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Alternative Medicine, Alternative Therapies and Treatments

Alternative Medicine, Alternative Therapies and Treatments

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An Anti-Aging Guide to Retinol: Why It Works, Where to Find and How to Use this Revolutionary Ingredient When browsing the beauty aisle, you’re faced with all sorts of “miracle” solutions that promise to turn back the clock on aging. Unfortunately, many of these pricey products fall short when it comes to delivering visible results. Improving your ingredient IQ can help you see through the hype to pick the most effective anti-aging products available. To get started, learn about one of skincare’s best-kept secrets: retinol. Learn about this revolutionary ingredient – including how it works and where to find it. Despite the overwhelming consensus among dermatologists that retinol is an effective solution for visibly reversing the signs of aging, many women still don’t know about this transformative ingredient.

Earth Clinic The below is a list of all the home remedies on Earth Clinic dating back to 1999, when Earth Clinic first came into existence on the internet! What you discover on these pages might surprise you! Ever heard of Oil Pulling or Blue Glass and Sunlight Therapy? How about banana peels for warts? Read on! Mind Power Rx Schisandra berry supplement and extract health benefit by Ray Sahelian, M.D. February 6 2014 Extracts from the fruits (seeds) of Schisandra chinensis are one of the components of medicinal preparations designed for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, diseases of the central nervous system related to the old age, as a supplement in the treatment of neoplasms, diabetes, etc. Schisandra extracts are also used for the production of nutraceuticals (soft drinks and health foods), preparations for oral hygiene and for the care for the skin and hair.

7 Picturesque Healing Spices You Should Have in Your Pantry Our bodies are complex, sensitive systems that are affected to a greater or lesser extent by a whole hose of external forces—air quality, the clothing we wear, where we live, the diets we eat. It all has an impact on our health. Even things as small and seemingly inconsequential herbs and spices can really benefit us physically, and we’re not just talking about our taste buds, either. Read on to find out how your eating habits may help to heal you. 1. Garlic

Anti-Aging Handbook Aging is an inevitable process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have stunning, healthy, radiant skin. Whether you’re just beginning to notice fine lines or looking for more intensive measures to improve your skin, start with our thorough guide to anti-aging skin care. These top 35 articles address the ins and outs of aging and offer tips for younger-looking skin, from the inside out. Anti-Aging Products for Every Age. It’s never too late — or too early — to begin an anti-aging regimen. Since exposure to the elements, especially UV rays, is to blame for 80 percent of aging skin, the most important factor in any skincare routine is sun protection.

Daily Calorie Needs (FD) <div class="alert">Hey! You have JavaScript disabled on your browser. The calculator will not work. Detox smoothies Toxins-free for life Looking to increase your energy levels, to lose weight, get clearer skin, prevent premature ageing and to help preventing diseases? Then look no further! This 5 days step-by-step detox will help you implement long-lasting healthy habits that yields results. Price: $47

Tom Bagshaw Interview with Tom Bagshaw by Coates and Scarry Q: Tell us a little bit about your childhood?I tended to be the tallest in class which was good and bad in equal measure. We moved around quite a lot, mainly the South of England so I think I ended up going to about 11 schools. Q: Where do you live?I’ve lived in the Georgian city of Bath in South West England for the last 12 years or so, the longest I’ve lived in any one place.Q: What made you want to be a professional artist? 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic: Aging I recently started my First Aid Beauty skin care routine, and while I've shared more information about First Aid Beauty's philosophy, I have been slacking a bit on doing my full post with what I'm using, what is in each product and why it works. Finally, I'm spilling the beans! What sets Dual Repair apart from other anti-aging skin care lines is that in addition to providing ingredients to help fight and prevent aging, First Aid Beauty also supports the skin's barrier function. There are a lot of ingredients to soothe skin, support barrier function (aka- moisturize with emollients and ceramides), and as I said in my intro post to this series, Good Barrier Function = Happy Skin = Glowy Skin and I like Glowy Skin. Dual Repair Eye Cream This eye cream is very lightweight like a lotion, but it seems to provide more moisture. While the Eye Cream has the same active ingredients that I mentioned above, it has some additional ingredients just for the under eye area and its special problems.

HerbGuide Ayurvedic herbs - Somavalli, the intoxicating herb ( HerbladyMarilyn ) posted Thu March 21st 2013 @ 11:27 AM This herb, a leafless East Indian vine, is traditionally used to treat depression, fatigue and psychosis. Its sour milky juice was formerly used to make an intoxicating drink. Sarcostemma is from a family of 35 species of flowering plants in the dogbane family. 20 Super Brain Foods « Zen We know that the foods we eat affect the body but they can have even more influence on how well our brain functions. What we eat can have a POWERFUL affect on our brain’s energy, how the mind handles tasks, and our general mood. Our focus here is on those particular nutrients found in foods that enhance neuron firing and cross-linking in the brain.

Logorama - Pulp Fiction for Brands (by @baekdal) #design Here is something for all you brand freaks out there. The Logorama short film. It's not for kids, it's nasty, it's cruel - but it is incredibly well made. The film was directed by the French animation collective H5, Franois Alaux, Herv de Crcy and Ludovic Houplain. It was presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2009.