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ImpetusDemo Activity Add momentum to anything. It's like iScroll, except not for scrolling. Supports mouse and touch events More→ AgileDemo Activity Agile is a engine Using javascript generated pure CSS3.Its simple, fast and easy to use.

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9 Minimal Frameworks for Front-End JavaScript Development Imagine for a second the fact that, five years ago, we already had frameworks like jQuery to play with, and while not as functional and feature rich as today – it was already possible to configure and play with the web in hardly imaginable ways. Today, there are literally hundreds of thousands of frameworks available to anyone who is brave enough to learn something new. Yes, most of them play very tiny role in the collective evolution of web development, but even that tiny contribution counts.

When in git When I open Firefox dev tools via @imjared When I sync my forked repo with upstream When I discovered what the –porcelain flag did on git status submitted by @dpanzarella alertify.js - browser dialogs never looked so good Unfortunately, I will no longer be maintaining alertify.js. I have many ongoing projects that aren't leaving me with enough time to do what needs to be done. If anyone wants to create a fork and maintain - by all means go for it! Tableau Hub Data - The Information Lab Tableau Hub / Data Data Posted by The Information Lab on Jan 1, 2012 Data Provider Mapping

Web Hosting Beginner Guide - Learn All Basics In One Page What Are Top Level Domains (TLD)? Let’s get back to our previous examples:,,,,, all examples above end with a different ‘extension’ – .com, .org, .net, .biz… and so on. We call this “extension” as top level domain (shortform:TLD).

Best Learning Resources for Meteor.js Meteor.js is an open-source platform built on node.js for building web apps quite rapidly. It is designed to allow programmers to create applications in a modern fashion, using up-to-date paradigms. Thanks to their $11 million dollar budget the time until it will hit v1.0 should not be too long. If you’re interested to know what features will be available when, have a look at the Meteor Roadmap. data visualizations The Lake Baikal is not so mysterious anymore, one riddle has been solved, how infrastructure for eco-tourism was created. The Great Baikal Trail was created to develop system of environmental trails around Lake Baikal. The projects are based on work done by volunteers from all over the world; Russia, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, United States, Canada, Mongolia, and many more places. To show the amount of work done in different areas of the lake I used: number of volunteers involved,man-days (=number of volunteers*number of projects' days). I encourage you to interact with my visualization and take part in the Baikal's projects.

Web Nerd Terminology (Explained) As happens with any weird niche societal group, us web nerds have developed some language of our own. Some of this language is perfectly acceptable English, but still sounds weird to an outsider. I thought I'd throw together a list of these words and attempt to explain them in plain English as a reference for non-nerds.

Mixins, Forwarding, and Delegation in JavaScript preface: where did the prototypes go? This essay discusses how to separate JavaScript domain properties from object behaviour, without prototypes. This is deliberate. JavaScript API Tutorial Show .js file Create the Viz As you build your web application, the first step is to create, or instantiate the view. To do this, you create a new Viz object, passing the required parentElement (document.getElementByID) and url parameters, along with any options, such as hideTabs and hideToolbar.