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jQuery TwentyTwenty Plugin

jQuery TwentyTwenty Plugin
Need to highlight the differences between two images? TwentyTwenty, a visual diff tool, makes it easy to spot them! Download TwentyTwenty The Problem We recently needed a way to showcase the visual differences between two images. Folks tend to typically place two images next to each other in hopes that it'll be clear exactly what changed. One of our Design Leads pointed us to Canada Goose, a cold weather outfitter. This sparked a few new ideas on how to do something similar for our own needs. Responsive and functional on all devices Doesn't require images to workWorks with Foundation out of the box How it works TwentyTwenty works by stacking two images on top of each other. We're using custom movement events from the jquery.event.move library in order to support 1:1 slider movement on mobile devices. Setting up It's easy to get started, just wrap two images inside of a container. Then call twentytwenty() on this container once the images have loaded: And voila! Preventing FOUC JavaScript Options

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Calculators We suggest you also check out our Conversion Chart page. Length Calculator Dimensional Weight Calculator Shipping Charges Calculator Currency Calculator IBM Connections Creating a new world of possibilities IDC ranked IBM number one in worldwide market share for enterprise social software for the third consecutive year. IBM® Connections is a leading social software platform that can help your organization engage the right people, accelerate innovation and deliver results. This integrated, security-rich platform helps people engage with networks of experts in the context of critical business processes. Now everyone can act with confidence and anticipate and respond to emerging opportunities. Pictip jQuery PicTip is a plugin that adds handy tooltips to your images, slideshows, sliders and more. Features Easy configuration and customization Easy integration with slideshows, sliders, 360 views, and more Support for captions and bubble tooltips Add any content type to tooltips/captions Event type options (hover/click) Change tooltip position relative to spot Create spots with your own HTML markup CSS transitions/Animations are supported Built with performance in mind Responsive-friendly Very small (just 4kb minified) Try the demo Getting Started

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DocumentCSS - Guides lsg.guides For in depth instructions, check out the Standalone Live Style Guide. Install Install Node.js on your computer. From the console use npm to install DocumentJS: > cd path/to/myproject > npm install documentjs --save-dev