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Amazing 3D Fractals Inspired By Faberge Eggs Fractals, repeating patterns that are similar at different scales, are a popular choice for art on paper on flat screens - but artist Tom Beddard has taken them into the third dimension. "I have a fascination with the aesthetics of detail and complexity that is the result of simple mathematical or algorithmic processes," Beddard says. "For me the creative process is writing my own software and scripts to explore the resulting output in an interactive manner. The 3D fractals are generated by iterative formulas whereby the output of one iteration forms the input for the next.

Alt codes list (all symbol codes Guides If you don't yet know how to make symbols with keyboard → pick your system and read how. ➲ Windows PC How Dozens of Companies Know You're Reading About Those NSA Leaks As news websites around the globe are publishing story after story about dragnet surveillance, these news sites all have one thing in common: when you visit these websites, your personal information is broadcast to dozens of companies, many of which have the ability to track your surfing habits, and many of which are subject to government data requests. How Does This Happen? When you load a webpage in your browser, the page normally includes many elements that get loaded separately, like images, fonts, CSS files, and javascript files. These files can be, and often are, loaded from different domain names hosted by different companies. For example, if a website has a Facebook Like button on it, your browser loads javascript and images from Facebook's server to display that Like button, even if the website you're visiting has nothing to do with Facebook. Why Does This Matter?

A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Not So Far Away (24 pics) Category: Pics | 23 Jan, 2014 | Views: 9287 | +31 | Through The Gates - by Post Death Soundtrack What if Star Wars happened in our world. 5 Free Twitter Tools to Schedule Tweets for Future Here are five free Software to Schedule Tweets in Future: CoTweet, FutureTweets, SocialOomph , Twaitter and Twuffer. These Tweet scheduling software let you easily schedule tweets. CoTweet: Personal Data Takes a Winding Path Into Marketers’ Hands “What’s in it for you?” said the flier from MS LifeLines, a support network for patients and their families that is financed by two drug makers, Pfizer and EMD Serono. “Strategies for managing and understanding your symptoms.

This Amazing Levitating Light Bulb Will Work Without Being Plugged In (6 pics) Pics | 24 Apr, 2015 | Views: 2968 | Simon Morris dreamed of one day having a hover board which caused him to become fascinated with magnetic levitation. He then began experimenting with Nikola Tesla's theories about wireless power and using that knowledge he created Flyte. Flyte is a wireless, floating light bulb that combines the technologies of levitation and induction to create something truly incredible. Do you like it? It is just one of the thousands of posts that we have on the AutoTweeter - Desktop twitter application to schedule automatic tweets AutoTweeter is a java based twitter application developed to help you schedule your tweets. Jot down the tweets that you want to be tweeted into a text file and schedule the time interval after which the tweets should go out. AutoTweeter tweets each line in the specified text file at intervals as set by you. Being a java application, AutoTweeter should run on any platform. It needs JRE 1.6 (don’t worry, it would most probably be already installed in your pc).

Start-Up Lets Users Track Who Tracks Them Is your Web browsing history your business – or everyone else’s? A start-up based in Palo Alto, Calif., Disconnect, which helps you track who is tracking you online, this week released its latest tool to help safeguard your browsing history. Its new browser extension works on Chrome and Firefox browsers and is meant to block an invisible network of around 2,000 separate tracking companies. Disconnect offers tools to help track who is tracking you online. Maps That Will Help You Understand the World (41 pics + video) Category: Pics | 15 Aug, 2013 | Views: 18044 | +86 | Nature's Beauty - Tiny Dick's Briefs Great selection of maps. Where Google Street View is Available

Tweek Auto Post - Schedule Tweets for Future Tweek Auto Post is a free Twitter tool that lets you schedule tweets so that you can tweet automatically at a certain time in order to enhance Twitter with this free tweet scheduler. If you have tweets that have to be published at a particular time than Tweek Auto Post is the free Twitter tool for you. You just have to enter your tweets in Tweek Auto Post to schedule tweets. Add its timing and click post. The midata vision of consumer empowerment The businesses, consumer bodies and regulators involved are all committed to working with Government to achieve its vision for midata, launched today. And all are endorsing the key principle that data should be released back to consumers. midata is a voluntary programme the Government is undertaking with industry, which over time will give consumers increasing access to their personal data in a portable, electronic format. Individuals will then be able to use this data to gain insights into their own behaviour, make more informed choices about products and services, and manage their lives more efficiently.