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Construisons la marque France

Construisons la marque France

100% Made in France, acheter français devient si simple (annuaire, actualités, boutiques) Oriza L. Legrand | Maison de parfums fondée en 1720 Vinaigre de toilette naturel Oriza Aciduliné C’est au XVIIIème siècle qu’apparaît l’usage des vinaigres parfumés, principalement issus de macération de fleurs et d’aromates dans un vinaigre de cidre. D’après une formule mise au point par Fargeon Aîné, Oriza L. Pour profiter pleinement des vertus et des propriétés bienfaisantes du vinaigre de toilette Oriza Aciduliné, il est recommandé de l’utiliser dans l’eau de rinçage des cheveux après lavage, pour leur donner brillance et éclat. Pour les hommes, utilisé en friction après le rasage, le vinaigre de toilette Oriza Aciduliné calme le feu du rasoir, adoucit durablement l’épiderme et tonifie la peau. Fabrication artisanale 100% française et naturelle - Flacon avec pompe vaporisateur séparée- (85°) Oriza Aciduliné - Vinaigre de Toilette Tous types de peaux - chanvre & lavande Hydratant, régénérant, équilibrant. Mélange de mélisse et lavande calmant, purifiant, rafraîchissant associé au chanvre régénérant, raffermissant, revitalisant. visage.

A Polished Market: Kline Looks In on the Professional Nail Care Industry | Posted: May 8, 2014 In “Solid and Polished—the Auspicious Landscape of the Professional Nail Care Market,” Kline Blogs is providing its insight on the popularity of the professional nail care industry—where and what is growing, what is fading and ways growth can be sustained for the future. The post notes, “Given the maturity of the cosmetics industry, it’s challenging to find a segment that shows double-digit growth these days. A true gem was uncovered in Kline’s first edition of the Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief—a market estimated at nearly $1 billion in 2012 and posting a robust growth of over 25%, where developed markets, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, highly contributed to driving this growth. Even more interesting is the recession-proof nature of this market.” But how did this happen? Texture has had a big part in the recent rise of the nail care industry, and brands aren’t shirking from new innovations.

None of your beeswax: chemically tainted ingredient pushes brands to source abroad Beeswax is causing quite a buzz: demand for the material has risen by an estimated 25% in Australia over the last two years, and producers are citing its use as an ingredient in European and US cosmetics as a key factor behind the boom. It's a popular ingredient in products like body lotions and lip balms, but according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the natural material is often ‘tainted’ with miticide, a pesticide used to kill mites, in the Northern Hemisphere; as a result, it seems brands are increasingly turning south to get their syrupy fix. Indeed, a study published in Pest Management Science on beeswax in France found that while environmental factors play a part in beeswax damage, pesticides play a much bigger role: "beeswax contamination was the result of both in-hive acaricide treatments and, to a much lesser extent, environmental pollution." Driving demand Dr. Naturals Burt’s Bees relies on the material as a biding agent for its natural-claiming products: