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Schémas gratuits

Schémas gratuits
Choisissez votre catégorie de Schémas : Remerciements : Nous souhaitons adresser un remerciement tout particulier à Litoo pour son aide dans la constitution de cette section schémas, ainsi qu'à toutes les perleuses et perleurs qui nous ont donné des conseils, des avis et des astuces pour l'enrichir. Que vous soyez débutant ou confirmé dans le monde des perles, cette rubrique est faites pour vous. Vous y trouverez des modèles pour toute sorte de bijoux en perles classés par niveau de difficulté. SARL au capital de 18 000 € Siret : 482 577 814 00031 CNIL : 1098817 Copyright (c) 2005 / 2012 PM.

Crochet Jewelry: 35 Fantastic Pieces of Jewelry to Makeamp; Wear Crochet Jewelry: 35 Fantastic Pieces of Jewelry to Make Wear by Sophie Britten Taunton Press | 2007 | ISBN: 1561589446 | English | 123 pages | File type: PDF | 30.30 mb Crochet Jewelry takes crochet and beading in a whole new direction. The result is crocheted wire mesh and bead chokers that look like filigree, daisy chain necklaces, metallic yarns crocheted into arm cuffs, and pom pom brooches. The range is extraordinary (rings, hair barrettes, chokers, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, arm cuffs, bangles, brooches), the designs delightful and engaging. In addition to the 35 projects, there is an introductory section that covers, in step-by-step, photographically illustrated detail, all the crochet and jewelry-making techniques you need to know to complete these projects. Download links: :

Beading Tutorials Want to learn the art of off-loom beadwork, or master your new beading skills? You can find free, basic Beading Tutorials here on Inspirational Beading every month. You can also try the Bead Spotlight segment for some recommended projects using the bead of the month, and Wear It Twice for projects inspired by the necklace of the month. For information on copyrights and how tutorials can be used, please see the About page. Want to share a tutorial on Inspirational Beading? Featured Techniques: Mastering Peyote StitchTwo-drop Peyote Stitch Spiral Peyote TubePeyote Tube Beaded BeadsPeyote Stitch BezelCircular Peyote Stitch Rivoli BezelDutch Spiral Rope Spiral Rope ChainDouble Spiral RopeRussian Spiral Rope Vertical Seed Bead NettingTubular Pearl NettingOgalala Butterfly NettingSimple Chevron ChainTila Bead Double Chevron Chain Tila Bead Openwork RAWFlat Right Angle WeaveSquare Openwork Right Angle Weave Double St. Branch and Coral FringeLeaf Fringe Making Bead Covered Beads Tutorial Compilations:

A vintage pendulum necklace, clear and simple. Hi, my dearies! A new tutorial for you! Behold some clear glass cabinet handles, circa 1928: I decided to highlight them with a super simple treatment, so I made this... Swelegant, eh? Make a wrapped loop on one end of the wire, catching the charm inside the loop. Then add the glass handle, sandwiched between the two little beads, and make another wrapped loop at the top. All done! Add a long chain and rock your vintage glass pendulum necklace. Signing off for today, thanks so much for coming!

Tutorial - Mastering Wire Wrapped Loops Earthy DROP EARRINGS GIVE-AWAY - Earrings!...Become a "follower" of our Blog - and you could win a pair of JLynnJewels earrings. 2 - 4mm Bicone Swarovski Crystals (Indian Sapphire shown) 2—3mm Bicone Swarovski Crystals (Black Jet shown) 2—Czech 11x9mm Oval (Wasabi w/Picasso shown) 2—Czech 5x4 Rondelles (Emerald Wasabi shown) 2—Czech 5x6 Rondelles (Blue shown) 2—Fallen Angel 9mm Art Nouveau Bead Caps 4—Fallen Angel Star Flower 5.5mm Bead Caps 2—3” Fallen Angel Brass HeadpinsRosary & Bent Chain-Nose Pliers, Wire CuttersINSTRUCTIONS:No matter what level beader you are, this tutorial is geared to take you step-by-step with an easy approach to wire wrapping to give your basic drop earrings a clean, professional, finished look. Begin by stacking beads on Head pins. Designer variations...try any style oval bead, and coordinate your Czech Glass rondelles and Swarovski Crystals with them.. Note: All images, jpgs, jewelry design, text are the property of JLYNNJEWELS and copyrighted/monitored.

