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Low Risk, High Reward: Why Venture Capital Thrives in the Digital World — Welcome to TheFamily William Janeway’s book, Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy, is the Bible when it comes to understanding the digital economy and how it is financed. Of particular interest is an idea about the risks investors are willing to take. Venture capital exists in the digital economy not because it is riskier, but because it is in fact less risky than other parts of the economy when it comes to research and development. Venture capitalists are willing to finance radically innovative companies not because they’ve suddenly embraced the idea of risking everything, but because some traditional risks were eliminated forever by various public and private investments, notably in the technological platform that is the Internet. Technology, really? Contrary to what is widely assumed, technology is not an issue for a digital startup — at least not in its early stages. the Internet itself is a technological infrastructure. As a result, the very word “technology” has become a misnomer. Key takeaway

At The Front Line Of Translational Research And Psychiatry Profile – Julio Lucinio Population Growth | Environmental Damage Australia can cope with population growth. We just need smart planning. My colleague Kelvin Thomson recently issued a "14-point plan for population reform" in which he argued that Australia's environment and infrastructure cannot cope with a population of 35 million by the year 2050, which has been forecast by Treasury. Thomson suggested a cut to the skilled migration intake and a freeze on the family reunion intake (while increasing our refugee intake). Although I agree that concerns about environment and infrastructure are legitimate reasons for questioning population growth, I believe such concerns can be mitigated. Minimal growth should not be our aim. Continued high population growth is an almost uniquely Australian issue. At the turn of the millennium, it seemed Australia might be going down the same path. However, in recent years the trends have reversed. I do not accept that population growth and protecting our environment are incompatible.

Will landlords be forced to accept pets? One company is seeking a law change which would compel landlords and property managers to accept pets in rental properties, something some owners are already doing without their PMs’ knowledge. The annual PETstock Pet Parent Survey interviewed more than 900 pet owners Australia-wide and found around 54 per cent of pet owners believed landlords and property managers should be compelled to allow pets. The survey revealed that while a handful of owners – 8 per cent – admitted their pets had damaged a rental home, 30 per cent ‘strongly agreed’ that landlords should be compelled to accept pets and 24 per cent ‘agreed’. Only 1.5 per cent ‘strongly disagreed’ with the need to change the law. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2.16 million renting families are pet owners, but PETstock has concerns landlords are “reluctant to advertise a property as allowing pets” and many renters fear “they won’t be allowed or [will] have their applications rejected”. Written by Staff Reporter

How Many Calories Do I Need To Gain Weight? You Need To Know Now - Go Lift Life Gaining muscle requires you to be in a calorie surplus. Unlike fat loss your genetics play a huge role in how much muscle you can build. Typically though, you only really gain about 2 pounds of muscle per month. Now, when it comes to losing weight you can safely lose up to 2 pounds a week. This is where people tend to screw up the most. Why have hard muscle if it’s hidden behind horrible soft fat? Do not use building muscle as a means to eat what ever you like… No, no. So how many calories do you need to gain weight? 2 pounds of weight is typically 7000 calories. 7000 calories spread over a 30 day month is about 233 calories per day. Take your TDEE and add 233 calories. If your TDEE is 2500 calories you would need to consume 2733 calories a day to gain roughly 2 pound per month. Keep in mind that as you build muscle, your TDEE will increase. Yes, muscle burns calories. As your muscle mass increases the added 233 calories will not be enough to further increase your muscle mass. Really? No.

Derrière la colère des taxis, le système Rousselet Vendredi 6 février, dans un restaurant près de la place de la Bourse, à Paris, Nicolas Rousselet, souriant mais méfiant, a apporté force graphiques et documents. "De toute façon, quoi que je dise, il est devenu à la mode de descendre les taxis !" s’agace-t-il. Ce patron discret de 49 ans dirige le Groupe G7, une affaire familiale bâtie par son père André. Il est intarissable sur l’excellence de ses voitures haut de gamme, avec réseau wi-fi et 4G, mais il se montre beaucoup plus fuyant à propos de son quasi-monopole sur la réservation de taxis à Paris ou le taux de rentabilité extravagant de cette activité. Son système bien huilé et très opaque fonctionne au détriment des Parisiens, de l’emploi, et même, in fine, du métier de chauffeur de taxi. Acquisition secrète Flash-back : quand, en 1981, André Rousselet devient directeur de cabinet du président François Mitterrand, il possède déjà la compagnie G7, développée à partir d’une filiale déficitaire de 150 taxis, reprise en 1960 à Simca.

