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CGS - Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer

Mutable Instruments The OP-AMP Before we describe anything technical, let's see one in action. An op-amp can be connected to a single voltage rail (called UNIPOLAR SUPPLY - 0v to Vcc) or a dual voltage rail (called BIPOLAR SUPPLY +/-Vcc). When connected to a single voltage rail, the output can go from 0v to approx full rail voltage. The OP-AMP has two inputs. A "+" input for non-inverting and "–" for inverting. If the "–" input sits at half rail voltage via two equal-value resistors, the "+" input must go above ½V for the output to go HIGH, as shown in the animation below: The "–" input can control the output as shown in the animation below: From the animations above we have shown two things: 1. The OP-AMP can be used as a VOLTAGE FOLLOWER. Note: the output follows the input The OP-AMP in the arrangement above has UNITY GAIN (gain = 1). We will now show how to obtain GAIN or AMPLIFICATION from an OP-AMP. From the animation above, you can see how to turn an OP-AMP into an AMPLIFIER. The basic parameters for a 741 are:

View topic - Yamaha PSS-570 So after a year it is time to revive this topic. It's done my Yamaha..... So what's in it? Left panel: The upper three switches are from left to right for clipping circuit on a build in Mufffuzz effect, true bypass for fuzz effect and a mild distortion switch that also eliminates the drum section. The three pots are for the stereo chorus mod, which controls depth and intensity. The middle pot is for the fuzzzzz. Deviant Synth - Analogue Heaven is poison. We are the antidote. XD ACX Synth Classic Audio Products of Illinois The gar2520 DOA Full Kit Bundle is a full and complete parts kit with everything required to complete the gar2520 Discrete Operational Amplifier build. This board has been designed by Gary Barnett of Barnett Industries. Gary has built upon the reverse engineering work of Peter Lazaro, better know as “Peter Purpose”. The gar2520 sounds absolutely fantastic in our VP25, VP26 and VP312 microphone preamplifiers. Some of the applications the gar2520 DOA can be used for: Microphone Preamplifiers Line or Booster Amplifiers Lossless Combining Amplifiers Balanced Transformerless Amplifiers Equalizers and Compressors Additional features and specs: Industry standard 2520 footprint for plug-in or PC mount connections Low noise, high power output Low distortion Minimum load impedance is 75 ohms for full output voltage Power supply voltage is bi-polar +/- 12 VDC to +/- 20 VDC Includes all top quality parts and components A complete PDF assembly guide including BOM will be provided via email after purchase

Eowave Filterbug - Real Analogue 24 dB Low-pass Stereo Filter | DiscoFreq's Effects Database Pictures Controls Gaincontrols the volumeLFO Speedcontrols the speed of the LFOLFO Depthcontrols how much the LFO moves the filterEnvcontrols how the filter responds to the envelope of the input signalCut Offcontrols the filter's cut off frequencyResonancecontrols the filter's resonance Various Eowave FilterBugs are analog stereo 24 dB low-pass filters with the extraordinary capability to give a real analog feeling to any digital sounds from your synths, samplers or computers. Most recent forum threads No forum threads about this effect yet. Link to this page Here's some code to post a link with image on forums, eBay, websites,... Eowave Filter Bug stereo analog filter Eowave Filter Bug stereo analog filter envelope-controlled envelope follower amplitude controlled low frequency oscillator lfo-controlled desktop tabletop table top filter eq/excite/filter lowpass lopass lo-pass lp lpf low-pass filter

Museum of Soviet synthesizers. Polivoks Photo Description Polivoks is the portable electronic musical synthesizer which is designed for playing different musical compositions of any genre. It is also intended for creating some musical effects in cinema and play scoring, in studio. There are 4 octaves on the keyboard. There are 3 internal audible signal sources in the instrument: to broad-ranged of the Generators with changed form of oscillations and a noise generator for creating a non-musical sounds such as wind, surf, whine, etc. Possibility to connect an external audible signal sources to the synthesizer is provided for (e.g. guitars, electropianos and electroorgans). Engineer: Vladimir Kuzmin, designer: Olympiada Kuzmina, hardware engineer: Yuriy Pheophilov, produced by Urals Vector Company. Specifications: Sounds Polivoks | Manuals | Schemes | Tuning of the pitch

Oakley Modular Welcome to the Oakley Modular page, home of Tony Allgood's Oakley Modular System since 1999. Oakley modules can be be bought either as a ready made units from our partner business, or can be constructed by yourself using our high quality bare printed circuit boards. Full building instructions can be found on each of the project's own webpage. Our full size modules are primarily designed for the 5U module system as originally defined by the Synthtech MOTM modular. As such they are fully compatible with MOTM and other MOTM compatible modules. Most of our module designs are also MU format compatible and are therefore suitable for fitting into systems. Our Compact 3U range is designed for Euro sized modulars and Fractional Rack systems. For technical support on all Oakley projects please refer to the knowledgeable and helpful Oakley Sound Forum which is hosted at Ordering details for modules or DIY PCBs and parts can be found by clicking here.

Réalisation ampli simple petit et costaud = GainKlone LM4780 - Amplification merci pour les infos. @neutrino : mes enceintes font env 5 ohms et 85dB. Le Poppulse T150 (TA2022) que j'avais est peut etre limité par son alimentation ? Tu me conseilles une carte a base de 3 x LM3886 bridgés. Ca fai beaucoup non ? il va me falloir une alim démesurée. @androuski: je savais pas pour le 340A, mais le 540R me semblait etre composants discrets et mosfet. je ne conaissais pas audiosector , ni le LM4780 qui est un double LM3886. a 79$ c'est intéressant, mais je comprend pas la partie alimentation. a creuser.le micromega IA100 est à 900€. J'ai fait le bilan de ce qu'il me faut acheter a base des cartes audiophonics : 240€ et c'est sans doute pas fini. "opinions with no supporting evidence, that clearly contradict the available evidences - that's called religion and it has no place in audio".

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