Double Beaded Dangly Earrings Tutorial Today I'll show you how to make the double beaded version of the Dangly Earring. Same as yesterday, you will need: Jump Rings Beads size 6 (not every bead will fit. Some are too fat to go around the curve of the jump ring) French Hooks Needle nosed pliers This time we are going to start with two beads on the first ring. Go on until you have as many links as you would like. It should look like this when its all put together. Flat Mesh Earrings Introduction This is the sixth project in a series of chainmail earrings for beginners. This month's chainmail weave is called Flat Mesh. You will see more formal references to it as European 4-in-1. The earrings at the right are the ones described in the project below. European 4-in-1 Chainmail Weave This weave is part of the European family of chainmail weaves. It was the basic weave used to make armour and jewelry in Europe so many years ago. This mesh weave allows you to build shapes by increasing and decreasing at the edges. There are several different strategies for creating this weave—just do some exploration on the web & in books & magazines and you will agree. Supplies The jump rings for the long earrings in the top photo are made from 1.0 mm diameter (18 gauge) round sterling wire. You could also choose to add 2 sterling "things" to hang at the bottom of the earring. The first photo shows a heart charm (9 mm high, including the top loop, 8 mm wide, 4 mm thick) Tools Resources

Jayde Earrings | Free Projects | Prima Bead Tools:Needle Nose Pliers #4454Round Nose Pliers #4458Wire Cutters #4457 Techniques to Know:Form a LoopOpening Jump Rings Earring Instructions:1. Cut (9) 4” lengths of gold chain.2. Form a wrapped loop using one of the head pins (snip the end off of the pin first). Skill Level: 3 Approximate Crafting Time: 40 Minutes

Three Quick & Easy Earring Tutorials Are you playing along with us for Christmas in July? Any gifts started? Well I have another fun idea for you today for our Workshop Wednesday series! Yes. You know that I love jewelry – and I love to give it as gifts!! Arent these fun? These really are super fast – and they take only the basic tools and skills! Let’s start with the Orange Pendant Earrings! These are actually knockoffs of these cute Anthro Earrings – the Carved Filigree Earrings! To make our version you’ll need: 2 Orange Wooden Pendants – I bought mine from this Etsy Shop – though there might be others out there. 8 beads 4 jump rings 8 head pins 2 ear wires Start by placing one of your small beads on a head pin and making a loop. You’ll want this to be a pretty large loop so wrap your wire around the round nosed pliers towards the end of the nose. Before you close up the loop, hook it through one of the open holes on the orange pendant. Repeat for the other 7 beads on both earrings. And that’s one down! For these you’ll need:

Make Silicone Cheerios! (What? Stop Looking At Me Like That.) What can you make with a garishly neon, glitter-infused, squooshy silicone pencil grip from the dollar store? Um, how about these? Wanna make some? Here's the super simple tutorial! First, snip your pencil grips into a bunch of little Cheerios. Stuff a cute bead inside a silicone Cheerio. Fold the headpin down tight and snip off any excess. That's it! As with real Cheerios, turns out I like pretty much anything stuffed inside a silicone one. I love these so much, I want to marry them. But with silicone Cheerios, fragile beads now have their own bumpers. I am easily amused.

D.I.Y.: Bracelet tressé avec des perles et un noeud ajustable - Trop Top Tendance - Astuces et tendances mode, beauté, déco, et plus! Ce qui fait la différence entre un ensemble ordinaire et un ensemble qui a du punch, ce sont souvent les accessoires! Quand j’ai l’impression que ce que je porte est trop simple et que j’ai envie d’être créative, j’aime agencer plusieurs bracelets ensemble pour donner un peu plus de personnalité à mon style. Mais, parfois, il est difficile de trouver LE bracelet qui irait si bien avec nos autres bijoux… alors pourquoi ne pas le fabriquer soi-même? Aujourd’hui, je vous montre donc comment réaliser ces jolis bracelets faits à partir de fils et de perles, qui sont idéals pour être «mixer» avec d’autres, et qui, en plus, sont ajustables. Comme d’habitude, vous comprendrez que vous pouvez choisir les couleurs de fils et de billes qui vous plaisent, ainsi que la grosseur des billes, ce qui peut totalement changer l’aspect du bracelet. Commençons par le matériel nécessaire: Et voici les étapes pour réaliser le bracelet: Tout d’abord, coupez trois fils de longueur égale. Voilà! Qu’en pensez-vous?