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Appium: Mobile App Automation Made Awesome.

Appium: Mobile App Automation Made Awesome.
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Free Broken Link Checker - Online Dead Link Checking Tool sans titre MonkeyTalk is the world's greatest mobile app testing tool. MonkeyTalk automates real, functional interactive tests for iOS and Android apps - everything from simple "smoke tests" to sophisticated data-driven test suites. Native, mobile, and hybrid app, real devices or simulators. The MonkeyTalk Community Edition 2.0 is the culmination of Gorilla Logic's five years of creating open-source automated testing tools. And now with MonkeyTalk Professional Edition, mobile test automation has never been easier. In the Professional Edition Beta 1, some new features are available only for the Android platform.

nativedriver - Native application GUI automation with extended WebDriver API NativeDriver is an implementation of the WebDriver API which drives of the UI of a native application rather than a web application. We plan to make NativeDriver a multi-platform tool. We are currently working on the following versions: Android - usable and in the SVN repository. iOS - usable and in the SVN repository. WebDriver is used to do functional testing of web applications on many platforms and browsers. First Steps Demo on Google Maps Android Alternate URL: Demo on Google Translate iPhone Alternate URL: monkeyrunner The monkeyrunner tool provides an API for writing programs that control an Android device or emulator from outside of Android code. With monkeyrunner, you can write a Python program that installs an Android application or test package, runs it, sends keystrokes to it, takes screenshots of its user interface, and stores screenshots on the workstation. The monkeyrunner tool is primarily designed to test applications and devices at the functional/framework level and for running unit test suites, but you are free to use it for other purposes. The monkeyrunner tool is not related to the UI/Application Exerciser Monkey, also known as the monkey tool. The monkey tool runs in an adb shell directly on the device or emulator and generates pseudo-random streams of user and system events. In comparison, the monkeyrunner tool controls devices and emulators from a workstation by sending specific commands and events from an API. The monkeyrunner tool provides these unique features for Android testing:

Download Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 SP1 PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel® 2010 from Official Microsoft Download Center <a id="b7777d05-f9ee-bedd-c9b9-9572b26f11d1" target="_self" class="mscom-link download-button dl" href="confirmation.aspx?id=29074" bi:track="false"><span class="loc" locid="46b21a80-a483-c4a8-33c6-eb40c48bcd9d" srcid="46b21a80-a483-c4a8-33c6-eb40c48bcd9d">Download</span></a> Microsoft PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010 provides ground-breaking technology; fast manipulation of large data sets, streamlined integration of data, and the ability to effortlessly share your analysis through Microsoft SharePoint. - Automated Acceptance Testing for iOS and Android Apps Red Ant - Mobile Retail Technology: delivering a joined up digital experience The only free fuzzy testing zero setup automated testing tool for iPhone apps. Anteater is an automatic fuzzy testing tool for your mobile apps that runs without any setup - just link to our library and you're ready to go! Android developers love anteater too as its Google Monkey for iPhone! Explore Anteater Tell me more As seasoned app developers, we know that any code change can affect a lot of things: it can cause a crash, create a memory leak or make one of your tests redundant. Do you sanity check every screen after every code change? Anteater automates the basic testing so you have more time to do more interesting things. Benefits for your company Automatic generation of professional testing reports perfect to send straight to stakeholders.Improve the quaility of all your apps with effective Continous Integration Testing. Benefits for your team Coming soon Download Anteater for free

Automated Testing Solutions for Android There are a number of automated testing frameworks or tools for Android applications, including but not limited to Activity Instrumentation, MonkeyRunner, Robotium, or Robolectric. LessPainful is providing automated tested on real devices as a service. Android has basic support for instrumentation tests, one of the possibilities being the ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 class belonging to the android.test package and extending JUnit’s TestCase in order to provide functional testing of Android activities. When an application is tested, each instrumented activity is launched inside the Dalvik VM on an Android emulator or an actual device. The Android SDK comes with a testing tool called MonkeyRunner, providing an API and an execution environment for running tests written in Python. Robotium is yet another framework that interacts with Android’s testing support via the InstrumentationTestRunner, providing functional, system and acceptance tests running across multiple activities.

ReSharper 2017.1 Help :: Unit Testing Assistance ReSharper helps discover and run or debug unit tests right in Visual Studio . The following unit testing frameworks are supported: With ReSharper, you can execute a single unit test, all tests in a test class, file, project or solution. Unit testing assistance can be extended with other JetBrains .NET products: you can profile unit tests with dotTrace and analyzes code coverage of unit tests with dotCover. In this section: This feature is supported in the following languages/technologies: The instructions and examples given here address the use of the feature in C#.

Wallaby - intelligent test runner for JavaScript, TypeScript, and CoffeeScript Red Ant - Mobile Retail Technology: delivering a joined up digital experience Download Ant Eater for iOS as a zip then follow our quick setup guide. Our license and privacy policy Our license agreement restricts restyling without attribution and commercial reselling of this tool, please see our full license agreement for more details. We track basic usage of Anteater, so please review our privacy policy to understand what information we capture, how we store it and what we do with it. Our downloads By downloading our library below you are agreeing to our license agreement above and have read and understood our privacy policy. Download the latest version: Anteater 0.5.0 (now with UIView priorities, detailed logging, better CI support for memory and leaks, a fix for problem with some UITableViewCells) Our quick setup guide Extract to Create a test target for your app, by duplicating your current target by right clicking and selecting "Duplicate" and renaming to something sensible like 'AutoTest'. Hit "Build" (Anteater is launched by a build script.

Parasoft - Software Testing Tools Parasoft’s family of software quality solutions provide end-to-end testing capabilities that span functional testing, test lab management, development testing, and automated defect prevention. Simulate realistic, complete test environments on demand Ensure the integrity of API transactions Apply defect prevention activities consistently and continuously Virtualize Create, deploy, and manage simulated dev/test environments to enable on-demand access to complete environments. SOAtest Complete enterprise-grade solution for simplifying the complex testing necessary for today’s business-critical systems. Development Testing Platform Eliminate the business risk of faulty software by consistently applying software quality practices throughout the SDLC. C/C++test Parasoft's Development Testing solution for C and C++ applications automates a broad range of proven software quality practices. Jtest dotTEST Insure++

Automated Testing of Phonegap / Cordova apps As a company that automates mobile application testing, we see our fair share of different technologies. Today, we want to highlight apps developed using the Phonegap/Cordova framework. We will demonstrate a few examples of how to automate functional testing for this framework. These so-called “hybrid” apps use html, css, and/or javascript as part of a general native wrapper. Testmunk is the perfect platform for testing such apps, because our testing technology leverages “Cross Platform Testing.” Cross Platform Testing means that test cases that were scripted for one platform (for example iOS) can easily be executed on another (e.g. In the paragraphs below, we’ll show you a couple of examples of how we set up some sample test cases to interact with webviews. What is a “Hybrid” app? A hybrid app is a native application containing a hidden browser called a webview. Phonegap / Cordova App Testing Challenges: Phonegap app: Clients-Guide™ Company behind the app: Example Teststep: RemindZapp UI


Appium has one limitation on the iOS side. Can only run one app simulation at a time. by mhwagner Apr 21