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OVO Innovation is an innovation consulting firm, focused on improving the “front end” of innovation. We help our clients: Grow new revenues, market share and profitsCreate differentiated products and servicesDisrupt adjacent markets and avoid disruption We are experts at helping your organization use innovation tools and techniques to achieve these goals. What’s more, we work with your team to develop the skills and capabilities so that innovation becomes a core competency and a consistent business discipline. As innovation becomes ever more critical, your firm’s ability to innovate must keep pace.

Our Work Health outcomes have massively improved in the west. However, we face new challenges around increased ageing, rising health inequality and concern about trends in relation to particular public health issues including mental health, substance and obesity. Public resources are limited and that many of these issues require much wider responses from prevention to changes in individual and market behaviour. In some ways we have seen an education success story in the UK and further afield, with more children and young people in school. However, educational outcomes remain deeply unequal, social mobility has stalled and our leaders are still drawn from elites.

General Mills OpenInnovation Beyond our walls, innovators like you might have just what we need to bring healthy and flavorful food to the world. At General Mills, we believe that there is a great opportunity for us to enhance and accelerate our innovation efforts by teaming up with world-class innovators from outside of the company. To facilitate this effort, we created the General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network (G-WIN) to actively seek partners who can help us deliver breakthrough innovation in the following categories: Products - New products that fit within a General Mills brand or solve a customer need.

innovation playground Idris Mootee: Three Secret Weapons Of Inno Welcome to the 24hr Innovation Marathon! That’s right! This post is part of “My Half Time Pep Talk for 2009,” a collection of posts about innovation on a variety of blogs, as part of the Board of Innovation’s 24 Hours of Innovation event started 3am May15 (Central time) to 3am May16. 2009 marks the 27th (correction not 25th) anniversary of the publication of In Search of Excellence (1982) by Tom Peters and Bob Waterman. Their ideas shaped new management thinking for more than two decades and inspired many young managers. Social computation and creativity » Blog Archive » Problems of b Recently there had been a lot of discussion about Yahoo and big companies in connection to the Peanut Butter Manifesto. The manifesto was written for Yahoo, but it might have influenced Google as well (see my previous post). Apparently, the problems identified in the manifesto are common to any large organization. However, the ideas proposed in the manifesto to solve those problems are in no way revolutionary and were “talked” about for a long time as Yumio Saneyoshi noted in his blog.

Visualizing the Creative Process As I coach new developers, I've taken to scribbling out the same useful diagram for visualizing the creative process again and again on coffee-ringed napkins. In order to limit my future abuse of culinary paper wares, I've reproduced my images in a more formal fashion in this essay. The conversation usually starts with the following statement: "Creativity is like a snake swallowing a series of tennis balls." And when confused looks inevitably result, I sketch some variant of this odd little picture: Using this as a starting point, we start chatting about joys and pitfalls of creativity.The Brainstorming PhaseFailures in brainstormingThe Culling PhaseFailures in cullingCyclingFailures in cycling The Brainstorming Phase Why Big Companies Need Small Companies in their Open Innovation Ecosystem Corporations that are taking the lead in open innovation are hoping to gain an advantage over their competitors as they will get access to a more diverse inflow of opportunities, which can lead to faster and better innovation. Specifically, as they look toward smaller companies to bring within the orbit of their open innovation program, corporations understand that small companies bring these advantages to the table: • Small companies often are at the leading edge of breakthrough or disruptive innovation.

Inventive online resources for inventors Last week, I received an e-mail asking if I had ever taken a look at sites and services for inventors. I hadn't. And judging by the size of those sites' communities, I'm guessing that most other folks haven't, either. Life 2.0: Golden Rules from Business Visionaries Here's a transcript of an article in Business 2.0 where they asked 30 business visionaries, collectively worth over $70 billion, what single philosophy they swear by more than any other -- in business, life, or both. Here are the secrets of their success. They are a few golden nuggets in here. Surround Yourself With People Smarter Than You Chris Albrecht, CEO, Home Box OfficeSurround yourself with people smarter than you and be comfortable with that. I went to a high school for gifted students and went from being one of the smartest kids in the class to being near the bottom of the pack. I got very comfortable with being in that situation and realizing how much I could learn from people who are as smart as or smarter than I am.

Design Meets Research Article by Debbie Millman & Mike BainbridgeFebruary 22, 2008 True story. At Sterling Brands in New York, we have a wonderful cleaning woman named Marta who comes to the office every night around seven o'clock to clean the place up. One evening not so long ago, we had a client review that ran rather late into the night.