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Benefits of Herbs for Chicken Health

Benefits of Herbs for Chicken Health
The trends of taste among people have been changing quite drastically. In older days, people use to give priority to vegetables more as compared to meat food. But now it’s the opposite. And in this, the usage of chicken has been in the top of the list. Herbs for chicken As we all are well aware that chickens eat green plants for their survival. Some Herbs and their benefits The herbs that are mentioned above have separate benefits for chicken. Comfrey: this herb is filled with tonic food and protein and has a high level of calcium and potassium in it. Chickweed: This herb is very common and it grows in the cooler months. Feverfew: This herb is effective in controlling mites and lice that possesses some serious threats to the health of chickens. Gotu Kola: This herb grows in areas that are partially shaded. Nasturtium: This herb has antibiotic and antiseptic characteristics and helps in repelling the insects away from the chicken. Nettle: Herbs and chickens health Related:  Food, Farming & Cooking

Poultry feathers-how many ways they can be used for? When we hear the word poultry, the very first thing which flashes in front of our eyes is the chicken. And the next thing we understand we hear the word poultry is the farming of eggs and chickens on large scale. People are engaged in the poultry business for the purpose of producing eggs and chicken on mass level but there are few people who are engaged in this business for the poultry by products only. You would be amazed to hear this but this is true. Now the question is how these by products could be of use to anyone. Well for this, a special thanks goes to science and hard working scientists who made various researches and came up with useful methods to use these by products such as poultry feathers in an effective manner. Making planting pots from feathers Researchers who have been performing their duties in USDA/ARS research project have used the chicken feathers in a unique way. Recycling the feather For used in Diapers Animal feed and Fertilization Bio-diesel from feathers

12 ways to preserve chicken eggs to keep its freshness I get really amazed when I see fatty chickens running through the driveway. My friends and family members keep on arguing that why I am spending much time in this hobby? True that it consumes a lot of time and taking care of these cute little fellows is troublesome to some extent. However, I never felt anything troubling, maybe because I was in love with my adorable bird babies. I wasn’t much into keeping the chickens for poultry purposes, because I was attached to my fellows. Also, the father told me that I can introduce newer chickens to the family so in a way I won’t lose my fellows; I liked the idea, and I must confess one thing over here – since my father told me to use the fresh egg for my breakfast, from the backyard chickens coop, I fell in love with the taste of the egg. I have noticed some behaviors in these little fellows; hens keep on laying eggs even if there is no rooster available for the fertilization. 3: Never change the temperature of the hen eggs.

15 uses for Egg Shell-don't through away Egg Shells after having your Breakfast It is a common perception among us that we think of egg shells nothing but the waste. This perception is completely wrong. A person should know how these shells could be utilized efficiently so as to make the most out of these shells. Help To clear out your drains You don’t need to use costly, strong and poisonous chemicals to clear out your drains now. Egg Shells for the Garden Egg shells are not only useful to clear out your drain but there are important uses of egg shells for the garden as well. Deter the pests Using crushed egg shells can help in removing garden pests for example snails and cutworms etc. Feeding the birds As egg shells are a very good source of calcium and proteins, it is also advisable to feed egg shells to chickens, especially to female birds that are ready to lay eggs or have finished laying eggs. Deter the animals Scatter crushed egg shells all over your gardens to keep the animals like cats from damaging it. Removes Tea Stains Fertilizer Smoother Coffee

15 tips for collecting and cleaning fresh eggs Keeping chickens in the backyard is amongst the most beneficial hobbies; I have adopted this habit of raising chicks and chickens from my forefathers. It is indeed very exciting and rewarding, as the cute little fellows run here and there through the driveway. Sooner, the day would come when your little fellows would transform into big beautiful hens and you would be able to grab a few eggs from their nest for breakfast. Indeed, you will actually feel the difference in taste and look of the fresh farm egg that you obtain from the backyard chicken and the one you used to bring from the grocery store. I have variety of chicken breeds in my farm so I get the chance to enjoy both white and brown eggs; there is particularly no difference between the tastes of the two, but I enjoy white egg more. When it’s the peak time of egg production, you must pay special attention to your flocks. Even before the process of cleaning chicken eggs the process of collecting the eggs matters. 7: Egg cleaning:

