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Don’t go to art school — I. M. H. O.

Don’t go to art school — I. M. H. O.
I’ve had it. I will no longer encourage aspiring artists to attend art school. I just won’t do it. Unless you’re given a full ride scholarship (or have parents with money to burn), attending art school is a waste of your money. I have a diploma from the best public art school in the nation. Prior to that I attended the best private art school in the nation. But I am saddened and ashamed at art schools and their blatant exploitation of students. This is embarrassing. Artists are neither doctors nor lawyers. Don’t do it. Don’t start your career with debilitating debt. Please. You’ve got other options. You don’t have to go to college to be an artist. There are excellent atelier schools all over the world that offer superior education for a mere fraction of the price. There are more. And then there are the online options. Sitting at a computer I have direct access to artists all over the world. With all of these options it can be a little daunting. The $10k Ultimate Art Education There.

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Artist Advice After a discussion last week with several of my cartoonist peers (and at the behest of Steve Bissette): I want to talk about image theft and uncredited content on social media. I’m only going to speak from personal experience (and only about the one image posted above) but I hope that this example will show the disservice this causes to any artist whose artwork is edited and reposted without credit.[Disclaimer: I post all my work online for free. I want people to read, enjoy, and share my work. I have no problem with people reposting my work if it’s credited and unaltered.

Dear Jr Creative…Earn Your Place. You'll Be Better For It. — Thoughts on creativity Dear Jr Creative, I’m a firm believer in earning your keep, starting from the bottom, doing the less than desirable well, before moving up. Prove yourself on what seemingly matters little, and people will notice. I promise. At the very least, I promise I’ll notice. 3D Lighting Tutorial by Amaan Akram, Trying to simulate a real environment in an artificial one can be a daunting task. But even if you make your 3D rendering look absolutely photo-realistic, it doesn't guarantee that the image carries enough emotion to elicit a "wow" from the people viewing it. Making 3D renderings photo-realistic can be hard. Putting deep emotions in them can be even harder. However, if you plan out your lighting strategy for the mood and emotion that you want your rendering to express, you make the process easier for yourself.

Suture (film) After murdering his father, wealthy Vincent Towers decides to fake his own death. He plants a car bomb in an attempt to kill a nearly identical half-brother, Clay Arlington, after persuading Arlington to switch identities with him. Arlington survives, but requires facial reconstruction and also has lost most of his memory. Amazing 3D Drawings Fredo’s artwork looks like it comes to life from a piece of paper. It is outstanding! See also: “Pencil Art: Turn on the Light.” Photos © Fredo Link via Bored Panda Photoshop Tutorials In this tutorial you will learn everything it takes to create totally belieavable rocks and stones in Photoshop. In this tutorial, we will exercise on drawing rocks, stones, cliffs or anything made of stone. There are many ways to achieve this… I will just show you my favorite one. depending on their structure, rocks look very different. For this tutorial I decided to make sharp reefs in the water … but you can use the same technique for anything stony!Step 1

Art Student Owl Art Student Owl is a meme that spoofs the stereotypical art student in popular culture. Chain smoking and devoted to everything having to do with art to the point that anything else becomes unimportant, the art student scrapes by on student loans, barely having enough money to eat and looking down their noses at anyone who lives in the “real world” and doesn’t suffer for something greater than themselves – their art. They also tend to see anything and everything as either art or something that should be used as art. So You Want My Job: Comic Book Artist Once again we return to our So You Want My Job series, in which we interview men who are employed in desirable jobs and ask them about the reality of their work and for advice on how men can live their dream. Some people think that growing up means leaving behind all your boyish ways. On the contrary, one of the great things about becoming an adult is that you can take the things you could only imagine and dream about as a boy, and bring them to life. That’s the line of work Francis Manapul is in.

Create a Scenic Castle Hallway in Photoshop In today's tutorial, we will combine stock photography and some basic digital painting techniques to create a scenic castle hallway in Photoshop. Let's get started! Tutorial Assets Step 1