Julio Licinio as a psychiatrist Overview Dr. Julio Licinio is a psychiatrist in Miami, Florida. Board Certifications: Psychiatry - Fewer Office Location & Contact 3109 Grand Ave Suite 205 Miami, FL 33133 [MAP] Insurance Accepted Dr. If you are Dr. Hospital Affiliation Dr. If you are Dr. Specialties & Qualifications Specialty: Psychiatry Psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental illness, such as depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and schizophrenia. Subspecialties: Geriatric Psychiatry Education & Medical Training University of Chicago Fellowship , Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Federal University of Bahia Faculty of Medicine Medical School Certifications & Licensure American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Certified in Psychiatry CA State Medical License Active through 2013 FL State Medical License Active through 2013 PA State Medical License Active through 2012 TX State Medical License Active through 2014 Publications & Presentations Wong, M.

Land Use Planning: Urbis Urbis is an interdisciplinary consulting firm offering services in planning, design, property, social planning, economics and research. Working with clients on integrated or standalone assignments, Urbis provides the social research, analysis and advice upon which major social, commercial and environmental decisions are made. It is our unique mix of services that provides us with the property market insight that gives our clients that competitive advantage. Urbis provides expertise in: Property and retail economicsUrban and strategic planningConsumer and market researchPolicy economicsProperty investment and advisoryValuationsUrban design and masterplanningHeritagePublic PolicyLandscape ArchitectureSocial Infrastructure Solutions Urbis works with private sector clients across a variety of projects and we are involved with federal, state and local government, often at the highest levels.

Public push for pet-friendly housing This Grocery Store From Trader Joe's Ex-President Makes Healthy Food As Cheap As Junk Food Think of a food desert, and you might picture a neighborhood where the nearest fresh vegetable is miles away. But the biggest challenge to healthy eating in poor neighborhoods isn't always access to healthy food, it's whether people can afford to buy it. One solution: A grocery store that gathers nutritious food that would otherwise be wasted and then sells it at insanely low prices. Daily Table, a nonprofit grocery that opened in Boston's Dorchester in June, was the brainchild of Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe's. After learning about food insecurity in the U.S.—and the fact that, at the same time, around 40% of the food we grow is thrown out—Rauch decided to use his industry chops to tackle both problems. "The challenge we have in America is that the food system is designed from the farm on up to create calories that are cheap and nutrients that are expensive," he says. Half of the food the store sells is prepared, a result of customers' lack of time.

Taxi Strike Redux: Is France Failing its Entrepreneurs? — Welcome to TheFamily Urban transportation is a case in point. Next Tuesday (January 26, 2015), French taxi drivers will go on strike to protest the exponential development of private hire services powered by technology. As happened last June, they will paralyse the French capital and make life difficult for tourists. This transportation battle between the taxi industry and radical innovators is too often seen as pitting the mighty Uber against incumbent players. This is also not simply a question of forcing entrepreneurs to comply with regulations. These are intimidatory practices typical of a repressive government, and they’re occurring in France where no judge has ever decided that models such as Heetch’s are illegal under French law. Maintaining order is an obligation of the state.

Julio Licinio (Lecturer) Aliases: Julio Licinio is the deputy director, Professor Julio Licinio Julio Licinio,MD, FRANZCP, is Deputy Director, Translational Medicine and Head, Mind andBrain Theme at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute andStrategic Professor of Psychiatry, Flinders University.He is also Research Professor at University of Southern California, LosAngeles. He was previously Director, John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU,and head of the Translational Medicine Department. ProfessorLicinio lived for 25 years in the USA, wherehe had training in endocrinology and psychiatry atUniversity of Chicago, Albert Einstein and Cornell. Land-Use Planning - river, effects, important, system, source, effect, human Land and water resources are essential for farming, grazing, forestry, wildlife, tourism, urban development, transport infrastructure, and other environmental functions. The increasing demand for land, coupled with a limitation in its supplies, is a major cause for more conflicts over land use throughout the world. The Watershed Perspective Each type of land use has a varying effect on the hydrologic cycle , thereby affecting the people and the natural resources on a landscape. A watershed perspective can be used to scientifically study the effect of land uses on water and downstream ecosystems . A watershed acts as a receiver, collector, and conveyer of precipitation on a landscape. Impacts and Benefits of Land Uses Natural vegetation, such as forest cover, is usually the most benign of land uses, with higher infiltration and reduced runoff rates. Farmland continues to be lost to nonagricultural uses as population and development pressures increase. Benefits. Levels and Process.

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