Whether to remove the chicken skin before cooking or not, the two myths - revealed Have you heard your mom asking your dad, honey get the chicken with skin. Or, many times mom’s say that I want chicken without the skin. Does that make sense to you? Many times I got puzzled by this mystery of removing and not removing the chicken’s skin. If you think logically, the skin of the chicken is part of the bird itself, and we consume the bird completely. Than what’s bad with having it with skin? Basically, nutritional facts restrict us from consuming chicken with skin because it’s fattening. The birds’ skin: There is nothing wrong with the skin of the chicken naturally; however, when chicken is being cooked, the skin absorbs all the essentials, juice and fat. Are you on the weight loss expedition? If by any chance you are on the weight loss journey, you should strictly refrain from having chicken with skin. Interested in gaining some pounds? You may want to add some pounds because you are too skinny – boys these days die for girls with curves, isn’t it? The myth revealed:

Raising Chicken And Duck Together Ducks vs chicken and chicken vs ducks. Even though ducks and chickens are a lot a like in some ways, they are also very different in others, and it is this difference that does prompt the question of is it wise to be keeping ducks with chicken? Well, the answer to this question does vary in response, and it also tends to be a unique experience in raising for the backyard chicken and duck raiser who does their very best to raise both of these fine creatures side by side. What are the differences that do make chicks and ducks different? Sometimes, by knowing the differences that do make each of these two animals unique in their own ways, it is easier to understand them both and what makes them tick as individual species unto themselves in the bird world. What are the similarities that do make ducks and chicks alike in some ways? The very first thing, which does make ducks and chicks an awful lot alike is this, they are both members of the genre called fowl.

Tips for keeping coyote away from your chicken or livestock Coyotes belong to a class of animals which are considered to be very smart, innovative and opportunistic. Their smartness can be analyzed from the fact that they can drop the lunch boxes to the school children by chasing them. Number of coyotes are increasing day by day that is why they are becoming brave and courageous. They are also getting used to the human environment now. The steps are: 1) Fences: Usage of fences can really reduce the risk of getting any harm from coyotes. Pointed wire placed at the ground can stop the coyotes from digging.Electric fencing can also serve the purpose especially for saving the livestock.Some guard animals can also be used for the livestock. 2) Noise: Noisy sound can affect the harmful activities of stray coyotes. If you find any coyote nearby, make noise by yelling and shouting.To scare the coyote who is trying to enter the farm, make noise by banging any sort of tin or can lids.Sensors or activated alarms can also be used. 5) No pets:

Guide For Introducing New Chicks With Older Flock Since ages people have been raising various kinds of poultry birds in their backyards. True that, those are attached to this kind of work aim to expand their collections for fun; it’s indeed enslaving hobby. I have seen a live example in my family; my father is fond of keeping backyard birds. We have turkey, guinea fowl and lots of chickens there, but my father has special love and attention towards the chickens. Often he loves introducing new hens to a flock. With time he has learned a lot about the bird behavior and now he easily gets through the task of introducing the newer friends. If you continue to go through the excerpt, you would have a better idea how to deal with the issues and the harsh behavior of the older flock,there is some concepts which need to be understand Pecking order in the chicken - something you must know: Further, an established pecking order does not require any changes because the chicken at the highest level would be definitely stronger than the others.

100 Ways to Cook a Sweet Potato Potato….. Potaahto….. Who cares? Just make sure it’s sweet. Click on any of the pictures to find the recipes More? 100 Ways to Cook an Egg 100 Ways to Cook Bacon 100 Ways to Cook a Tomato 100 Ways to Cook a Banana 100 Ways to Cook a Pumpkin Sponsored Content Raising Quails in the urban environment- an alternative to backyard chickens Raising chickens in the backyard of your home has always attracted many people. People who get retired or are very much in backyard chicken farming and adopt this as a hobby. Some even do this for getting fresh eggs for their breakfast. But this practice has raised some issues as well. Cases were reported in many different regions that people had started complaining in against those houses that were raising chickens in their backyards. Why quails Besides being a silent creature, what else benefit quails can give that may encourage a chicken lover to plan to raise backyard quail instead of chickens. Coop or pen for your quail Now after finally deciding the city farming of quail, it’s time to plan your quail coop. making coop or quail pen is not that hard. For more information on quail housing you can download the following Quail Housing.doc Breeds of quail Having quail in your backyard is sometimes just not enough.