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Social Media ROI

195,738 views Writeup: ... Writeup: A presentation on social media ROI. I tend to be quite visual with my presentations so you won't get a lot of the wordy content unless you're there listening to me! But anyway, it's roughly split into 3 parts: 1) Identifying why ROI from social media is difficult to measure. 2) Thinking about how to define new success metrics that make sense for your business. 3) Real-world campaigns and how you could measure their success. Statistics Views Total Views Views on SlideShare Embed Views Actions Likes Downloads 287 Embeds 115,904 More... Usage Rights © All Rights Reserved

Quel Est Le ROI Des Médias Sociaux ? – Infographie Le ROI des médias sociaux est l’un des sujets qui préoccupe le plus les entreprises utilisant ces canaux pour promouvoir leurs activités. D’une part, le ROI permet de mesurer l’efficacité du programme social media mis en place et de revoir la stratégie choisie si nécessaire. D’autre part, il aide à fixer les budgets marketing indispensables pour soutenir les efforts déjà entrepris. Le ROI des médias sociaux peut être déroutant car son calcul ne s’effectue pas selon des métriques traditionnelles. En effet, comment établir la valeur d’un abonné Twitter ? Comment mesurer les bénéfices des 50 000 vues d’une vidéo Youtube ?

Vergesst den Social Media ROI! Der Social Media ROI ist nicht messbar Es gibt diverse Tools und verschiedene Ansätze, die eine Erfolgsmessung von Aktivitäten eines Unternehmens oder einer Marke im Social Web ermöglichen wollen, aber eine echte Lösung gibt es dafür noch nicht. Zu diffus sind die zu erfassenden und miteinander verknüpften Parameter und zu sehr ist man noch auf Interpretationen angewiesen. Längst wird Social Media ROI nicht mehr nur mit „Return on Investment“ übersetzt, sondern auch mit weniger aussagekräftigen Werten wie „Return on Interaction“. Das bekannte ROI-Modell aus dem klassischen Marketing lässt sich also offenbar nicht so einfach auf Social Media portieren. Die Probleme bei der Messung des Social Media ROI

The 10 Social Media Metrics Your Company Should Monitor While companies are starting to adopt Social Media for online marketing campaigns, and even letting employees participate, the question of ROI (Return on Investment) arises, along with doubts about what metrics to measure. How do you know how effective your social media campaigns are if you’re not measuring any metrics, let alone an overall ROI? Below, we discuss ten important Social Metrics for companies. According to 2009 Mzinga & Babson Executive Education study, over 80% of professionals do not measure ROI for their company’s social media programs.

HOW TO: Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Campaign Jamie Turner is the chief content officer of the 60 Second Marketer, the online magazine for BKV Digital and Direct Response. He is also the co-author of “How to Make Money with Social Media” now available at fine bookstores (and a few not-so-fine bookstores) everywhere. First the bad news: If you’re going to calculate the ROI of your social media campaign, you’re going to have to know math. That may come as a disappointment to people who thought social media was only about accumulating Twitter followers or monitoring Facebook “Likes,” but it’s true. The future of social media is about math, metrics and monetization.

What Do Social Media Metrics Mean? This is a guest post by @LizaSperling, a social business professional in San Francisco, CA. If your eyes glaze over when considering the slew of social media metrics (SMM) companies are tracking, you are not alone. You could dedicate all of your time to chasing metrics, but you don’t have to. Just start here. Measure what can be measured: Some metrics cannot be calculated. The data is not consistently available or is horribly inaccurate.

Five Ways Nonprofits Can Transform Their Social Media ROI (Retur For the last 4.5 years, I have been providing lots of little tips on how nonprofits can increase their ROI through my Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace Best Practices, but now that the vast majority of nonprofits utilize social media and have been for awhile, I think most of us are ready some more advanced strategies. My Top Five are below: 1. 10 ways to measure social media for business See our accompanying article on How to measure your nonprofit’s social media success. Is your business a social business? Companies that are making good use of social media should take the next step and measure the progress of their social media programs and campaigns. How do you know if you’re succeeding if you don’t have the numbers? Today we’ll look at 10 ways that metrics can offer visibility into your business’s performance. You won’t want to chart all of these, but tracking a few well-chosen metrics — and incorporating the learnings into your business processes — can contribute to the bottom line.

What social media costs to do (or not do) and the value of a Facebook Fan inShare0 The most vexing question in social media is cost, especially since the primary currency is time, resources and knowledge: Pay someone to do? Hire someone? Or do it yourself? For a brand or business, it mostly comes down to the return. What’s the ROI? Case Study #3: InfusionSoft Uses Social Media to Reduce Customer Service Costs If you have been following this blog, you might remember that I posted this a while back. But with the new year here, I thought it might be good to repeat some of the case studies while adding new ones... just incase you missed them or incase you wanted a refresher as you start down the path of providing a solution to your company social media needs! I had the privilege to speak to the call center director, JoAnne at when I first started my research on the affects of social media on customer service.

The ROI of Social Media: 10 Case Studies - TNW Social Media The question of whether or not social media drives ROI still plagues many marketers and brands. The issue is not always as straightforward as it seems, as there are multiple ways to measure the benefits of social media and it isn’t as simple as looking for a direct sales return at one end, with the social media imput at the other. Smart tracking and measuring is needed to fully capture the benefit of a social media campaign and while looking for direct ROI is one way to do it, there are other values to be measure from social media marketing. I’ve put together a list of case studies that prove the ROI of social media, both through direct monetary return, customer loyalty, repeat traffic and more. Viewing social media holistically to gain a better understanding of how it can work for you is more beneficial to any brand than looking for one single return. Social media outperforms banner ads

How to Measure the Return on Social Media Contests Have you thought about running a social media contest? Wondering how to best measure your return on investment (ROI)? This article will help with three case studies. But first, about that ROI… It took some time after the advent of online advertising before marketers started asking, “What are these ‘eyeballs’ worth that I’m paying for?” How to Measure Social Media’s Impact on Customer Retention Do you know if social media is helping you retain your existing customers? In this article I’ll discuss 7 key metrics to measure social media’s impact on keeping customers. The cost-effectiveness of social media has vaulted it to the top of the list of tools used to improve customer retention. But ?