changed everything. Imagine being told even just six years ago that in 2013 your best consistent source of diverse professional information would blogs and a stream of short messages in a bird-branded app on a screen you could hold in your lap. (The iPad wasn’t introduced until April, 2010!) While we believe that it’s time to offer teachers professional development credit for their time invested here, that will likely time some paradigm shifts from district administrators and policy makers. For now, we can do the best we can with what we have.

The Education of an Elementary Principal Teachers – The 10 Stages of Twitter Stage 1 Sign up to twitter following persuasion/pestering by colleagues. Follow Stephen Fry, a famous sportsman/popstar and a news channel. Read a few tweets, don’t understand what the fuss is about and mock anyone who uses twitter. Stage 2 Overhear colleagues chatting about twitter and a great article they found. Stage 3 Think about posting first tweet. Stage 4 Upon realising you have no followers ask colleagues how to get them? Stage 5 Have a mini twitter conversation with colleague, even retweet a couple of statements. Stage 6 Practise a couple of tweets that include @names and hashtags. Stage 7 Retweet any link you find interesting as people might read them. Stage 8 Thank colleagues for introducing you to twitter, impressed with the knowledge you have gleaned and your growing number of followers. Stage 9 Reflect that twitter is an incredibly positive place and everyone is full of praise. Stage 10 (the reason for this post) When seeking opinion from a range of people, ask PLN to respond.

Education Program - Free Digital Storytelling Software for Educators At Mixbook, we offer discounts for bulk and volume custom yearbook orders for Elementary School Yearbooks, Middle School Yearbooks, High School Yearbooks, as well as education centers and academic programs. Transform your sports team, student and school photos into lasting memories with our premium, professional quality custom school yearbooks. Whether you’re looking to capture the baseball team photos, create a custom school yearbook or class project photo book, or celebrate your student’s art projects in a class calendar, Mixbook has hundreds of unique and easy to create photo products that can be customized to your heart’s content. Creating photo keepsakes for your students and teachers has never been easier than with the Mixbook editor.

10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Educational Twitter Account As a globally connected educator, I LOVE connecting, networking and engaging with my PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network) on a daily basis through Twitter. I wish I got connected to Twitter earlier on in my educational career (as it is the BEST form of FREE Professional Development I have ever found). Because of this, I love to share my passions behind using Twitter and how it makes me a better educator. To create a globally connected PLN, I firmly believe engaging in the online world of Twitter is a must. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. If you are using this at my #21CLHK workshop in February 2016, make sure you follow the hashtag #21CLHK and follow others who are here right now and also tag in @21cli Stay connected and see you soon Craig Kemp I am a passionate Head of Educational Technology at a large International School in Singapore.

How to Grow a Blog  Last month, in preparation for my K12Online Conference presentation , I re-read Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Good Business. Leadership, Flow, and the Making of Meaning . In it, he states that the experience of flow – when the person is totally immersed in an activity and genuinely enjoying the moment – comes from “the steps one takes toward attaining a goal, not from actually reaching it.” He adds that: People often miss the opportunity to enjoy what they do because they focus all their attention on the outcome, rather than savoring the steps along the way. In education, however, the product – the grade, the final draft, the test mark – still often takes precedence over the process of learning – the sense of personal journey without which the final destination is meaningless. In my classroom – a predominantly blogging classroom – things have to be different. In order to create that classroom, however, I need to continue to tweak my classroom practice. Keep in mind, this is not easy.

The Education Technologies That Educators Believe Can Have The Biggest Impact On Student Learning (Survey Results) Survey results indicate several specific technologies as those that we should be investing in and focusing on if we want to effectively leverage technology in education. Tough economic times have more people questioning what we are getting out of technology spending in our schools. Unfortunately, results are often being sought in overly broad terms, like improved grades and graduation rates, without trying to more directly relate technology program goals to specific outcomes. One thing that frequently seems to be either lacking or overlooked in many of the school technology programs we read about is input from those who are responsible for leveraging these technologies in instructional application. Are teachers integral to the planning, rollout, and accountability cycles for these programs? Last month EmergingEdTech ran a survey seeking input on this subject from teachers and their colleagues. Respondents Profiles – Who Participated? (Click the pic for a larger image) Mobile Technologies